The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 21

Wishology: The Big Beginning

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Good

    Timmy Turner is the chosen one, who needs to defeat the darkness. To do this, he needs to find a magic big wand. Will he be able to, with evil robots trying to find him? The hunt is on.

    Epic, all three were epic in their own ways. I disliked this compared to the other two, but it was still pretty good. It seemed more epic and it seemed to have a darker tone than other episodes of the series did, and that is why i like them all. Overall grade for this, is an A+, definitely a great offering
  • Just part one and already awesome!

    This three part movie trilogy that of "Fairly Odd Parents" is already the coolest in the show. It's funny, actioney, epic. It makes great references, parodys, spoofs, and alussions of pop culture. And it makes the best jokes. The best part of this part one is that it directly refers to real things in the real world. Some other episodes in the show do this too but this one does it best. They have the actual popular rock band "Kiss" and they play thier actual hit song "Rock and Roll All Nite". It's like back in the "Fairly Odd Games" when they had Scott Hamilton.

    In conclusion,
    Awesome, period.
  • A good beginning to a T.V. movie trilogy! :idea:

    I have always thought of "The Fairly Oddparents" as a kooky, nutty, mostly funny, zany, offbeat cartoon show done by what I consider to be one of the best former Hanna-Barbara cartoonists on the Western side of Nebraska, but to make an entire T.V. movie trilogy takes guts! And making all three parts of the trilogy air back to back is even more gutsy! But Butch Hartman has done it again, and has made a movie trilogy worth watching! "The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings," and the "Harry Potter" movies/books are all great pop culture items worth parodying, but what really makes this special stand out is that Timmy doesn't just get to parody other trilogies, he has to be in an actual trilogy himself when a dark, evil force simply called The Darkness threatens to swallow the world and everybody in it, Timmy Turner must find a way to beat back the darkness, with little help and only his mind as a prime resource in order to find the magic wand that can send The Darkness back where it came from! What's cool is that the music rock band of Kiss guest starred as themselves and even played their signature song! Through determination and a never say die attitude, Timmy gets the wand he needed to beat back The Darkness, save all the Fairy Godparents, and learns that anybody can be a Chosen One if they're determined enough and resourceful enough to do the right thing! But The Darkness won't be destroyed so easily! There are still two more sequels to watch in order to find out if everything ends up okay. :idea: This truly is a Big Beginning, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in comedy and action-packed adventure! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • The begining of triology adventure and one of Timmy'd biggest

    The first thing I like about the first part was that Timmy was the chosen one. A bit like HP/Star Wars but the story has a bit of a Kingdom Hearts vibe, that won me over it. Poof was so cute, and the gum, first I thought they were ghosts, gum made it a little better. Timmy and the white wand, talk about a bit too much. The robots was a termimater prodody, the one with the black jacket was the one I like to see. I know alot of people didn't like the first or even the next ones.
  • Not as thrilling as the exciting middle part, but better than the final ending.

    Out of the exciting trilogy, when it comes to which one is the best, this one takes number 2. It wasn't as great as the middle one, but I still liked it. I liked the parodies of the movies; I thought that they were funny. There was a lot of suspense in this movie, but at some parts I thought that it'd been a little rushed, but they've only got forty five minutes without commercials, so that's kinda understandable why it was rushed. I thought that this one was actually the funniest out of the two, not to say that others aren't funny. The fart jokes were really funny. I liked the Kiss apperance at the end (even though I never actually listened to their songs before). I liked the cliffhanger at the end, it left me wanting to watch the second one. So out of the three, this one takes second place for the best one! Final Grade: B+. Teen_Tomboy out!
  • Using EXTREMELY FUNNY jokes such as Ring=ONION RING LOLO and EXTREMELY CRAPPY effects on those god-damned robots, this is more Epic Movie then Fairly Oddparents. Which is ironic because every guest character Nick movie sucks. ONION RING LOL1ELEVENTY

    Im prepared to get lots of thumbs downs, because 2/3 of the community of Tv.Com are 12 year olds who can't take that their precious oddparents and Big One reviews are rated 1 and don't even open the review. Because "Lolz dud ur logic sucks oddparents rulsz poof eez teh beest chrcter evur!" That's GREAT MANG!

    So, in the first 10 minutes we see the oddparents spoof every movie that everyone else spoofed. And you get the best joke ever! Instead of the Ring (Lord of the rings) You get this great joke: The Ring Is a Onion Ring! That's wonderful! While you get that joke to stomach down and the rest of the horrid spoofs, you now get to learn the plot that is avoided half the time: A black hole will destroy the universe! o noeznoeznoenz!!! Actually, i wouldn't even care if Timmy died. That bastard.

    We then see the enemies of this plot: These robots called Eliminators! Apparently, Nick wants us to see that they can put these crappy, i mean WONDERFUL 3-D graphics in a cartoon! So now whenever they go on screen, we get to see the special effects! Yay!

    Now we see Kiss! Because you know, no Nick movie is complete without useless guest stars from yesteryear. Timmy rocks out for some reason, and Together dey defeatz datz blacksz holez and doze awezomesz robits. Then the film ends! Thank god! Or do they?!? It ends on a twist ending that goes onto the rest of the trilogy which im not going to bother to watch anyway.

    Good day, sirs.
  • very funny

    this movie opens with timmy in a parody of the matrix, then a parody of the lord of the rings, and also harry potter. shortly after that jorgan wipes timmy from everybody's memory because the eliminators are after him. timmy must outrun the eliminators and then learns he is a choosen one and must defeat the darkness. so he goes to find the magic white wand which turns out to be with kiss. he along the way bumps into all the fairys who have become bubble gum. he then heads off to las vegas and is almost captured by n.e.r.f. once he is able to get the wand he is able to defeat the darkness (it seems) he then goes to fairy world for a celebration because everyone thinks he save the day. then the real chosen one shoes up late. overeall very funny.
  • The first of the trilogy is awesome.

    Wishology, The Big Beginning, is the first part of a three part Fairly Odd Paarents trilogy. Timmy must fight an ancient evil known as the darkness. The first part is enjoyable and has a good outlook on the other two thirds of the trilogy. The movie parodies were great, and the comedy awesome. The fart jokes were funny, though a little dull at parts. It was nice to see Cosmo being so caring about what happened to Wanda. It makes me wish I could see part two immediately, though I only have top wait till tomorrow night. I really like The Big Beginning.