The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 12

The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2003 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • This is a fine example if a cleverly plotted show!

    It is March fifteenth, the day when Crocker is the angriest, and everyone in the school is hiding from Crocker. Timmy receives a Crocker detector from AJ (It finds him by using hid DNA). Back in class, Crocker insults AJ, and the rest of the class, and Timmy is locked up in chains in his desk. Back home, Timmy wants to find out why Crocker is so fairy-obsessed. Timmy sneaks in Crocker’s house as a bird and he finds out that March fifteen used to be his worst day. Timmy goes ten years back with his time-scooter and AJ’s Crocker detector so then he could easily spot him even in the past. He finds out why he has the pink hat—his parents thought their child would be a girl, but it turned out to be a boy. But Crocker, on the other hand, is still fairy-obsessed. So Timmy goes back to the eighties, and he finds Crocker in a special presentation talking about wanting every kid in America wearing fairy detecting belts to find out if they have fairy god parents or not, but then the whole audience laughed. That made Crocker say that this was his second-worst day of his life. Timmy finds out that his worst day had already happened. So then Timmy heads for Crocker’s childhood…

    When they arrive, Timmy finds his dad as a child about to be road killed by a truck. Then he is soon saved by Crocker, the child. That event then goes into the news and a news lady (probably Jet Ubetcha’s mom) explains that the next day—March fifteenth—is called Denzil Crocker Day. When Crocker goes back to his house, Timmy finds out that Crocker has fairy god parents—Cosmo and Wanda! Even the present Cosmo and Wanda don’t know about those days. The next day—March fifteenth—in the city hall, during the time when Crocker talks on the microphone in front of the whole city, Timmy suddenly interrupts him, turns off the microphone, and tells him that he knows what will happen—his secret about having fairy god parents will be revealed and he will lose Cosmo and Wanda. But when the past Cosmo idiotically turns the microphone on, the words came out of Timmy’s mouth and to the microphone: “…that you have fairy god parents!” But then Jorgen Von Strangle appeared and took away his god parents. The whole audience then forgot that that sentence ever came out. They also forgot that they were celebrating Denzil Crocker Day, and they thought they were an angry mob. As for Timmy, Jorgen put a spell on Timmy to make sure he would never go back in time. Now, back to Crocker, since Timmy left the Crocker detector in the past, Crocker turned it into a fairy detector, using Cosmo’s hair. From that time, Crocker had suspected Timmy had fairies.
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