The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 4

Timmy's 2D House of Horror / It's a Wishful Life

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 10, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Timmy's 2D House of Horror:
Vicky's family moves into Timmy's house, and the only way to get them out is to scare them away.

It's A Wishful Life:
Timmy wishes he was never born and Jorgen shows how people's lives are better without him.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • It's Great.

    I Think U Know What This Episode Is:

    Timmy's 2D House Of Horrors: Timmy Is Watching An 3D Movie About An Volcano, But It Dosen't Turn Out 3D. So Timmy Wished To Make It Real 3D, But It Destroyed Vicky's House.

    Vicky's Family Have To Move To Timmy's House.

    But Thing Go Wrong When Timmy Got Kicked Out Of The House.


    It's A Wishful Life: Looks Like Everyone Hate Timmy.

    So Timmy Wished He Was Never Been Born.

    The Wished Has Been Granted And Jorgen Von Strangle Shows Timmy What It's Like If He Was Never Born.

    If Timmy Don't Find Anyone That Missed Him, He Will Be Sent To HELL!!!

    Well That's It.

  • Ok, so some people HATE this episode. I don't hate it, but it is FAR from my favorite...

    I know why everyone hates this episode. I, personally, don't 'hate' it. I think the stories could have been good if they were written better. "2-D House of Horror" could have been GREAT if the jokes were better and the ending was...well written.

    "It's A Wishful Life" was trying to take the "It's A Wonderful Life" story and be creative and different. BIG MISTAKE! Everyone was happier when Timmy was gone? How horrible is that! *sigh* I guess they can't all be wonderful episodes....moreless
  • The biggest piece of trash in Nickalodeon history!

    Timmy's 2-D House of Horror: 3-D glasses? Then first of all, why is this episode called Timmy's 2-D House of Horror? And when Vicky's family moves in, couldn't Timmy just wish them out of the house? This episode absolutely has no common sense! Rating: Double F

    It's a Wishful Life: Absolutely the worst episode I've ever saw in television history! This episode is also the episode that makes the least sense ever! Why would Timmy ever wish that he'd never existed? Why would other unrelated things happen when he didn't exist? Timmy's parents raising a talented daughter and living in a mansion sorta makes sense, but how come Francis is no longer a bully at that time? And Crocker no longer believes in fairies? But he already had them in the 70's! Also, how come Elmer got his boil because of Timmy? And why did Chester have perfect teeth, a triple mobile home, and fairy godparents? He isn't miserable! The worst of all, how did Timmy make A.J. bald and had to do elementary school instead of moving on to high school? All these elements make this episode he worst ever!!! Rating: Quadruple F

    Overall Rating: Triple Fmoreless
  • These episodes were just not funny. I used to like these episodes, but now I don't.

    Timmy's 2-D House of Horror: I did not like this episode. Timmy wishes for real lava in a boring 3-D thriller, but it destroys Vicky's house. Then Vicky's family moves in with Timmy, and Vicky starts to treat him badly. Timmy gets fed up of being treated like dirt, so he wishes that Vicky's house was back, but fails because his parents still want Vicky's family to stay there. So Timmy wishes the 3-D glasses made everyone see what they fear the most, to scare Vicky's family out, and it works.

    This episode had a lot of potential. The plot could've gone into a good direction, but it made a huge turn for the worse. I hated how everyone{including Timmy's parents} treated Timmy like a dog {literally}, and how Vicky's parents were afraid of her. Also, there was very little humour in this episode, the only redeeming gag was the ending where the Turners look through the 3-D glasses. A disappointing episode.

    It's A Wishful Life: Even worse than the last episode. Timmy is doing good deeds for people, but no one appreciates him. He gets angry, and wishes he was never born. But to his surprise, everyone's life in the world is better without him.

    This episode tried to do a parody of "It's A Wonderful Life", but like the last one, it went into a horrible direction. Everyone's life without Timmy{except for Timmy's parents} didn't make any sense. It was terrible to know that everyone's life was better in the first place! Also, this episode didn't have any humour, it was just unfunny and stupid.

    Overall, these are bad episodes. They could've been better, but they were poorly written, unfunny, flat, and made no sense.moreless
  • Huh?

    I did not get this episode one bit. Timmy's 2-D house of horror was good, but totally pointless. I didn't like how Timmy's parents were so blind in this episode! Even though they are most of the time, I would at least think they would realize that Timmy wanted them out of their home. And I also didn't like how they treated Vicky and her family better than Timmy. Grade: C. It's a Wishful Life was, pathetic. I would think an episode where Timmy wishes he was never born would be so much better, instead of this horrible excuse for an episode! It was so unrealistic. What did Timmy have to do with AJ's hair, or Chester having Fairy God Parents, or Vicky being nice? But Frances made no sense. He bullied other kids BESIDES Timmy. The writers obviously didn't want to look over every single episode, but they should've. Timmy did meany good deeds that saved a few people, but were they included in this episode? No! Grade: D-.moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In Timmy's 2D House of Horror, why didn't Timmy just sleep in his tree house?

      Timmy doesn't want to be driven from his own house.

    • In It's a Wishful Life, when Timmy sees what happened to the world when he wasn't born:
      1) Mom and Dad are rich thanks to their actress daughter Sophia
      2) Francis is a star football player who uses his bullying on the field
      3) Mr. Crocker is a Harvard College Teacher
      4) AJ graduated High School at the age of 5 with a full head of hair
      5) Chester has good teeth and extended limo space
      6) Cosmo and Wanda are Chester's Fairy Godparents
      7) Vicky is Dr. Bender's assistant
      8) Elmer doesn't have a boil
      9) Mr. Bickles succeeded in creating a ballet version of "Waterworld"
      10)The Chicago Cubs win the world series.
      However, since Jorgen was just testing Timmy, he may have made it up.

    • In In Timmy's 2D House of Horror, when Vicky was nailing the door, you can see it was nailed up shut. But when Mom opens it, it doesn't even have a nail.

  • QUOTES (42)

    • Cosmo: I'm screaming because I just remembered that when they said that it was until death do us part, I forgot that I'm immortal, so it's forever. (He screams).

    • Actor: It's The Haunted Valcano in 3-D.
      Cosmo: 3 ds? Just like Timmy's report card.

    • Tootie: I came back for you!
      Timmy: Whoa! These are good.

    • Wanda: Aww, Timmy doing a good deed, what's gotten into him? Do you feel Timmy learned a huge life lesson without us?
      Cosmo: Maybe it would be better if we didn't exist.
      Jorgen: (As a cactus) Don't get my hopes up!
      Cosmo: Ahh! A talking cactus!

    • (After Jorgen grants Timmy's wish)
      Cosmo: And a spot here! And another spot here!
      Timmy: Guys, I'm back!
      Wanda: You left?
      Timmy: Yeah, don't you remember? I was feeling unappreciated, so I wished I didn't exist.
      Cosmo: Now that you mention it, no. But I do appreciate you pulling my head out of the bowl. Yeah, it's really dirty, can you clean it for us sometime?
      Timmy: Why I oughta! (Cosmo and Wanda shriek) Do that right now.

    • Jorgen: Now where was I, oh, you made your stupid wish because you felt unappreciated, right?
      Timmy: Yeah, because nobody noticed all my good deeds.
      Jorgen: You are not supposed to do good deeds, because they will get you noticed. You are supposed to do them because they are the right thing to do. And by not wishing yourself back into existance and ruining everyone's lives, you did the goodestest deed of all! And thus, I will grant you one wish!
      Timmy: Excellent! I wish that I had never wished that I had never been born!
      Jorgen: That was another test, and you failed!
      Timmy: Ahh!
      Jorgen: I'm only kidding, good heavens, what's a fairy have to do to get a laugh around here?

    • Timmy: Now, while laughing boy is busy, this is my chance to change everything back. Middle-class parents, bald AJ, bully Francis, poor Chester, re-boiled Elmer, but all I'll be doing is making everybody's life worse. I can't do that to Cosmo and Wanda, Mom and Dad. I can do it to Elmber, but I don't really know him that well. Here you go, Jorgen.
      Jorgen: Timmy Turner... you've past the test!
      Timmy: Test? What test? And why aren't you still laughing.
      Jorgen: Silly human, laughing gas cannot make me laugh, only pain does that. Watch. (Pokes a fairy in the nose, laughs) Oh man, that's good.

    • Jorgen: Ha. For now it's time to say goodbye to the life you used to have, before I send you to the dimension of kids who improved the world by wishing they were never born! Man, that's a mouthful. Goodbye Timmy Turner, forever.
      Timmy: (Falls down, but comes back up with laughing gas) I'm not going anywhere!
      Jorgen: (Laughs) The laughing gas! Stop that! I cannot stop laughing! Haha! Haha! You are going to go without a fight!
      Timmy: Not exactly!

    • Timmy: Okay, that's it. I give up.
      Jorgen: Wait, wait! Don't you want to see Elmer without his boil, Mr. Bickles's musical production of Waterworld. Or how about the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs?
      Timmy: No, game over, you win.

    • Timmy: She works for Dr. Bender! Aha! So she's still causing pain.
      Jorgen: Not exac- sorry. Vicky is his assistant in charge of laughing gas. She prevents the pain.

    • Timmy: What next? I suppose Vicky is a nice babysitter now!
      Timmy and Jorgen: Not exactly.
      Timmy: I know, I know!

    • Wanda: What a great kid! So selfless and wishing for others!
      Cosmo: Yeah, and look at those perfect, braceless, not goofy teeth! Ah, and no stupid pink hat to ruin his hair!
      Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen: Aww.

    • Timmy: Chester's house, what are we doing here?
      Jorgen: Take a better look.
      Timmy: It's a triple wide! That's two wides wider than usual. And it's on solid gold blocks. But how? Cosmo, Wanda!
      Chester: Cosmo, Wanda, c'mon! We're late for our ship to the Senior's Center, we're gonna wish up pre-juice steaks for the toothless.

    • Timmy: Cosmo! That's it! His life is worse without me, it has to be!
      Jorgen: Mm, not exactly.

    • Jorgen: Timmy Turner!
      Timmy: (Screams) The Grim Reaper!
      Jorgen: (Laughs) No, it is I, Jorgen von Strangle! And flattering will not help you. I have come to show you how horrible the world is without you.
      Timmy: What are you talking about? My parents lives are great!
      Jorgen: I know! I was being sarcastic! (Laughs) Why don't people get my hilarious sense of humor that I address?

    • Timmy: Alright! Time to see how everyone is in a world without Timmy Turner!
      Mom and Dad: Woohoo! (Laugh)
      Timmy: A mansion? Where's my house?
      Dad: Ooh, check it out, honey? It says here that our beautiful, talented, not-boy daughter Sophia is gonna get nominated for another Academy Award!
      Mom: Ooh, what for this time, Acting, Writing, or Directing?
      Dad: All 3!
      Timmy: Wow, my parents are doing great without me.

    • Timmy: (Screams) For once in my 10-year old life, I decide to do some good deeds, and nobody even appreciates them!
      Wanda: We appreciate you, Timmy!
      Cosmo: Yeah! If you were to do something nice for us, like clean out our fishbowl, I'd totally notice!
      Timmy: I did that yesterday!
      Cosmo: (Poofs dirty fishbowl) Ugh, you call this clean?
      Timmy: That's it! You guys don't appreciate me either! Fine! Let's see how everyone would like it if I weren't around to not appreciate!
      Cosmo: You missed a spot here, and here!
      Timmy: Fine! You know what, I wish I was never born!
      Cosmo: And, you missed a spot here. And here!
      (Wanda makes the wish)

    • (At the Dinklebergs)
      Chompy: Baa!
      Mayor: You're right Chompy, even I wouldn't need this lawn! First prize!
      Dad: Dinkleberg! (Slams the door)
      Mom: And my butt is not that big! (Slams the door)

    • Timmy: Tada! My friends and teacher might be unappreciative, but wait until my parents see the lawn!
      Mom and Dad: Timmy! The lawn... it's, it's -
      Timmy: Perfect, beautiful, amazing?
      Dad: Ruined! And on the same day as the Dimmsdale Worst Lawn Competition! Kevin, forgive me!

    • Timmy: Happy Birthday, AJ!
      AJ: This computer! It's -
      Timmy: Amazing? Astounding? State of the art?
      AJ: Offbeat as of 4 seconds ago. Thanks for the high-tech door stop, that doesn't work!

    • Timmy: Phew, finally, the perfect seascape background for the school play!
      Wanda: You know, Timmy. Painting this for Mr. Bickles was really nice of you!
      Cosmo: But look what it did to my hair!
      Mr. Bickles: (Screams) My dream! It's, it's, it's -
      Timmy: Fabulous, scrumptious, delectable?
      Mr. Bickles: Ruined! Those clouds are too puffy, and water isn't violet-blue! It's practically teal! My dream of doing the ballet version of Waterworld is ruined! Kevin, forgive me!

    • Timmy: I can't believe these things worked! Finally, I have my house back! (Puts on 3D glasses, sees Tootie)
      Tootie: I came back for you!
      Timmy: Whoa, these are good. (Sees that Tootie is real, screams and runs, gets stopped by the leash) Darnit!
      Tootie: (Hugs Timmy)
      Timmy: (Screams) It's too scary!
      Tootie: And wait 'till you see what I've done with your room! Or should I say our room! And it's still death do us part!
      Timmy: (Screams)

    • Dad: What was that all about?
      Mom: I have no idea. Normally, people taste my food before they run out like that.
      Dad: Yeah, and usually they run right to the can. (Mom and Dad pick up the 3D glasses) Our new friends left, and all we have to remember them by are these glasses!
      Timmy: Mom, Dad, no!
      Dad: (Puts on the 3D glasses, screams) Dinkleberg! (Mom and Timmy both look like Dinkleberg)
      Mom: Is something wrong, dear?
      Dad: (Screams)
      Mom: (Puts on the 3D glasses, screams, sees Dad smiling)
      Mom and Dad: (Scream) Wait for us new friends! (Run away)

    • Timmy: Oh, Dad! Can I see your wallet!
      Dad: Oh, sure son! Honey, can I have my wallet. (Mom gives Dad his wallet, he opens it to reveal money)
      Vicky: (Sniffs) Huh? (The money turns into bats and flies away) My money!
      3D Dad: Ooh, my wallet's empty!
      Vicky: (Screams)
      Mom: And we're donating your money to charity!
      Vicky: (Screams) Well, at least I still got the money you already gave me! (Sees that the money has Timmy's head on it) (Screams) We are so out of here!

    • Timmy: This isn't working! They're more scared of Vicky than they are of my cannibal parents!
      Cosmo: Can you blame them?
      Wanda: You have to make her leave too, or they'll never go!
      Timmy: That's it, we have to show her the things that she fears most!

    • Vicky's Dad: That's it, we're out of here!
      Dad: Please, don't go new friends!
      Vicky: (Stops her family from leaving) Nobody's going anywhere! Haunted house, schamaunted house! As long as I am making money here, we stay!
      Scary 3D Mom and Scary 3D Dad: Come back!
      Vicky: (Growls)
      (The rest of Vicky's family runs to the 3D Mom and Dad)

    • Dad: What did you say to our new friends?!
      Mom: I said spaghetti and meatballs.
      Dad: Do you want to be stuck here alone with the boy again?! Let me handle this! (To Vicky's parents) Who wants a slice of French -
      Scary 3D Dad: Arm! (3D Mom and Dad laugh)
      Vicky's Parents: (Scream)
      Vicky: A severed arm? Only one? Been there.
      Mom: You sure you don't want any? They're juicy and delicious!
      Dad: Or maybe a meatball sandwich!
      Vicky's Parents: (Scream as Mom and Dad eat what look like eyeballs and an arm to them)

    • Mom: Come and get it! (Vicky and her parents run to the kitchen) Who wants spaghetti and -
      Scary 3D Mom: Eyeballs! (Laughs)
      Vicky's Parents: (Scream)
      Vicky: Eyeballs? Eh, big deal, that's not scary. (Eats an "eyeball", Vicky's parents scream)

    • Timmy: They're scared by that dumb movie?
      Wanda: Oh, it's the 3D glasses. They make it look so scary!
      Timmy: Wanda, that's it, we're gonna scare them out! I wish those 3D glasses made everything they see and hear super scary! Oh, and they can't take them off until they leave my house for good!

    • Mom: Hey! All this 3D horror is making me hungry!
      Dad: Me too! Who wants some snacks?
      Vicky's Parents: Do we? Do we?
      Vicky: Yes...
      Vicky's Parents: We do! We do!

    • Mom, Dad, and Vicky's Parents: (Watching a movie in 3D glasses) It's so real! (Scream) Look out!
      Dad: Ah, I'm so scared! Hold me, new friends!
      Granny: (On TV) Save my kitty! (Kitty throws up on the Turner's wall)

    • Timmy: Guys, what am I gonna do? Obviously just fixing Vicky's house isn't gonna get rid of her and her family.
      Cosmo: Well, if I were you, I'd wish for a bigger doghouse.
      Wanda: Or give Vicky's parents a reason to want to leave.
      Timmy: Fat chance! They love it here. Just look at them, sick! (Gets stopped by the leash)

    • Mom: Who's up for Canasta? Or should I say "Funasta?"
      Dad: You know what, you really should let me handle the snappy word play - Er, I mean happy word play!

    • Dad: (Gets a hammer out) Don't worry, new friends. I'll handle this! (Wrecks Vicky's house, shows a photo of him wrecking Vicky's house) Does this house look repaired to you? I love my new friends who aren't leaving!
      Timmy: (Screams)
      Vicky: I feel another tip coming on!
      Dad: (Gives Vicky money from Timmy) Here you go!

    • Timmy: Good news! I just happened to notice Vicky's house is housed! Like magic! They can go home now! Like magic!
      Mom: But we're having so much fun!
      Vicky's Mom: And it's so nice to have eyewitnesses to Vicky's cruelness! I mean kindness! Kindness!!! (Licks Vicky's shoe)

    • Dad: Ooh, it's been family fun to make a collage! Or should I say, "coolage?" (Laughs) I love having adult friends!
      Mom: And how smart of Vicky to find a use for all those old vintage comic books crowding Timmy's closet.
      Vicky: Maybe you should tip me.

    • Timmy: I want my room back! I want my life back! I want Vicky and her family out of here right now!!!
      Wanda: Timmy, maybe you're looking at this wrong.
      Cosmo: Yeah, try looking at them with these. (Screams) Too real!
      Timmy: No! I want those guys out of here!!! I wish Vicky's house was 100% repaired! (Cosmo and Wanda make the wish, a mailman walks by and puts the mail in Vicky's mailbox as Vicky's house gets fixed, and runs away)

    • Timmy: Finally, I'm safe in my own room, my fortress of manlitude! (Sees what Vicky and Tootie did to his room, screams) Cosmo, Wanda help! I don't know which side is scarier!
      Cosmo: Hey, isn't this room fantabulous?
      Timmy: No, it's not fabulous!
      Cosmo: Fantabulous.

    • Tootie: You know, technically, we're now living together!
      Timmy: (Screams and runs, and gets stopped by the leash) Ugh!
      Vicky: (Laughs) That's always funny.

    • Timmy: (Drags the doghouse in, Mom puts his breakfast out) Mmm! I'm starved. (Doidle takes his steak) Hey! (Vicky takes his eggs) Hey! (Doidle takes his sausage) Hey!!! Stop that, that's mine!
      Dad: Hey, Timmy. We're a conjoined family now. We have to share. There's no mine, only ours. Except that, that's mine! (Dad takes Timmy's last piece of bacon)

    • Dad: Or should we call them "funcakes?" (Everybody laughs)

    • (Timmy is sleeping outside in Doidle's doghouse)
      Vicky: Oh, twerp! Time for breakfast!
      Timmy: (Excitedly, runs towards the house, and gets stopped by the leash) Ugh!
      Vicky: (Laughs)

  • NOTES (3)


    • Chicago Cubs:

      When Jorgen is telling Timmy about the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, it appears to be a reference to how the Chicago Cubs haven't been able to win a World Series since 1908.

    • Episode Plot: The episode plot is similar to a Johnny Bravo episode where Johny sees how everyone's lives are much better if he didn't exist.

    • It's a Wishful Life: Girl Scene
      In the scene where Jorgen shows Timmy what happened to Mr. Crocker if he was never born, a girl closes her eyes to reveal 'Love' and 'You' written on each eyelid. The exact same thing happens in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark when a girl in Indiana's class closes her eyes and has the same thing written on her eyelids.

    • Timmy's 2D House of Horror: Title
      This title spoofs The Simpsons Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror. It is also a spoof of a common name for a 3D haunted house, Someone's 3D house of horror.

    • It's a Wishful Life: Title
      This title spoofs the movie It's a Wonderful Life, in which the lead character wishes he'd never been born.