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Fall Guy Cancellation?

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    Hi guys anyone know if the Fall Guy was cancelled after the 85/86 season or did they cancel it during the season and thus make it a series finale in 1986. I remember watching the show on Wednesday night's but in the final season they moved it around and thus didn't get to watch it.

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    The ratings for "The Fall Guy" started to slump at the end of the season 4 (1984-85). Since everybody had already agreed season 5 would be the last season, ABC made a bold move and slotted "The Fall Guy" against the surging "Cosby Show" on NBC as well as the still-strong "Magnum, P.I." on CBS in the fall of 1985. The result was disastrous with "The Fall Guy" finishing dead last in the ratings for the four weeks it aired on Thursday nights. The only reason "The Fall Guy" wasn't put to sleep immediately was because ABC had already signed on for a full fifth season, so the show slumbered on with horrible ratings for the rest of the 1985-86 season airing for a month on Saturday nights and spending the final half of the season on Friday nights against "Falcon Crest" and "Miami Vice". After finishing in the top-20 at the end of season 4, "The Fall Guy" ranked second to last in the ratings in the 1985-86 season and lost more than 60% of its audience. It was one of the biggest and fastest flameouts in TV history.

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    Excellent information, Mark. I thought The Fall Guy still had a season or two left in it when it was cancelled.

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