The Fantastic Four

Season 2 Episode 1

And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1995 on

Episode Recap

Dr. Doom takes Sue hostage on a remote island and lures the others there to rescue her. They manage to free her but Doom escapes and sets off a nuclear bomb. The next thing they know, they wake up on a U.S. nuclear submarine with their powers negated. Sue shielded them with her force field.

While Reed looks for a cure, Ben revels in the fact he is now human and prepares to propose to Alicia, but is still haunted by the spectre of The Thing. Meanwhile, back in Latveria, Doom believes they are dead but soon finds out otherwise and prepares to launch an assault on the Baxter Building.

Alicia and Ben meet with attorney Matt Murdock, as Alicia is concerned that the Fantastic Four are at risk without their powers and knows Murdock. Ben refuses to take any help and Murdock puts on his costume as Daredevil and goes to the dockside warehouse where the team are testing mechanical devices to simulate their powers. When they come under attack by Doom, Daredevil leads them to safety but Doom has taken over the Baxter Building and sends their Fantasti-Car against them. They escape but Doom wonders why they didn't use their powers and attacks again.

Doom finally figures out the Four lack their powers, while they prepare to enter the building to get hold of an experimental neuro-stimulator and regain their powers. Daredevil provides a distraction but it isn't sufficient to keep his attention as he traps them in an elevator and sets off a bomb. Reed deactivates the bomb long enough for them to get out and get to Doom. They're helpless against him and he freezes them with freon gas. He then seals the room and sucks the air out after departing. Ben gets to the stimulator and is forced to activate it to save the team, even though it means going back to his orange-rock form.

Doom and the Thing fight, with Ben overcoming anything the monarch can throw at him. He crushes Doom's hands and is ready to crush the man who deprived him of his normal life, but the others, their powers restored, intervene. Doom triggers the dimensional generators, forcing them to leave him and stop the explosion with Sue's force field. And a sorrowful Ben walks off into the night.