The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 10

The Land Before Timmy

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 15, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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The Land Before Timmy
Sick of technology ruining his life, Timmy wishes to live in a simpler time. He and all of Dimmsdale are then sent to the Stone Age.

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  • why?! T.T

    i dont get this episode at all. technology is kinda like everything to me. how can that not be seen in timmy?! anyway, the plot is really really stupid. the jokes were suckish. i dont get anything in this episode. this is the worst fairly oddparents episode ever. btw, i didnt even understand why they even had such things as 'inventions' then. the dodgerock was lame. that fire fire fire rock rock rock thing was the most idiotic thing i have ever heard. btw, is it me or was timmy so tired he had to gasp at every word and started shouing?

    oh well, not good!moreless
  • Um...

    So, Timmy's tired of tecnology so he wishes that they could live in the Stone Age. I really did'nt like this episode. But, there was funny parts. "Fire! Fire! Fire! Rock! Rock! Rock!" That part was funny. Other times . . . not so good. I did'nt like this because they were contantly saying. "What do we have for breakfast?" kinda way. So, the ending was more funnier. Timmy was riding a mechanical bull and, a disco ball was over him. And, "Fire! Fire! Fire! Rock! Rock! Rock!s were thrown at Mr. Crocker. At least we had a happy ending.

    Final Score: D+, 5moreless
  • Yikes!

    This episode was the most boring episode in the series, even more boring than OddPirates. It's simply about Timmy upset with the intelligents of technology, so he wishes up a world of no technology. When this happens, everyone is sent back to the Jurrasic age, which starts the boredom. All the people talk about are rocks and inventions, extremely boring to hear repeated things, as well as nerve-wracking. There is then a volcano eruption, in which an annoying fire department comes out saying "Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Rock! Rock! Rock! Rock!" I was diappointed by the outcome of this episode, and was actually expecting something better when I first read about it. The only part I liked was when Wanda asked Cosmo if he and Timmy had a disco mechanical bull party instead of doing his report, and then a disco background was shown with Cosmo riding a mechanical bull. I absoutely hated the part with the toilet river, that was really unneccasary and digusting. I didn't really enjoy this episode a lot, and there are so much better than this that the writers could have thought of a new idea out of them.

    FINAL GRADE: D-moreless
  • I need to stop writing these tech reviews. Isen't technology great?

    Not the episode. It was... bad. And not so bad, it's good.

    Granted, I liked the beginning, the part when Timmy fell asleep because he and Cosmo were haveing a frat party. Hee. Then, it goes into a fable mode. As in, it repeates the line "Isen't technology great," So Timmy wishes the world would be prehistoric, and goes fable mode. But, it's just, in a bad mode.

    The characters- they look more like robots. The storyline was cool, but the humor...ehh, that's wat knocked it down. So. I really done with this. And *sings* 5 more words until this is done!moreless
Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen Von Strangle

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Poof (2008- )

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Denzel Crocker

Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester McBadbat

Recurring Role

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