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ABC (ended 1986)





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  • Lee Majors plays Colt Seavers in this cult classic show from the great 1980s.

    The Fall Guy was a great show. An original show (a rarity) about a guy working as a stuntman who also moonlights as a bounty hunter. Lee Majors was already an established and credible movie star and tv star that could carry any project in his lap. Majors does a fine job of acting and unlike most actors today did his own stunts for the show. He plays Colt Seavers the aforementioned Unknown Stuntman. Majors dedication and commitment are evident through his own stunts and his singing of the theme song.

    This show is not dated at all. Since this show is in part an ode to all the stuntmen who have lived and died performing amazing stunts for movies who never get credit at all in Hollywood, it fits that this show has many jaw dropping stunts. People who don't really appreciate that don't know anything. Before CGI came along, men and women had to perform super heroic acts of suspense performing one stunt after another. A couple of the stunts in the show are conventional (like a car jumping of a ramp) but others are not (a motorcycle performing stunts on a bridge, a car jumping a major intersection). It's no wonder that this show became so highly popular in the 80s and still has a big following among fans.

    To add to Majors, we have sex symbol Heather Thomas co-starring as Colt Seaver's assistant, Joe, and we have Douglas Barry playing Colt's manager Howie.

    This was a show that incorporated a lot of genres, and storylines into one action packed hour. It's never dull, always interesting, and always entertaining. This was co-created by Glen A. Larson who is up there as one of the great TV creators of all time, so you know this series was gonna be big and it was.