The Fairly OddParents

Season 7 Episode 20

The Boss of Me.

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Sep 11, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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When Timmy goes to visit his father's office, he wishes up a pencil that will last forever. This impresses Dad's boss so much that he hires Timmy and orders him to fire Dad.
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  • A bad episode of FOP

    When Timmy goes to visit his father's office, he wishes up a pencil that will last forever. This impresses Dad's boss so much that he hires Timmy and orders him to fire Dad. A bad episode here. It was poorly done and was a waste of time. The plot is alright, but then after is impressed with Timmy the boss want to fire Timmy's dad. Ok, that is just bad. Also, speaking of Timmy's dad, he was a jerk at the beginning when he went to brought a rental kid and he rejects Timmy. Ugh, I understand he is big jerk most of time to Timmy, but he and Timmy's mom need to stop with the rejections. Speaking of the humor, I only laughed like three times and that's why my score's a 3. Overall, a bad episode of the FOP and this proves why the newer FOP episodes are not as good as the old ones. 3/10moreless
  • I still think that "The Fairly OddParents" is an enjoyable cartoon BUT this episode proved that this cartoon has lost some charms over the years.

    As you all know, I still like "The Fairly OddParents". I mean, it's not my favorite cartoon anymore due to it losing some charms but I still like this cartoon... I just didn't like this episode too much. Timmy's parents really have been becoming huge jerks during the new "Fairly OddParents" episodes especially Timmy's Dad and this episode totally proved that Timmy's dad is a huge jerk and I hate him so much for how he treated Timmy. I really hated the beginning so much when Timmy found out that his dad had a rental kid to come with him to take your son to work day. It was the same thing as "He Poofs, He Scores" except I hate this episode a little more than "He Poofs, He Scores". I just thought it was so wrong of Timmy's dad to wipe Timmy out with the windshield and that Timmy went with his dad to work only because the rental kid had to cancel at the last minute. Ugh... I wanted to punch Mr. Turner so bad for that. Also, Timmy's dad crying throughout this episode was so annoying. The only parts I laughed hard at was when the sun pushed the moon out of the way in the beginning of the episode, Cosmo having half of his head even though he changed back to a fairy from a pencil, and when the raccoon attacked Chet Ubetcha. Overall, this is one of the worst "The Fairly OddParents" episodes I have ever seen. 4/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.moreless
  • True Jackson VP! er...Timmy Turner VP!

    So it's bring your son to work day but Dad rented a kid to go instead and Timmy is devastated. But then the check bounced and Timmy can go. Now DAd doesn't work in a generic building, now he works on a Willy Wonka-like pencil factory, even with a lead river!

    Then Timmy sees how Dad is ashamed of being a failure and wishes for a pencil that runs forever. So then Dad tells his boss Timmy actually invented the pencil and Timmy is a VP now, and has to fire Dad. He does, ans then as everyone only needs one pencil, tons of trees suddenly grow and Dimmsdale is covered in a forest (wait, WHAT? Wood is needed for tons of other stuff, like say, PAPER?, but moving on...)

    Also, all employees Timmy fired make a strike, and then Timmy comes up with a plan thanks to Cosmo. He'll make everyone who writes grow supah muscles, so then everyone comlains, Boss fired Timmy, hires Dad, happy ending, yeah.

    A typical storyline, but with good gags (invisible pencil, Cosmo & the sharpener). So 8/10.moreless
  • This episode just wasn't good to me. It wasn't really funny, and like the last one, it had overused jokes and a predictable plot.

    I just did not like this episode. I mean, Timmy working for his dad did not seem like a bad idea for a story, but this was just not a well done episode in my opinion. The worst part was near the beginning when Timmy found out his dad wanted to take a "rental kid" to work with him instead of Timmy, and then when he tried to come along anyway, his dad just wiped him off the car with the windshield wipers. Ok, I know Timmy's parents have been jerks to him before, but this was taking it a little too far in my opinion. It almost seemed like his dad didn't even love him at all this time. Obviously Timmy did end up getting to go with his dad, but of course it was only because the other kid had to cancel at the very last minute. Another thing I didn't like about this episode was the story line. When I watch most new episodes of FOP, I know something is going to go wrong with Timmy's wish, and this time was no exception. It was very obvious to me that something would go wrong once people started buying the indestructible pencils and that it would get resolved in the end. Timmy's dad's crying in this episode also was really annoying to me. On a more positive note, while for the most part this was not a funny episode, I did laugh at a couple parts, the very beginning when the sun just pushed the moon out of the way and Cosmo still having only half his head even after he changed back to a fairy from a pencil. Overall, my grade for this episode is a D-, and I hope the writers for this show can do a much better job next time. Marebear2009, out!moreless

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