The Famous Jett Jackson

Disney Channel (ended 2001)


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The Famous Jett Jackson

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The Famous Jett Jackson was the first fictional Disney Channel Original Series. It premiered in 1998. It's stars Lee Thompson Young as Jett Jackson, a kid actor who has his own show called "Silverstone". Seeking out a normal life, he moves back to his hometown of Wilsted, and has the show moved there. He and his two best friends, J.B. and Kayla, have all sorts of cool adventures along with his other friends Cubby, Riley, and maybe a bit of Nigel. Silverstone is a spy who works for Mission Omega Matrix (M.O.M), and goes on individual missions with his partner, Hawk, and his mentor, Artemus, and saves the world from villains like Dr. Hypnotto and The Rat.

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  • the show is back

    i love this every second of it and now it all back for real and this is best show ever better then now days. this i sshow bout is a boy who is hollywood actor on tv set of jett jackson and he like a superhero tv. the side of the story is that he is normal just like us and has two different tv and real life. he lives with dad and grad mama and he see his mom often. this is a show must on dvd and stay for ever and i just wish it hit 7 season of itmoreless
  • The famous Jett Jackson is a great show

    Why did it stop running? This is such a great show. I watched it every day on Disney. Plus Lee Thompson Young was really cute. Now he is on that show called South Beach. I loved the Famous Jett Jackson. It was a great show and the movie was even better. The movie was so good i just cannot believe they stopped airing the show. I was like in love with it. They should atleast show reruns. I mean lots of people loved it so bring it back on. I realize they cant start making new episodes. The actors have all moved on. It was like 5 years ago I think. but they should still show reruns on disney or some other channel!moreless
  • Famous Jett Jackson was a great show that would teach kids about morals and the meaning of friendship. i thought the show was great me and my friend thought we could do any thing just like the star of the show just as long as we had good friends & family.moreless

    I hope Famous Jett Jackson come back to Disney channel. when i hear the show came back i will watch Disney channel a again. me and 1 of my best friend the other 1 he die cause he missed the show that bad. That was a great show i would do any thing for it to come back on Disney channel. like i said that show meant a lot we just wish that it would come back to Disney channel. So they can get ride of all these dumb new shows. Famous Jett Jackson was the best show. comeback soonmoreless
  • jett jackson was fine

    jett jackson was fine and i really didn't care what the show was about as long as he was on the tv screen i was ok with what ever that was going on with the show he was one of my first kiddie crushes he was the first tv actor crush instead of a musician or a big screen actor the show itself was cool the story lines were ok they were not as predictable as other teen shows it was a very important show at its time and kids today need a show like jet jackson that provides a good foundation of principlesmoreless
  • Please bring it back! It's like, the most awesomest show EVER!!

    This show was totally awesome! Why the heck did they take it off the air, WHY!!! Those idiots... they take a perfectly good show off the air, and now everybody's mad at them!

    I liked how on the show "Siverstone" the headquater's name is M.O.M. because Jet's mother is in Hollywood... it's pretty cool. Not that his mother isn't around all the time, but the name of it......I'm just gonna stop talking about that now so I don't say anything really stupid.....

    Once again, why did they take it off the air? I personally loved that show, and so did my brother. That show totally rocked! BRING IT BACK!!moreless

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