The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 18

Vicky Gets Fired / Chinred Spirits

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Nov 30, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Vicky Gets Fired- Despite all the ways Vicky has tortured Timmy, it's only when she
accidentally erases a videotape that Mom and Dad actually fire her.
Determined to get a job, Vicky decides she wants to be mayor and takes
over the city. As she's ready to make Vickyville a whole new country,
Timmy, who's happy for the first time, realizes he's got to get Vicky
out of office and back as his babysitter in order to maintain peace. Chinred Spirits- Timmy's disappointed to see how boring the Crimson Chin comics have
become lately. When he spends a day with the Chin, he sees why - the
Chin is lonely. Timmy wishes up a super girlfriend for him, except
now the comic is both boring and romantic, yuck! Desperate, Timmy
unknowingly makes a wish that changes everything, so he must undo his
wish - and fast.

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  • This episode in my mind is definetely cleverly plotted and funny.

    I watched this episode right when it premiered tonight. I thought this episode was really funny, and cleverly plotted. Ok, for Vicky Gets Fired, I thought that one was really hilarious. Timmy's parents created a reality show on their everyday life, only to be erased by Vicky, which made Timmy's parents angry. Vicky gets fired from being Timmy's babysitter, and tries to look for other jobs. She finds other jobs, but only to fired again because of her torturous ways. Vicky becomes Mayor of Dimmsdale, and turns it into Vickyland. Boooooooo :lol:. Timmy tries to save Dimmsdale from Vicky. Timmy tries to wish a job for Vicky, but it fails. Timmy then makes the decision to have wish that Vicky is his babysitter again. Everything returns to normal, but Timmy once again has to deal with Vicky :(. Ok, for Chinred Spirits, I thought that this one was pretty good. All Timmy has been getting for Crimson Chin comics was the Crimson Chin trying to hold back his emotions, instead of fighting crime. This makes Timmy angry. Timmy wishes up a super heroine so the Crimson Chin can fight crime again. Golden Lockes is all the Crimson Chin thinks about, and Timmy gets aggrivated by what's happening. He than wishes that the super heroine is a super villan so the Crimson Chin cannot like her, and that he would have to fight her. Razor Hair creates all sorts of chaos and destruction to Chincinatti. Timmy comes up with a plan to trigger Golden Locke's heart. Th Crimson Chin kicks Timmy off a building, and when Timmy voice reaches Razor Hair, Golden Locke's heart awakens, and Golden Lockes is free. The Crimson Chin asks Golden Lockes to marry him, but she turns him down, and flys away. The Crimson Chin is sad. Overall, great pair of episodes to watch, funny, cleverly plotted, and tons of evil fighting.moreless
  • pretty good!

    Vicky Gets Fired: hilarious episode! i really don't have much more to say.

    CHINdred Spirits: I think it's sweet that Crimson Chin found a girlfriend. why did Timmy hate that? he probably thinks it's to " girly " and " non-actiony ". this episode, for me, almost screamed Danny Phantom. the title is a take off Kindred Spirits, Golden Locks as Hair Razor had blue skin and red eyes. and her hair is like Sam's ( except way longer ) and had a ghostly glow. most of those seem to be characteristics of a enemy ghost on DP... with the exception of the hair.moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Golden Locks/ Hair Razor

Guest Star

Jay Leno

Jay Leno

Crimson Chin

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

The Mayor/Chompy the Goat

Recurring Role

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