The Fall Guy

Season 1 Episode 6

Colt's Angels

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 1981 on ABC

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  • Seavers must bring in Randy Soames who is charged with assault, rape and coke dealing. Although Randy can be found in his run down home, he is protected by his tough biker gang. Colt & crew join the gang in cognito in order to bring Randy to justice.

    This is one of the very best episodes! The episode title "Colt's Angels" refers to the famous "Hell's Angels" biker gang and not "Charlie's Angels" as someone incorrectly stated here on this page.

    "Colt's Angels" is action packed and loaded with tight motorcycle stunts(dirt bikes). Heather Thomas makes for one awesome biker chick(one of her best looks)! This isn't Shakespeare, but it IS extremely entertaining fare! EPISODE FACTS: 1.) The very last shot of the end of the opening titles(season 2-5)was taken from the epilogue of this episode where Colt is in the tub with the wooden duck as he smokes a cigar. 2.) The scene where Colt is dragged by a horse and buggy in the dirt(after a stunt goes wrong) seen in the opening credits(season 2-5) was taken from the very beginning of this early episode. CELEBRITY CAMEO: LINDA EVANS(star of "Dynasty" at the time in 1981). Evans co-starred with Lee Majors previously in the western drama "THE BIG VALLEY" on ABC TV from September 15th, 1965 until May 19th, 1969.

    HIGHLIGHTS: 1.)AWESOME EYE-POPPING motorcycle stunts during the sequence where Colt Seavers(Lee Majors) challenges Randy Soames(Don Stroud) to an exciting bike duel so that he can earn the gang's trust and respect. 2.) HEATHER THOMAS' "Jody Banks" helping "Colt's" young cousin "Howie Munson" ingnite the explosive charges at the old movie set at the climax of the episode. Miss Thomas leaves little to the imagination as she runs, jumps and thrashes about as her delightful assets bounce around. H.T. was a total 80's babe! This is one of the best episodes of the series and the action flows like a fine wine. I own a 16mm mint fujicolor uncut film print of this episode and a total of 95 uncut film prints(of 110 total episodes...I am missing some season five episodes) and every episode of this series was unique, contrary to popular critical belief. On film, this show plays like a feature film and is never dull! Watching "Colt's Angels" projected larger than life with booming sound channeled through a special receiver and 5 speakers(2 big Klipsch and 3 JBL speakers) makes for a RADICAL viewing experience! "The Fall Guy" is rare these days(as of this writing on September 24th, 2006 "The Fall Guy" has not been released officially on DVD, VHS or seen on cable televison in syndication since 1997) and I am SO HAPPY that I found and purchased uncut film prints of most of the entire series! I've been collecting film prints of "The Fall Guy" and other television series and feature films since 1991. This series is smarter than most remember or care to acknowledge! "Colt's Angels" is one of the absolute top episodes and should be seen! Trust me...this is a GOOD ONE! Motorcycle enthusiasts are in for a treat, though the layman will enjoy this episode too!
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