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  • superb adaptation

    Its a great copy of the books. It cvant be better and the kids match the books kids perfectly. So does the adults in the series. Its retro bonanza and i absolutely love it.
  • Amazing

    Basically, this TV show is the best interpretation of the Famous Five that can be seen. People of my generation remember it as something of their childhood and is something that they must see (for me at least). When I was young, I watched it like crazy and it is really enjoyable to watch. It is an all time classic. The only disappointment is that it isn't out on English DVD yet and the characters ages seem to change as it seems they filmed it in a different order to that transmitted. (Probably in the story order). It is a must-see with terrific acting and the Enid Blyton time-set and style.
  • Top adaption of Blyton's Famous Five books.

    This set of videos - 11 in all that I know of - are quality productions which easily convert Blyton's simple tyle into tight plots while editing out pages of unwanted padding. The focus is kept firmly on adventures with just enough character presentation to seem convincing.

    In many ways, they work better than the books, which is unusual.

    The series is staged in the right period, the early 1950's, and the details look authentic. [ I thought I only spotted one plastic bottle which looked out of place ] This adds greatly to the presentation & is far better than the 1970's version [ with different cast ] The set locations are also very convincing.

    If 'brought up-to-date' the children would all have Mobiles which would ruin the plots !

    The casting is excellent & looks true to character. Georgina acts & even looks like her father. Minor characters are done well & the various Baddies are more comic than threatening
    [ except Block the butler]

    There is also now [ 2005 ] a 'revised' 3 disc DVD set available for the serious fan. The 4 disc DVD set is the early 1970 series except for one episode.[ not recommended ]
  • Curious adventures of the famous five

    A good show.

    "Julian is the eldest of the Five, at age 12. He is brave, kind and sensible, and the group leader. He is the brother of Dick and Anne.
    Dick is 11. He loves playing tricks and teasing people, but will risk his safety to protect the others. He thinks that a holiday waithout an adventure is a waste of time!
    Anne is just 10, and the quietest of the Famous Five. She is neat, tidy and unselfish. Although she is easily frightened, she insists on being a part of all the Famous Five's adventures!
    George,(short for Georgina) is the cousin of Julian, Dick and Anne. She wants to be a boy, and insists on the others calling her George. Her best friend is the fifth member of the Famous Five - Timmy the dog, whose first love is George, and whose second love is Rabbits! He even goes to boarding school with George and Anne.
    The Famous Five series of books are amongst the most popular children's stories ever published. The stories illustrate a world of freedom, adventure and excitement. "