The Fall Guy

Season 5 Episode 1

Dead Ringer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

Colt is hired by feisty (elderly) bonds woman, Pearl Sperling who wants to get a guy who was charged with burglary whom she bailed out who then jumped bail, Claude Purcel. Pearl tells him he's in Las Vegas and that he is an Elvis impersonator. Howie thinks it's going to be an easy gig until they arrive and discover that there's an Elvis contest going on. They run into Mickey Gilley who is the host and asks him if there's a Claude Purcel on his list which he checks and finds that he's not on it. That's when Pearl shows up and tells them that he has a tattoo on his right upper arm. Jody puts on her bathing suit and goes to the pool and gets the guys to show them her arm. Eventually she finds him. She tells Colt who tries to get him but someone tries to grab him. Colt stops them and they take them to the room and tie him up. He tells them that he didn't commit the crime he was charged with; it seems that he's a forger and they wanted him to forge a will but when he refused they framed him. He pleads with Pearl to let him stay and do the competition. She refuses saying that he can't be trusted.

He then offers her the prize money if he wins. Colt says no way. Pearl says deal. She tells Colt to keep an eye on him. Howie wonders how they're going to do that if he's competing, that's when he tells Howie to suit and pretend to be a contestant. Colt then goes to find the people who are trying to grab Claude. He goes to a hotel and learns that the person they are looking for is in the penthouse. He then gets a room in the floor beneath and climbs up. When he goes in he finds a man on the bed in a coma with monitors attached to him. He goes to the door and hears two men talking one the man who approached Claude and the other who hired him, who tells him that his uncle's board will be arriving soon and will insist that he be brought to a hospital and that they will learn that his coma is drug induced and unless he has the will, the entire estate will go a foundation. He then tells the guy to go back to the competition and get Purcel and take him to his place so they can do the will there. Colt jumps out of the window and into the pool and is seen by David Carridine, who thinks he's making a quick get away from a roll in the hay. At the competition, the guys show up just as Claude is about to perform but Howie tells Jody to take him away while Howie goes on stage and does a terrible Elvis rendition. Jody and Claude try to get away but are caught. Colt later with Pearl and Howie wait for Pearl's source to give them the nephew's address. It seems the uncle is a wealthy hotel owner. When they get the address Colt and Pearl leave and tell Howie to tell the police what's going on. Later Mickey shows up looking for Claude because there's a photo session and if he doesn't show up he could be disqualified. Howie then decides to take his place. At the nephew's place Claude is writing the will, when he's done the nephew first has to ahve it notarized. When the police arrive and Howie tells them what's going on, they don't believe him cause of how he's dressed among other things. He then takes another contestant's car and goes to meet Colt. But it seems the guy was talking to a couple of girls whose boyfriends were arriving as they were leaving and chase them. Howie manages to lose them but also runs out of gas. At the nephew's they're about to kill Jody and Claude when Colt and Pearl arrive and save them. Back at the hotel, Colt tries to talk to the police but because of their encounter with Howie they don't believe him. Colt is worried about the uncle, knowing that the nephew will kill him now that he has the will. Howie then calls and tells Colt that he got stuck. Colt tells Howie to find another contestant and go to the hotel cuase he's going to save the uncle and Howie is his diversion. Colt, Jody, and Claude go back to the room that Colt climbed out of the last time and climb up to the balcony. They see that the nephew is about to have his uncle injected with something that will resemble a heart attack and be untraceable. That's when Howie, Pearl, and the two other contestants show up claiming to be auditioning. The nephew comes out and tells them to leave that's when they play. Colt and the others go in and get the man out. When they try to go out, the nephew sees them and a brawl breaks out. They get the will back. They go back to the competition where Claude performs and wins. Later at the celebration, Mickey shows up saying that Howie's performance, is inspiring another kind of Elvis competition, everyone's perplexed. Mickey says it's for the worst Elvis. They laugh at Howie.