The Famous Jett Jackson

Season 3 Episode 22

Awakenings (1)

Aired Unknown May 18, 2001 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Dr. Hypnoto and Rat bragging about the success of their recent crime. An associate of theirs by the name of Dylan Cain claims credit for it as well. Just then, Silverstone and Artemis show up to arrest them. Cain had actually lured Silverstone and Artemis as bait. Cain's robot, Pounder, fires a dart which narrowly misses Silverstone but hits Artemis. At the hospital, Artemis' blood work reveals that the poison is rapidly moving through his bloodstream faster than an antidote can be created.

Jett helps Riley pick out a wig. Nigel asks Jett if he would show his cousin from New York around Willstead. Jett is reluctant until he sees that the cousin is actually a very attractive girl named Tara.

Artemis tells Silverstone how he came to him. While targeting a man named Martin Abel, a decoy was used to distract M.O.M and Abel escaped. A missile was fired at the decoy's car, killing the passengers. The only survivor was their baby, whose car seat was thrown from the vehicle upon impact.

Jett discovers that he and Tara have nothing in common, though there is still an attraction. She is invited to go see a movie with JB and Kayla. Kayla is rather surprised at seeing Jett with another girl. Jett and Tara share a kiss after the movie. They talk on the phone for hours, even agreeing to leave the phone off the hook so as to wake each other up the next morning. Kayla watches Jett recite a poem about Tara for English - stunned all the while. Kayla visits the set to go to the swimming hole with JB, which Jett forgets about. He decides to hang out with Tara instead.

As the baby had no relative, Artemis took him in, naming him Silverstone. Artemis was able to continue working, acting as both a parent and teacher to the young boy. This makes Silverstone finally understand the mystery about his childhood memories. Dr. Rose informs Artemis that the poison is destroying his healthy cells at such an alarming rate that he will die within 24 hours