The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 7

Totally Spaced Out / The Switch Glitch

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Totally Spaced Out:
Timmy is annoyed when Vicky has to come over so he wishes she could end up millions of miles away. So Cosmo goes to Yugopotamia, on Mark's birthday and tricks him into coming for Vicky. But when Plan B for what to do with Timmy involves Happy Peppy Gary and Betty, Timmy must accept Mark's challenge for Vicky.
The Switch Glitch:
Timmy is angry when Vicky, as the babysitter always gets her way, so he wishes he could be her babysitter so he can get revenge. But he soon realises he feels guilty. And things get worse when Cosmo and Wanda get reassigned to Vicky!moreless

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  • In Totally Spaced Out is a pretty good episode I really enjoyed the Death Match.

    The episode Totally Spaced Out Was an okay episode. I noticed a mistake though.When Mark Chan said Death Combat he sneazed so it sounded different,but at the end of the match Mark still Says it as if he were sneezing.He didn't say anything about him sneesing at that point.I think the creaters made a goof when thay did that.Out of that is was a good episode I liked when they faught in the Utopian War Arena Timmy's Robot looked stupid.I mean if you can make it to where Mark Chang can transform into that cool cyclone blaster then they should be able to make Timmy's look cooler.moreless
  • Yawn...

    Oh, come on Fairly Oddparents! I practically fell asleep through the whole thing! Well, Totally Spaced Out, here comes Mark, Mark is one of my favorite characters, though, but in this one, I would say boring. Then, The Switch Glitch, soo boring. I would've given it a 0. Vicky got so annoying, especially tiny Vick.
  • Definitely not the best episodes around.

    Totally Spaced Out

    Well, the pathetic Yugopotamians are back for more. Just when Timmy thinks he can discourage his parents from leaving him with Vicky by using Mark's crush to his advantage, they counteract with another weapon: Flappy Bob's. Happy Peppy Gary and Happy Peppy Betty are definitely Vicky clones though opposite in temperament. Only two good points I noted: (A) The other Yugopotamians' reactions/realizations when Timmy and later Mark enter and (B) Two retarded elements cancelling each other out in the end. Well, at least Timmy has something to keep Vicky in line. (Okay, make that three.)

    The Switch Glitch

    This should be a masterpiece in my eyes. Timmy wishes Vicky were younger than him so she'd receive a taste of her own medicine. I must admit being a kid makes her almost as cute as her sister currently is (awwww, just look at her uncertain expression when Cosmo and Wanda execute Timmy's wish). Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Timmy even manages to whisk his godparents back away from Vicky's grasp; Vicky with fairies is the last thing we need around here.

    However, the ending ruins it all. While it's technically true that Timmy wouldn't have Cosmo and Wanda if not for Vicky, he's basically also saying that he ENJOYS being miserable. Does Butch Hartman have to flaunt this? Is misery a hobby? Didn't think so.moreless
Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Queen Jipjeralac

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Recurring Role

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In The Switch Glitch, Wanda tells Timmy to be nice to Vicky, but near the end, she says to Timmy, "Why are you being so nice to Vicky?".

    • In The Switch Glitch, Timmy should have lost his memory of his fairies after he lost them. This also happened the first time Timmy lost his fairies in the episode A Wish Too Far.

    • In The Switch Glitch after Timmy takes off the dress, the floor is clear, but a shot later, there are curling rolls on the floor.

    • In The Switch Glitch, after Timmy runs away from Vicky and goes into his closet, he bars the door with nails and boards and such. But when Wanda scares him with the bat, he bursts out of the closet door and there are no longer any nails or boards barring it.

    • After when 5 year old Vicky wore the dunce hat, Timmy's buck teeth dissappear.

    • When Mark first bumps into Pink the Polar Bear and we only see Pink's leg, it looks like a realistic furry polar bear leg. But the next shot of Pink, he merely is a white teddy bear.

    • In Totally Spaced Out, Mark says that they fat-free soy cubes are too healthy. But later in "Just Desserts", he says that spinach is a delicacy.

    • In The Switch Glitch, when the fairy guy shows them the phrase that takes away your fairies, it reads "I'm happy and I don't need my fairy godparents anymore." But all later times, the "fairy" part is omitted from the phrase.

    • In Totally Spaced Out, when Mark wants to fight with Timmy he calls it Dijifat but he then says that he sneezed and its Death Combat but then when he surrenders he says its Dijifat again.

    • In Totally Spaced Out, when the kids chant, 'you have a funny head!', their lips move only the first time they say it.

    • In Totally Spaced Out, when Timmy and Mark are in the ball pit, there are stuffed animals in it. When Timmy first got there, there were no stuffed animals in the ball pit.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Fairy Dispatcher: Reassignments for Wanda and Cosmo.
      Cosmo: She's Wanda and Cosmo.

    • Timmy: (As a pig) Stop doing her wishes, you guys!
      Wanda: We can't, Timmy. We're her godparents now.
      Timmy: (As a pig) You two have to do something. It's only a matter of time before she totally kills me.
      Wanda: She can't do that, Timmy. It's against the rules.
      Little Vicky: What? There's rules? Whart do you mean there's rules?
      Timmy: (As a pig) Oh, yeah. You see, when you got a fairy godparent, you get a magic rule book. There's lot of rules, Vicky, but you can never say this sentence right here.

    • Vicky: See the boy in his underwear! Five bucks!
      (People jumping from a trampoline and taking pictures)
      Timmy:I wish the tramproline was gone

    • Timmy: (Then later by little Vicky) Welcome to the corner of Pay and Back!

    • Mark: Once I have completed this training game, I will be back for Vicky... yet again!
      (The game dings and Mark raises his hammer, Gary and Betty pop out)
      Gary and Betty: Soy cube?
      Mark: YAAAAHHHHH!!!

    • Little Vicky: I wish he had pimples and looked like a pig.

    • Mark: Jeff... Eric...
      Jeff, Eric and Mark: ROAAAD TRIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!

    • Happy Peppy Gary: And you're supposed to stay here until your babysitter returns from Europe.

    • Tape Recorder: Hi! I'm Timmy, and I... (Deep voice) ...cheated on my math test!
      Timmy: I never cheated on my math test!
      Tape Recorder: Hi! I'm Timmy, and I...
      Tape Recorder #2: (Timmy's voice) Cheated on my math test!
      Timmy: I'll get to work...
      Vicky: Wait! (Holds up dress and puts it on Timmy)
      Timmy: I'm not going to do chores in a dress!
      Tape Recorder: Hi! I'm Timmy, and I'm...
      Tape Recorder#3: ...In a dress!

    • Mom: You'll have alot more fun here with Vicky.
      Timmy: How do you know?
      Mom and Dad: Uhhhh, bye!

    • Timmy: We had a deal! (Reads from legal document) Timmy will not need a babysitter on the weekends.
      Dad: Well, that is a legal document. A nice legal document.
      Mom: Now it's fish wrap. Very nice fish wrap.

    • Little Vicky: But can't anyone see, I'm... miserable! (large sundae appears) Ooh, vanilla!

    • Mark: (As Vicky) Hey, Earth Guy! I, like, can't come over because I have to go to Eur... uh Eur...
      Dad: Do you mean Europe?
      Mark: (As Vicky) Uh, yeah, that. Well, bye!

    • Cosmo: (singing) La cucaracha, la cucaracha! Enchilada blah blah blah! La cucaracha, la cucaracha! And a burrito blah blah blah!

    • (Timmy comes in)
      Yugopotamians: Surprise!!! (Suddenly realize it's Timmy) Aahhh!!!
      (Mark and Vicky come in)
      Yugopotamians: Aahhh!!! (Suddenly realize it's Mark and Vicky) Surprise!!!

    • Eric: Whoa! Nuclear waste! The worst stuff in the universe! My parents only got me medical waste.

    • Timmy: It's Saturday! You know what that means?
      Cosmo: Cartoons!
      Wanda: Outdoor activities like gardening and bird-watching.
      (Cosmo and Timmy glare at Wanda)
      Wanda: Or cartoons.

    • Timmy: Do you think they'll remember me?
      Yugopatamian: It's Timmy Turner, the one who ate the dreaded chocolate!
      Yugopatamians: Aahhh!
      Cosmo: I'll call that a yes.

    • Happy Peppy Gary: Stop! You must learn!
      Timmy: How to smack?

    • Vicky: These are my shoes which need to be shined, this is my laundry which needs to be washed, and this is my homework which needs to be done! This is my butt which will be in that chair while I watch you do it all!

    • Tape Recorder: Hi! I'm Vicky, and I... (Deep voice) stole from my mom's purse!
      Young Vicky: I never stole from my mom's purse!
      Tape Recorder: Hi! I'm Vicky, and I...
      Tape Recorder #2: (Vicky's voice) ... Stole from my mom's purse!

    • Young Vicky: 'I'm happy and I don't need my Godparents anymore'... Why would I say that?
      Fairy: All right, who said 'I'm happy and I don't need my godparents anymore'?
      Cosmo and Wanda: She did! She did! She did!

    • Timmy: All right, Vicky. Welcome to the corner of Pay and Back.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Vicky: Help me, Mark Chang! Your my only hope!
      When Cosmo sends Mark the fake message and Vicky says this,it's a parody of Star Wars: A New Hope, Where Princess Leia's message says "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Your my only hope".

    • Get Ready For This: Music
      When Mark and Timmy were in the arena, a parody of the song Get Ready For This plays.

    • Carmen Miranda

      Cosmo's appearance at the end of the episode when he sings his version of the "Cucaracha" song, is similar to Carmen Miranda's image, complete with the floral dress and the hat filled with fruits.

    • Gary and Betty are clear allusions to those peppy and happy entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond

    • Near the end of The Switch Glitch, the messenger who reassigns Cosmo & Wanda to Vicky says "Inconcievable!" similar to the way actor Wallace Shawn says the same word in the film The Princess Bride.

    • Totally Spaced Out: Death Combat
      'Death Combat' is a reference to the popular video game franchise Mortal Kombat.