The Famous Jett Jackson

Season 2 Episode 10

Par for the Course

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1999 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Well, the main story with Jett in this episode is the fact that he falls totally for Miz Coretta's friend, Leah. So naturally, when Leah suggests that Jett should enter himself in a celebrity golf tournament for charity, Jett can't refuse. Of course, Jett learns that he has no real talent for the game, but he doesn't quit, not Jett. Rather, he cheats by having his friend, Cubby, controlling the golf ball, while JB is caddy. His opponent, Beaureguard, happens to be Kayla's idol and favorite singer, so when Kayla catches Jett cheating, boy, does she let him have it! Jett wins by cheating in the first match, but Beaureguard will not give his fame or pride over to Jett. He demands a rematch, only this time Jett knows that he can't cheat. I won't tell you the conclusion of the story, but the question is, "Can Jett really beat Beaureguard without cheating?" You have to see this episode for yourself.