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  • Lee Majors doing his own stunt work was great.

    I loved this show and can't wait for it to come out on dvd. Lee Majors was in his prime when this show aired. I have no idea why it was canceled. The Fall Guy ranks right up there with The Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team. Plus seeing Heather Thomas every week was a bonus.
  • Stunt driver/bounty hunter is a great idea.

    I loved watching this show. It was a great melding of ideas. I loved the way they used some of the stunts in their second job as a bounty hunter. I loved Lee Majors as the six million dollar man, but he will always be Colt Seavers to me. And who can forget Heather Thomas in that bikini!
  • Did not see it but it looks intresting.

    The Fall guy looks very intresting to watch. Due to being born late, i never got to see it. But maybe i can find it on DVD somewhere and see it. It must be good to see if it is level nineteen here on I do wonder if it is on DVD though.
  • Why The Fall Guy coming to DVD ???????? let me know . please send me email to me , OK ?????? Smile .

    I like Lee Majors Like the show called \"The Six Million Dallar Man\" from the 1970\'s action show . On \"fall Guy\" , he is the stuntman played on the movie so some people need help him fight back the enemy away the good people to save their lives .I been watched the show !!!!!!!! and he is very smart man !!
  • what a cool show

    what a cool show. this was one of my favorite shows from the eighties. lee majors was one cool guy. not to mention heather thomas. i think my favorite part of the show was cole's truck, with that big eagle painted on the hood. one thing you knew when you tuned in every week that there was going to be plenty of action.
  • "I'm not the kind to kiss and tell, but I've been seen with Farrah..."

    You just can't go wrong with Lee Majors singing off key at the start of the show. I have that whole song memorized, I'm ashamed to say! OK, so I mainly watched the show to see Heather Thomas and a young Markie Post. But the buddy-buddy stuntman adventures with hot chicks was a winning combination!
  • The Fall Guy was just one in a whole list of classic 80's fare such as The A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.

    It featured Lee Majors as bounty hunter Colt Seavers and he was joined by his sidekick Howie Munson who was a bit naive at times. They were also joined by the beautiful Heather Thomas who played Jody Banks.

    Like many 1980's action shows The Fall Guy was not to be taken seriously. The plots were crazy, the characters were crazier, the stories were rather mad at times and what can I say about the stunts-they were out of this world. Week after week Lee Majors topped his stunts and did things such as jumping from a plane without a parachute and jumping from tall bridges into water below.

    I would love to see the show available on DVD. I do however have mixed feelings about a remake of the show. Some things shouldn't be altered.
  • Won't miss anything if you don't watch it.

    Sure, this show had holes in it, it is cheesy, but I loved it. In Junior High I grew up on this, and it influenced me greatly. I can not watch boring sit coms, which maybe have 2 sets, or even cheaper made reality tv shows. Do I really care who gets voted off the island , or can keep their hand on a rock for 2 hours. After years of watching Colt drive through a china shop with his truck, use the trailer part of the truck which is used to move cars as a ramp, use a a rocket pack and hang onto the side of a chopper. All in a hour show! This show raised the bar high. My wife hates Heather Thomas. and says she's there for her anatomy, with her lines "Colt he's got a gun or "Oh Colt." Howie was funny, and added good comedy. The Unknown stunt man theme was great. I loved the time some thugs beat up an identical truck to Colt's and he drives off with the real one and these 2 huge guys leaving the bar say, "hey what did you to my truck." Speaking of trucks I think that truck must have started the SUV craze, with the imprint it left on many 30 and 40 year olds minds. I love the Mad comic spoof on this show. A must watch.
  • Classic action adventure series that takes Lee Majors out of the bionic roll.

    Lee Majors (good character actor) is a stuntman named Colt Seavers and bounty hunter looking to bring criminals to justice. He and his partner Howie played by Doug Barr travel around on missions to find bail jumpers and bring them back while driving a sharp brown 4X4 chevy truck. Cool jumps with the truck as you got to see the landing most of the time and not cut out like other shows. They are also accompanied by Colt's assitant Jodie (Heather Thomas). Opening credits were great to watch just to see Heather walk through the corral doors in that blue two piece bikini. Also a lot of great guest stars and cameo appearances of the some big names in Hollywood at the time.
  • The adventures of a stunt man who doubles as a bounty hunter.

    Although often overlooked in favor of other 80s high-octane action shows such as "Knight Rider" or "Dukes of Hazzard", this show is quite capable of holding its own. Lee Majors makes a terrific leading man, and the show is very well written, with an excellent mix of action, comedy, and of course, romance. The show, like its other contemptoraries, can become quite predictable after a while, as many of the episodes follow the same basic format. But the theme song rocks all of the competition. "The Unknown Stuntman" could probably be considered one of the most lasting aspects of a great, underrated 80s hit.
  • Lee Majors plays Colt Seavers in this cult classic show from the great 1980s.

    The Fall Guy was a great show. An original show (a rarity) about a guy working as a stuntman who also moonlights as a bounty hunter. Lee Majors was already an established and credible movie star and tv star that could carry any project in his lap. Majors does a fine job of acting and unlike most actors today did his own stunts for the show. He plays Colt Seavers the aforementioned Unknown Stuntman. Majors dedication and commitment are evident through his own stunts and his singing of the theme song.

    This show is not dated at all. Since this show is in part an ode to all the stuntmen who have lived and died performing amazing stunts for movies who never get credit at all in Hollywood, it fits that this show has many jaw dropping stunts. People who don't really appreciate that don't know anything. Before CGI came along, men and women had to perform super heroic acts of suspense performing one stunt after another. A couple of the stunts in the show are conventional (like a car jumping of a ramp) but others are not (a motorcycle performing stunts on a bridge, a car jumping a major intersection). It's no wonder that this show became so highly popular in the 80s and still has a big following among fans.

    To add to Majors, we have sex symbol Heather Thomas co-starring as Colt Seaver's assistant, Joe, and we have Douglas Barry playing Colt's manager Howie.

    This was a show that incorporated a lot of genres, and storylines into one action packed hour. It's never dull, always interesting, and always entertaining. This was co-created by Glen A. Larson who is up there as one of the great TV creators of all time, so you know this series was gonna be big and it was.
  • Good show that has a lot of twists and good humor

    The Fall Guy is a classic TV show of the 80s. Every week, I use to watch it with my Dad. Now, watching it, you see all of the references to the classic 80s shows like Magnum PI, Heather Locklear, and other stars back then. They is always a hint of sexual tension but it is done in good taste and makes it enjoyable for everyone. They use their tricks of being a stuntman and show some incredible scenes. You have to remember it was the 80s so some of the special effects are not up to par with today's standards. Overall, a good watch for the entire family but a little dated.
  • liked the song

    i always liked the song when it was on
  • Funny

    This is just a real fun show to watch and of course as a fan of Lee Majors makes it even better