The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 12

The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2003 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Timmy goes to the past to see what makes his teacher crazy.

    I didn\\\'t like this episode too much cause everything went bad to Timmy but I liked it cause it showed that Timmy made Denzel a crazy person.This cartoon is one of my favorite cartoons ever! It still is very very very funny! My favorite part was when Mr. and Mrs. Turner showed all the pink things and Timmy said that now he knew where the pink cap came from
  • The history of Denzel Crocker.

    March 15th is Denzel Crocker's worst day of the year. The kids at school run and hide when Crocker gets there. He's so angry, he punishes the kids. But why? Timmy decides to go back in time to find out why Crocker is so angry and obsessed with fairy godparents. First they go back to the 90's where Crocker is a teacher and freaks fro fairies. Then back to the 80's where Crocker is in college. He is going to give a lecture on his most important discovery. At the beginning of his speech, everyone, including the military investors, is ready to buy it. When he talks about fairies, everyone laughs at Crocker revealing that it is the second worst day of his life. In 1972, they see Crocker as a kid in school and 10 years old. He saves Timmy's dad and the mayor declares March 15 Denzel Crocker Day. Young Denzel has fairy godparents who happen to be Cosmo and Wanda, but neither one remember being his fairies. Denzel gives his speech but Timmy is afraid that he will reveal his secret. In trying to stop Denzel, Timmy reveals Denzel's secret because Cosmo turned the microphone on again. Crocker instantly goes from being a normal kid to a hunchback with bad teeth and an ear on his neck, beginning his obsession with fairy godparents.
  • Very good episode.

    Timmy travels to the past in order to find out why Mr. Crocker is so determined to prove that Fairy Godparents exist.
    This is great alot about Denzel Crocker is revealed for the first time in The Fairly Odd Parent's history also is a very good episode we learn Timmy's Dad hated the Dinkleberg's a long time ago; and Cosmo and Wanda were Crocker's Fairy God Parents a long time ago, and this episode comes right before the Fairly Odd Parents T.V. Movie Abracatastrophe in wich alot is revealed too. A very good episode an the most revealing episode of all in the series.
  • Great episode

    A lot about Crocker's past is revealed in this episode. Crocker may be pretty crazy, but I found this episode pretty good.
    It's March 15th, everybody, the day Crocker is at his meanest. Yet, people still don't know "why" he's at his meanest. Timmy decides to explore Crocker's past for some information. He will be finding out about some of Crocker's secrets, and why he's always miserable, and why he's always addicted to talking about Fairies.
  • A lot about crocker is revealed

    We learn alot about Dinzel Crocker in this episode, we lean why hes fairy obsessed, why hes so mean, and why he still lives with his mother.

    Mr crocker was much like Timmy is, He had a parent that didn't pay much attention to him, an evil babysitter, who happened to be named Vick, and Fairy Godparents, who happened to be Cosmo and Wanda.

    This episode was funny, a personal favorite, I liked how Timmy pulled a "Crocker" when he said Fairy Godparents, and even though Crocker is a nut, hes one of my favorite Characters, manly because he's so funny, its also intresting to know that Crocker wasn't always mean, That the events that happened to him on March 15th losing his godparents, an angry mod chasing him, and being laughed at in college, trying to prove fairy godparents exist, whould turn anyone bitter.

    A great episode, that was a worthly classic.
  • THIS was a ok episode we find out why Mr.Crocker is crazy and obsesse with fairys.

    This episode starts with everyone paincing because it's march 15 the day where Mr.Crocker is at his meanest. Everyone goes to class and well.. it's not pretty. Timmy and his faires go back in time to see what made Mr.Crocker fair obsesse in the frist place. They go back frist 10 years but crocker is still fairy obsesse ten years ago. Then go back to when crocker was in college but is still fairy obssesse. Last they go to his childhood and find out cosmo and wanda were his fairies when crocker was ten and that timmy made him fairyobsesse.
  • Revealing is the key word hear.

    At long last, we are given an explanation behind one interesting character's behavior: none other than Denzel Crocker! Every March 15th, Timmy's fairy-obsessed teacher is at his meanest: Those punishments inflicted on three particular students are cruel, unusual, and downright unwarranted. Timmy tries going back in time to make Crocker a nicer person but fails as usual.
    This is one of the more depressing episodes according to a sharp-eyed viewpoint. Timmy shares a lot more in common with his teacher than he does his own parents. That is, besides having Cosmo and Wanda as godparents. Both are far more powerless against the outside world than most children on average. Both have more enemies than insanely possible. Crocker's resentment towards his mother makes lots of sense if you think about it: She always left him alone with a brute, and now she's paying dearly for it. We can only imagine how similarly Mr. and Mrs. Turner might end up. Plus, I don’t think this one contradicts Apartnership as much as it does expand on the show’s history. (Move over, Odd Odd West!)
    Another interesting thing to note is that Crocker and Waxelplax once had a thing for each other. The principal pretty much fit the role of Trixie and Tootie combined: a cute little girl with a crush on an amazing, unique boy who returned the same feelings. The '80s incident certainly fixed things for good...or did it? Personally, I believe those two's former relationship can still be salvaged despite actions to the contrary. Maybe all it takes is a true apocalyptic, sorry. Got ahead of myself there. But still...agh, enough! This review is done!
  • This is the episode that explains a lot of things.

    Throughout the run of "The Fairly Odd Parents", Denzel Crocker had been obsessed with "FAIRYGODPARENTS!!!" In one of my favorite episodes, "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker", we find out why. It is March 15th -- the Ides of March -- and the day that Denzel Q. Crocker is at his meanest. Timmy Turner decides to find out what made Crocker the miserable "crock-pot" that he is by going back in time, and along the way, at each time period he visited, we found out how some things came about. First, Timmy went back to 1992; his parents, then an expecting couple, had just moved into their new home in Dimmsdale, California, presumably where they had lived all their lives. Mr. Turner opened a van and there was lots of girlish stuff, including a pink hat, because they thought they were getting a girl. Then, the Dinkelbergs bought the house next door; Mr. Turner still hated Mr. D, even back then. Then, Crocker came, driving to Dimmsdale Elementary for his first day as a schoolteacher; the first thing he did as a teacher was crash into the car of his new boss, and his ex-girlfriend, Geraldine Waxelplax. He was still fairy-obsessed back then, too. So Timmy went back to Dimmsdale University, circa 1984. Crocker was a college student at D.U. (though he may have bounced around because of a reference to New Baltimore Community College in the "Information Stupor Highway" episode), as were Waxelplax, Mrs. Turner and Sheldon Dinkelberg; Mr. Turner was a janitor, and still hated Dinkelberg back then. With them, channel 7 news reporter Chet Ubetcha (probably on one of his first assignments) scientists and an Army general looking on, Crocker explained his theory on FAIRYGODPARENTS; close-ups of Cosmo and Wanda are shown, so Wanda's current clothes and Cosmo's current hair had already been established by 1984; however, Crocker got nothing but laughter. The Army general and the scientist decided to use the money they planned to give to Crocker to invest it in Dinkelberg's parachute pants -- a hot item in the 1980s -- and that's how Dinkelberg became rich. He broke up with the future Mrs. Turner, and Mr. Turner found his true love again. So that was set, and Crocker called it the second-worst day of his life. Timmy then went back to Crocker's worst day...only to find that he was the cause of it.

    It was back to Dimmsdale, March 14, 1972, when everything around town was psychedelic. Mrs. Turner was still Dinkelberg's girlfriend, and Mr. Turner was still angry at Dinkelberg. (I think this is possible because of an earlier episode, "Father Time", where a couple of years earlier, Mr. Turner won Mrs. Turner's love, so it's likely that Mr. Turner is angry at Dinkelberg for stealing the future Mrs. Turner away.) Meanwhile, Mr. Turner's life was saved by Crocker, who was wearing a green crash helmet and driving a pink soapbox car (that seems peculiar), wowed by a young Geraldine Waxelplax, and interviewed by Nanette Ubetcha, mother of Chet. Then, Crocker went home (with peculiar pink and green parrots) only to find that Mrs. Crocker (she was considerably taller back then) had to run to one of her jobs, and so he was stuck with Vic the babysitter (so Vicky actually took after her father!), and the parrots revealed themselves to be... COSMO AND WANDA!!! So THAT'S why Crocker had fairies on the mind! The following day, Wednesday, March 15, 1972, all of Dimmsdale (except Mrs. C) was gathered at City Hall for "Denzel Crocker Day"; Timmy tries to keep Crocker from blowing his cover, but because of Cosmo's crazy mishaps, including turning the power on after Wanda turned it off, accidentally tells all about his secret. (Even if today's Cosmo didn't turn on the power, the '72 Cosmo would still have revealed himself to the crowd) Then, the 70s version of Jorgen Von Strangle (complete with a big purple afro) takes Crocker's fairies away and strips him of knowledge of fairies, but not before Crocker writes "Fairy Godparents Exist!" on the back of a genetic tracker that he received from Timmy via A.J. Ibrahim. Then, when all of Dimmsdale tried to run Crocker out of town, both today's Jorgen and the 70s Jorgen told Timmy not to make any more wishes that would take him back to March 1972. After the mob cleared, Crocker found he still had the tracker, and found that fairy godparents did exist. So he did have a tracking device after all; earlier in the episode, it was shown with an eggbeater instead of a DNA sampler.

    That was a synopsis on one of the more memorable, and one of the most revealing, episodes on the show. I like it because of the flashbacks and the explanation. I think it was only appropriate that it all occurred on March 15th, the Ides of March. And BTW, there never was a "Be Kind to Squirrels Day."
  • This is a fine example if a cleverly plotted show!

    It is March fifteenth, the day when Crocker is the angriest, and everyone in the school is hiding from Crocker. Timmy receives a Crocker detector from AJ (It finds him by using hid DNA). Back in class, Crocker insults AJ, and the rest of the class, and Timmy is locked up in chains in his desk. Back home, Timmy wants to find out why Crocker is so fairy-obsessed. Timmy sneaks in Crocker’s house as a bird and he finds out that March fifteen used to be his worst day. Timmy goes ten years back with his time-scooter and AJ’s Crocker detector so then he could easily spot him even in the past. He finds out why he has the pink hat—his parents thought their child would be a girl, but it turned out to be a boy. But Crocker, on the other hand, is still fairy-obsessed. So Timmy goes back to the eighties, and he finds Crocker in a special presentation talking about wanting every kid in America wearing fairy detecting belts to find out if they have fairy god parents or not, but then the whole audience laughed. That made Crocker say that this was his second-worst day of his life. Timmy finds out that his worst day had already happened. So then Timmy heads for Crocker’s childhood…

    When they arrive, Timmy finds his dad as a child about to be road killed by a truck. Then he is soon saved by Crocker, the child. That event then goes into the news and a news lady (probably Jet Ubetcha’s mom) explains that the next day—March fifteenth—is called Denzil Crocker Day. When Crocker goes back to his house, Timmy finds out that Crocker has fairy god parents—Cosmo and Wanda! Even the present Cosmo and Wanda don’t know about those days. The next day—March fifteenth—in the city hall, during the time when Crocker talks on the microphone in front of the whole city, Timmy suddenly interrupts him, turns off the microphone, and tells him that he knows what will happen—his secret about having fairy god parents will be revealed and he will lose Cosmo and Wanda. But when the past Cosmo idiotically turns the microphone on, the words came out of Timmy’s mouth and to the microphone: “…that you have fairy god parents!” But then Jorgen Von Strangle appeared and took away his god parents. The whole audience then forgot that that sentence ever came out. They also forgot that they were celebrating Denzil Crocker Day, and they thought they were an angry mob. As for Timmy, Jorgen put a spell on Timmy to make sure he would never go back in time. Now, back to Crocker, since Timmy left the Crocker detector in the past, Crocker turned it into a fairy detector, using Cosmo’s hair. From that time, Crocker had suspected Timmy had fairies.
  • It´s March the 15th, that means the day when Crocker is angrier than every other day and starts tp do mean stuff to Timmy´s classmates, he´s so confused, he wishes to go back in time to figure out why he hates that day, and he discovers great and confusin

    I think that was an "explain-it-all" episode, because you figure out not just the secret origin of Denzel Crocker, also of Timmy´s pink hat,the hate of his dad towards the neighbor, a friendship between Crocker and Timmy´s school principal, and the neighbor being rich. However, I thought it was weird that Timmy´s parents didn´t knew his gender yet, since you can see his mom fully pregnant, and I thought it was funny to see Jurgen as a John Travolta version, also you can aprecciate the character´s backgrounds (for the fairies and the grown-ups)and that they continue to be just the same, good episode.