The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 13

The End of the Universe-ity

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Dark Laser is back and funnier than ever

    I like this episode better than the first pairing "King Chang". Despite maybe one or two parts being a tiny bit weak... I can actually let it slide since this episode was so freakin' enjoyable. I don't know why I love this episode but I just do. I enjoyed the storyline, a lot of humor made me laugh, and Dark Laser was the most hilarious part of this entire episode. Timmy using his dark powers to get revenge on Francis, make Trixie Tang kiss him, and more was funny. Francis screaming like a little girl was hilarious. More parts made me laugh hard as well. Like I said, Dark Laser was the funniest part of this episode... almost anything he said was hilarious. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Fairly OddParents". 10/10
  • Good episode

    Too be an episode of season 7 this is one of the best. This episode was alittle bit like the rare episode "Nega timmy" back like in season 4. But the reason i dident give it a 10/10 is because the episode looked sorta rushed. I wish it was a 30 minute episode in istead of a 12 minute episode. other then that it was good. Dark lazer returns for a 3rd time, and hes one of my favorite villains in the show. i think that fans of the show will enjoy this one i hope the next few episodes will be as good as this one.
  • If this had an epic fight scene, I'd score higher. But, it's still a good show, nonetheless.

    Dark Laser has some magic up his sleeve, taking Timmy under his wing. For 24 hours, Timmy has been givin dark powers, to bend with reality as much as he pleases. (Like a rip in a space-time continuim) His human family is none the wiser, going money hog on stuff. And his fairy family begs not to side with the dark.

    When graduation starts, Dark Laser asks Timmy if he would like to keep his newly found powers. Saying yes caoused him to start a countdown to when Earth's deystroyed. Then, an epic fight begins! Timmy had won and never had to take the suit again!

    Well... only for VIcky, but that's it.

    Well, I have really nothing to say, besides this: if the fight was more epicer, it would raise my score, but ... nah. At least this episode's decent.
  • Dark Laser is back!!!!

    This episode was pretty good!! It was about dark Laser repeatadly trying to destroy the earth but Timmy keeps stopping him. dark laser is furious and decides(with Flipsy) to recruit timmy as his apprentice to blow up the earth. So he tricks Timmy's parents into thinking he's a professor and that he's going to pay for timmy's scholarship to a college which is actually dark laser's space ship. And then dark laser tricks timmy into putting on this dark suit which gives him "dark powers." So, the powers start to go to timmy's head and then he soon becomes evil. So it's up to cosmo, wanda, and poof to stop evil timmy and save the earth. This episode was pretty good. It was funny, exciting, and it had Dark laser again. It was also pretty cool to see Poof a gigantic battle robot. Good episode, but not that great.