The Famous Teddy Z

Season 1 Episode 6

Mr. Zakalokis Goes to Washington (a.k.a.) Teddy Gets Fired

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

Derrick Galloway, a writer who is one of Al's clients, comes to him with his newest script. He insists that Al read it and tell him what he thinks about it by the next day, which Al "says" he will do. But in reality gives it to Teddy to read and asks him to give him a synopsis by tommorrow. When Teddy gives Al the synopsis, he has nothing but praise for it. Al later tells Galloway what he thinks about it which he records. Teddy later tells Galloway that he read the script and that he liked it, which surprised Galloway because he showed the script to nearly 30 agemts and Teddy is the first one who liked it. Teddy offers to give it a studio head he knows but Galloway tells him not to bother. Teddy does it anyway. Later Mr. Werkfinder calls Teddy into his office and along with Al tells him that the script he gave the studio head was the movie Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. And they also tell him that because Galloway's Al's client, he committed a major infraction. As a result Teddy is fired. The next day, Teddy discovers an article in the newspaper written by Galloway which says that nearly 30 agents didn't like the script that he gave them and only Teddy liked it and also tells of how Al called the script fluffy and inconsequential and of how a car chase in the White House rose garden would be an improvement and he suggest that the lead role palyed by Jimmy Stewart shoule be played the Fat Boys. When Teddy goes to the office to clear out, he is greeted with praise and Mr. Werkfinder apologizes to Teddy and asks him to stay which he does and he then goes to torture Al, who is hiding in his office in the dark.