The Fantastic Four (1967)

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • One of my all time favorite Saturday morning cartoon shows back in 1967!

    Those that criticize this early morning cartoon show-especially the young know-it-alls of today... simply are talking out of their ass. As a nine year old, not only did I appreciate that someone was finally bringing The Fantastic Four to life, but as an artist myself, it's influenced me immensely upon my career choice later on! Thank you, Marvel and Hanna Barbera!!!!
  • My favorite show from the 60's.

    This is probably my favorite cartoon from the 60's. They stayed true to the comics, had good plots and even though the animation wasn't as good as it is now this was still an all around great show. It would be great if a cartoon network could start airing it again, but since theres not alot of episodes that probably wont happen. Which is sad because the generation that wasn't around for this show should be able to see it.
  • This was another Hanna-Barbera masterpiece that I beg for the TV gods to put back on the air. This and many other of their great shows that is.

    Another Hanna-Barbera masterpiece that I beg for the TV gods to put back on the air. This and many other of their great shows that is. This of course was based on the comic book and was before the movie. They are in the process of making a second movie if anyone is interested. I want to see these shows again. H & B really got the shaft by being forced to cancel many of their great programs due to a few complaints abouyt violence. People who could actually use their brain could tell these shows were a battle between good and evil and good almost always won in the end.
  • Way better than the 1994 UPN cartoon

    I really loved this cartoon. The Opening theme was also great. I wish the Cartoon Network would start showing these shows again even though there were not that many episodes.

    The Voice talent was great. Back to the music it also has the typical hana and barbera lil sounds and scene change music still a great show.

  • And There Were Actually Five.

    If you looked at the Comics very carefully, you would find that there was a fifth one called Herbie. A robot.

    The Creators were behind the Depatie-Freeling one, and many thought that Storm was in the hands of somebody else, others thought that Kids would dangerously immitate him, or it could have been that they were going to do something else with him. The DFE version was truely the most unique, since it was the only one Featuring the robot. And since the creators were involved in the show, then the Robot was actually another Super-Hero, making the total 5, so the whole thing doesn't make any sense at all.

    The oldest one is boring, but if you want to know what happened, then look in the credits. They show exactly what happened perfectly. And the music was very interesting.
  • This show is so old!

    This show is before my time. But if it was on at my time I would say it was a piece of crap! I mean this show's graphics are the worst thing I have ever seen. And the storyline was horrible. It is easy to describe this show in one word.
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