The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 20

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinator (TV MOVIE)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • I love those crazy kids!

    Shirley was awesome. It was a truly excellent way to end this wonderful series. It was the best Jimmy Timmy Power Hour ever. The title sounded really funny, and I liked the fact the title card was a frankenstein reference. I liked Shirley's 2-D world. We got to see all the folks in Retroville in 2-D. This episode was , Unfortunately, the series finale for two great shows, The Fairly Oddparents and Jimmy Neutron. I was kinda sad at the end because it was over. The two excellent series are now over. We must understand some series have to end.
  • This was a bad way to end this series. Really bad!

    I don't really like this episode. The other ones were good but I didn't see the true meaning why they put this on air? The Jerkinator is just a wuss. What is did like about it was that we saw both shows: JN and FOP collideing together. It was cool that Jimmy's Parents met Timmy's Parents. I hated though that they made a villan that wasn't very evil. If you take my word for it, it disgarces the other Power-Hours. They call this a Power-Hour, but it is more like a Dull-Bestole. I don't know what to give it but it wasn't that good.

    Final Score: C
  • This is the worst of the Jimmy Timmy Power Hours

    Okay the characters from both shows were out of character though the Fairly Odd Parents characters have been out of character sit since Butch Hartman got less involved in the show. It seems like the bad writing has taking an infect on the Jimmy Neutron characters in the special as well. Why did Jimmy and Timmy needed jet packs to get to Cindy's house when she live right across the street from Jimmy? How did Chester and A.J. knew that Jimmy had friends name Carl and Sheen? Why did Chester and A.J. did not question Cosmo and Wanda about where they came from? Why did no one in the audience seems to notice Cosmo and Wanda and question them and Mr. Crocker was in the crowd too I think he should have notice them and scream in excitement. The whole special was rushed. I think they should at least make another Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and it should have no plot holes.
  • Not a great series finale.

    The two great shows are over. the series finale was stupid for a series finale. I mean that was pretty stupid when Jimmy and Timmy create a bad guy. Of course that bad guy is going to defeat them. And also if Timmy spelled adoptable wrong can't everyone see that he see that he spelled it wrong and stopped him. The robot was furious just because they ditched him. The only parts I like is when Cindy is trying to get their attention. and the friends were feeling left out. AJ looks weird when hes bulgy. He's all wide eyed. still it was fair.
  • cool ending of the adventures of jimmy neutron boy genious and fairly odd parents. I really liked seeing ms.fowl,hugh,and judy in 2d and especially all of the townsfolks that are usually shown in many episodes that are given no names.

    I thought this wasn`t as exciting as the 1st one and the 2nd one. It just didn`t have enough action,but am glad they included some fop and jimmy neutron villains not shown in the other 2,like the nega chin and eustace strech. Great plot,great characters,great villains,and gladly the fairly odd parents series isn`t done,and there will be a 7th season.
  • Very good T.V. Movie crossover episode.

    Timmy wants to become friends with Jimmy Neutron. While they are friends, they battle each other's enemies, and they create a new villian that they don't like. So they abandon him, but that makes him super evil now, and he takes Cosmo and Wanda's wands and Jimmy's brains. Now it's up to Jimmy and Timmy to solve the problem they got into.
    Very good episode Timmy reunites with Jimmy Neutron for the trird time in this Fairly Odd Parents/Jimmy Neutron T.V. Movie crossovers. This time they make their own villain to fight against him, then the villain puts together Dimmsdale and Retroville.
  • An amazing finale to an amzing show!

    Ok the final meeting between Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, how exciting! The trilogy between the two of them are also awsome, and this one is no exception. This is definitley my favortie jimmy/timmy power hour. Its not only funny but its exciting, adventurous, and romantic (not really). I'm just sad to see such a great show end. If only it didn't get cancelled, but it was an amazing ending for sure. This also the finale episode of jimmy neutron which is also a shame, but I rather see that go than fairley odd parents. But its ok I heard their gonna have a fairley odd movie! we'll see what happens........
  • Bad Finale for 2 good shows.

    This was the worst season finale for the fairly odd parents and jimmy neutron.They should have their own finale.Why do they must have a crossover for the finale for 2 shows.Their wasn't action in this episode.This was also the weirdest episode.Jimmy being stupid was terrible and timmy and jimmy voices sound different and I really don't like the new voices.Shirly is annoying and his name is terrible.Please have a better finale because I have never seen such a teribble finale.Very bad finale for the nick creators.
  • Better than the first 2.

    I didn't like the first Timmy/Jimmy much and the second one was all right. But I think I like the third one best 'cause Timmy & Jimmy are finally friends, I also liked how they both learn an important lesson in friendship. I really liked how Cosmo reacted when the villain did the nose-stealing gag on Timmy. heheheh And everything turns out all right with a funny ending.
  • One of the worst series finales ever!!!

    The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 was even more horrifing than the first two Jimmy Timmies (1 wasn't that bad though). It wasn't funny (except for the fake 4th wall joke, the Dr. Phil Joke, and you guessed it Wanda Bashing), it had a horrible plot, The Villain Who's Name Isn't Shirley was annoying, and a bunch more crap. I'm really happy that Annoying Odd Parents is over with (can't believe I used to like that show), but it wasn't Jimmy Neutron's time. I can see why it was one of Nickelodeon's biggest failures (they've been making a lot of failures). I'm sensing a dark, dark, dark future for Nick.
  • I'm not a very loyal Fairy Odd Parents fan cause I missed this last episode!

    I'm not a very loyal Fairy Odd Parents fan cause I missed this last episode! From the review's the other user's Posted, It's bad, and sort of good. I hope it is good, So I'm just gonna ask One of my friends to give me a link to this final episode!
  • I gave it a good Classification because I liked the episode, but the score was brought down a lot because the Series Finale left so much unknown.

    They shouldn't have ended The Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron like this. I lost intrest in Jimmy Neutron about three years ago, but I still really like The Fairly OddParents. Another crossover with this great show, and that mediocre show, to end both of the Series is disgusting. All we got to know that we didn't before is what everyone in Retroville looks like in 2D, and what Chester and AJ look like in 3D. That's not much. I really enjoyed this episode, but I didn't know it was the Series Finale of either show until after I saw it. I also hated the joke where Cosmo says "I can't believe we had rain and snow and the sun went up and down all in one hour!" because that defeats the purpose of the other one where Jimmy and Timmy tell Shirley they'll meet him at the mall in an hour and he is waiting and it's raining and snowing and days pass.
  • I did'nt watch it because it was too depressing for me that it was the series finale for both cartoons and because they did a Timmy/Jimmy power hour for it.

    I mean I watched Fairly Odd Parents recently and I just cryed mostly the whole time asking myself questions. Like "When does Timmy loses his God parents?" Like does he loose them when he's like 14, and that question will never be awnsered. From what I heard from people who watched it, they said it sort of sucked and I was wondering if they said anything about the Jimmy/Cindy thing? I know I am saying things so random but I just don't understand why they would make a T J power hour?
  • A sad ending to both series.

    Meandering plot, jokes that fall flat, waaayyyy too long, jerkass Cosmo returns, and there was nothing regarding the animation we haven\'t seen before. Considering how crappy FOP got in its last few episodes, perhaps it deserved a dismal sendoff like this. But Jimmy Neutron did not. A sub-par and overhyped waste of time.

    I'm happy to report that JTPH3 was a huge ratings failure, getting half of the ratings of JTPH2. So good riddance to a show that went into the toilet during its last seasons!
  • A great finale for two great shows

    The Fairly Odd Parents and Adventures ofm Jimmy Neutron come to an end with the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3.

    Jimmy and Timmy get bored with fighting each others enimies, so they make there own villain, at first the villain is to nice, but after Timmy and Jimmy ditch him he becomes angry, and since Timmy accentally may him adaptable, he can counter any thing they though at him.

    He makes Retroville 2-D and Dimmsdale 3-D along with each shows characters.

    Timmy and Jimmy must band together witle there friends to stop Shirley, the stupid name Jimmy gave him.

    This was a great episode even tought Jimmy Neutron Has 3 episodes that have not aired, this is suppose to be the finale, it was pretty good, giving the villian the Name Shirley was pretty funny, to bad Goddard wasn't in it but everyone else was.

    Great end to both shows.
  • Action, villians, and a Dr. Phil joke.

    I loved this episode. I thought it was much funnier then the last J/T match up, even if I loved them both. The two very different companies did their best to stay true to the others forms and characters. Some of the jokes were a little dirty (the golf bag one), but they still worked along with the kids show. It's a shame that both shows are going out on this note. I'd like to see a bit more. Plus, it fell short of allowing FOP fans in on the biggest secret of the show. Timmy's parents names were never said. The only thing I really didn't like was Chesters form in Jimmy's world. His teeth brought back way too many memories of before I had braces. Nice job to the people that put this together. Hopefully there is a future for this.
  • An episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat

    Timmy and Jimmy becomes finally becomes friends after fighting over Cindy. After defeating the Nega Chin and his friends in Timmy’s comic book. Timmy and Jimmy make a super villain named Shirley. Timmy tries to make Shirley adoptable but instead Timmy spells adaptable. At first the villain is playful, but when Timmy and Jimmy makes him go to the mall and don’t show up makes him mad. Shirley steals Jimmy’s brain and Cosmo and Wanda’s wands. To make matters worse Shirley has captured Timmy and Jimmy’s friends, family and building from both worlds causing black holes to devour the two worlds. With the help of AJ, Chester, Cindy, Carl, Sheen, and Libby Timmy and Jimmy get rid of the evil Shirley. My favorite part of this episode is the monster truck Timmy and Jimmy are in has a horn like the General Lee in the Dukes of Hazzard.
  • That STUNK!

    THIS is the way FOP and JN ends? What a ripoff. I nearly fell asleep in the middle of it (the part where everyone turned into a paper doll which BTW was LAME), it was not funny in any part of it, the FOP characters looked really bad in Jimmy\'s world, and the ending was weird (what was that????) And what\'s with Cosmo, why is he such a creep now? Just terrible. I can see why Nickelodeon has canceled these shows if they\'re going to be THIS bad now. This was a bad way to end them. I\'d have to really lower my standards to like THIS. Oh well there\'s still Spongebob and Avatar. There are still good shows on Nick. But this was BAD!!!!!!
  • A great episode where they combine the two best shows on nickelodean, Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Oddparents. Jimmy and Timmy gets back together and fights villians but faces problems when they create their own villian, the most diabolical Jerkinator.

    It was a best one yet. There was a goof when Jimmy and Timmy realizes they made a mistake and then Cosmo, who got his powers drained somehow poofed a jacket that say the Idiots. This episode was amazing filled with action and comedy and finally seeing Jimmy\'s friends in Timmy's world and Timmy\'s friends in Jimmy\'s world. It was action packed and this is the exact reason why both jimmy neutron and fairly oddparents should still continue to have episodes run on nickelodean. Overall great job by the writers and a great storyline. Props to the writers of this show.
  • This episode is going to be so great that I cannot wait to see it on the television.

    This episode that will be coming on this next week and will be what I will watch everyday it comes on to be another great installment to the Fairly Oddparents series as well as being the best Jimmy Timmy Power Hour installment ever to be in this series. Another reason this episode gets a perfect two thumbs way up is due to the fact that I like this series and watch it everytime it comes on in the morning to get a real kick out of watching it a good thirty minutes worth of two fifteen episodes a time. Cool.
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