The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 9

The Masked Magician / The Big Bash

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Feb 18, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Masked Magician
Timmy becomes a super hero called " The Masked Magician!" Mr. Bickles gets mad at Timmy and becomes his arch-enemy.

The Big Bash
Timmy and Remy get in a hunt, and the winner gets a few rule-free wishes. If Remy wins, Timmy will lose his godparents, and Wandisimo gets Wanda.moreless

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  • The first one wasn't that bad, but the second one was appalling.

    The Masked Magician: After seeing Mr. Bickle's lame magic act at a block party, Timmy wishes he was a magician, and everyone loves him and thinks he's a hero. Problems ensue when Mr. Bickles sees what's happening and wants to get revenge on Timmy. This one wasn't that good, but it wasn't too bad either. There weren't really any funny jokes, save for maybe Britney Britney's appearance near the end even though I saw that coming. At least the plot wasn't too bad, though, and I kind of liked how the Crimson Chin's part was worked into this episode. Mr. Bickles kinda got on my nerves, though, but this episode was okay. Grade: C-. The Big Bash: Cupid invites Cosmo and Wanda to one of his parties and holds a scavenger hunt, and Timmy and Remy Buxaplanty race to finish since the winner gets rule-free wishes and the loser loses his fairies. I thought this was one of the worst season 5 episodes. First off, the plot was based off complete nonsense. To start with, there were something like a dozen kids in the race (that is until Remy wished everyone asleep), but there were only 6 items on Cupid's list. What?! That made absolutely no sense to me. Like the last one, there weren't really any funny jokes, except maybe Wanda's reaction to Cosmo betting her for a nickel, but even that wasn't that funny. Cosmo was also really unlikable in this episode, betting Wanda for a nickel, hoping the dinosaur would eat her, etc. Also, the ending of this episode was probably one of the biggest cop-outs in the show's history. So, overall, the first episode is worth checking out, I guess, but I would avoid the second one. Final grade: F. Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • This was a good episode.

    This episode was a good one and also I thought of it as a funny one because the characters did many things in it. Also it made me laugh the way Mr. Bickles tried to be a magician because it looked hilarious in that scene; and I really enjoyed it because it was funny. But the part of Mr. Bickles taking over Dimmsdale wasn't good but at least he got happy at the end in which is a good thing. The other episode was also great and I think it was very adventurous as I think of it because Timmy traveled through time in which I think is great and impressive. Many parts of it were great like the part when they found the astro drink that I think it was great and when they went to Napoleon's house was also funny and the Peruvian ruins looked cool as I think of it. The episode was great and I give it a 9.2 superb rating for my review.moreless
  • What junk

    The Masked Magician

    - This waste of an episode should've been one for Teamo Supremo. So, Butch Hartman is back to directing his own show, huh? Congralutations...not. In a word, I absolutely HATE Mr. Bickles and don't think adding him was a good idea. The He DESERVED to have his act ruined by Timmy, if you ask ME. And if the Bronze Kneecap is truly the way he is because of the Crimson Chin, why isn't an apology in order? Some hero.

    Gag me, please. Because if one wants to make a statement on making enemies, they'll have to come up with something better than this.

    The Big Bash

    - No comment.moreless
  • A truly pathetic piece of crud from the always-lousy Cynthia True

    While \"The Masked Magician\" isn\'t bad - if you can get past the squirm-worthy wink-wink gay behavior of Mr. Bickles - \"The Big Bash\" is a total loss. \"New School\" Cosmo is at his worst here - betting his wife for a nickel, muttering \"Please be a Wanda-eater\" when he spots a dinosaur, and saying that he was forced into his marriage. Are your sides aching yet? Didn\'t think so. How the hell Butch Hartman let this piece of excrement get made is indeed a mystery - unless we were all fooled into thinking the man had class, integrity and knew what he was doing, which I suspect we were. He pretty much destroyed his reputation with this horrible episode. As for Cynthia True - the chick has issues, that\'s obvious, and should never be allowed to write professionally again, especially for a show ostensibly aimed at children.moreless
  • I wouldn't kiss Timmy if my life depended on it.

    Why would Trixie want to kiss Timmy? I wouldn't. Over the series, Timmy has become more rude and selfish, gross, and obnixious, but I still think this was a decent episode. I think the last good episode was, um, I'll get back to that a little bit later, after I examine the episode.
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Dionne Quan

Dionne Quan


Guest Star

Julie Chen (I)

Julie Chen (I)


Guest Star

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

AJ (2002)

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Britney Britney

Recurring Role

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Woman in Crowd

Recurring Role

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    • Remy and Timmy have a truce at the end.

    • This is the first time Timmy goes on a Scavenger Hunt.

    • We learn that the Bronze Kneecap's real name is Ron Handbone. He injured his knee after tripping over the Crimson Chin's chin at the Jai alai games causing him to get 3rd place for the umpteenth time. This caused him to melt down his bronze trophies to create the Bronze Kneecap outfit.

    • Vicky's Head: Turns into Cupid's head.

    • Items on Cupid's Scavenger Hunt through Time and Space list and where they were found:

      1. The biggest egg that's ever been laid which was found in the Age of Dinosaur.
      2. Container 07-9-B from the Apollo 13 mission in 1970.
      3. The World's Largest Banana that was found with King Kong in 1933.
      4. Pot of Irish Gold from the 15th Century.
      5. An 18th Century Danish that was found with Napoleon.
      6. The Grande Treasure of the Peruvian Pyramid from Ancient Peru which turned out to be 100% Peruvian Coffee.


    • When Mr. Bickles was flying around Dimmsdale, he was flying on a modern-day version of Barney Rubble's hand-powered helicopter.

    • Timmy Turner's Alter Ego The Masked Magician

      This could be an allusion to the Masked Magician on 4 TV specials Breaking the Magician's Code; Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. The Masked Magician was a magician with a mask on who preformed dangerous magic tricks then showed you how the tricks work. For the first 3 specials, his identity was a secret. But at the end of the 4th special his identity was finally revealed.

    • Parody Product Placement

      When Vicky gets tied onto railroad tracks a la stereotypical silent films/Popeye cartoons, the train that's about to come at Vicky is Amtrak, complete with the red,white, and blue bordering the cars.
      However, it was a Circle A instead of the real-life arrow logo or the more recent flag/track logo.

    • The Big Bash: Gnome and Garden

      Gnome and Garden is spoof off of the magazine Home and Garden.

    • Random Person: Comparison
      In the scene where the random woman says "Up in the sky, it's a bird... and on the ground, it's a bug, and over there, it's a squirrel!", there is a guy in the backround who looks alot like Gerald from the old nicktoon, "Hey Arnold!".

    • Timmy Turner's alter-ego: The Masked Magician

      Timmy's alter-ego, The Masked Magician, might also be a transexual spoof of the magician/sorceress superheroine and long-time Justice League member, Zatanna.

    • The Masked Magician: Random Woman: Up in the sky, it's a bird... and on the ground, it's a bug, and over there, it's a squirrel!
      In the old Superman cartoons and comics, people would say when Superman flew by: 'It's a bird; it's a plane; it's Superman!'

    • The Masked Magician: Masked Magician
      Here, Timmy is a parody of Ace Cooper, hero from France cartoon The Magician.

    • The Big Bash: The scene with the booby traps in the temple and Timmy running down the corridor away from the Sphinx head is lifted from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.