The Fall

Monday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered May 13, 2013 Between Seasons



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AIRED ON 6/10/2013

Season 1 : Episode 5

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This five-part BBC drama set in Northern Ireland, stars Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson who is brought in from the London Metropolitan Police to review an unsolved Belfast murder.  As the killer, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), strikes again and again, the police investigation uncovers an intricate story of the lives touched by events.

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  • Indispensable

    While Hannibal Season 1 doesnt give anything new to the serial-killer genre and turns out to be caricatural, The Fall reinvents the genre by showing both police and killer everyday life.

    What seems to be basic and not very interesting gives in fact depth to characters and make them as realistics as it needs to be in this kind of story.

    Add a lot of suspense and you've got one of the best tv-show ever !moreless
  • Ho Hum - a gross understatement

    This tv series was horrible for a number of reasons.

    1- 5 hours of watching the same thing over and over with no resolution to ANY issue and then having to wait for the second season to have the same bunk repeated again. I never expected that.

    2- A septic actress with a lousy British accent and a drip of a personality. She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag

    3- continued, unnecessary bad shots from overhead

    4- too frequent scene changes that are short and abrupt

    I enjoyed the backdrop of Belfast. It was refreshing. They should have focused a bit more on the death of Olson and corruption within the police rather than just the serial killer.

    Jamie Dornan is great as the serial killer.

    I certainly will not invest any more time by watching series 2. Goodbye and good riddance.moreless

    my hubby and I are addicted to great Brit crime shows, + Dexter, The Killing and now comes the best we've ever are so addicted.. It has a great female lead, a fascinating killer and NOW, only 5 episodes. We will PAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more, more, more. do you hear desperation ? I've told so many people, ESPECIALLY women about this show.
  • Great Show But Much Too Short

    Are you kidding?! Only 5 episodes??? Do I have to wait another year for the next season? So unfair.
  • Great Addition to the Serial-Killer-Hunt Genre

    Although another serial-killer-hunt show, this one can be very interesting in many respects: we know who the killer is from the get-go and get to know his life and ways; the main investigator is a woman (Gillian Anderson) who is her own person; it takes place in Belfast (it's good to see different backgrounds and hear different accents); there are many unusual and visually interesting shots (bodies being bagged; the 911 operator ). It's well-paced and the acting is really good - although I think Gillian Anderson overdoes a bit the pursed-lip thing. My only complaint would be the dirty cops-prostitution scandal storyline, which doesn't seem to connect or contribute to the main story; it's even a bit uninteresting, if you ask me. It has a short first season (5 episodes long - season two has already been greenlit), which I truly think should become a norm out there - shorter seasons and series could mean an increase in quaity, in my opinion. All in all, a series viewers should give a try.moreless

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