The Fantastic Four

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1996 on
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Episode Summary

Doctor Doom once again makes himself all-powerful by draining the Silver Surfer's powers. Do the Fantastic Four have any hope of defeating him this time?

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    Chuck McCann

    Chuck McCann

    Ben Grimm/The Thing

    Lori Alan

    Lori Alan

    Susan Storm-Richards/The Invisible Woman

    Stan Lee

    Stan Lee


    Quinton Flynn

    Quinton Flynn

    Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Season 2)

    Beau Weaver

    Beau Weaver

    Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

    Pauline Arthur Lomas

    Pauline Arthur Lomas

    Alicia Masters

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      • Silver Surfer: I still have much to learn of the ways of human beings. It is true that you are slaves to greed and fear. And yet, there is a nobility in your hearts that cannot be denied. Perhaps someday, I will understand.
        Reed: Perhaps someday, we all will.

      • Reed: (about his anti-cosmic wing) It's purpose isn't to weaken Doom; it's to make him angry.
        Ben: Great strategy. Maybe next we can sneak up on him and give him a wedgie!

      • Ben: (about Doom) This time I'm gonna hit him so hard, his grandchildren'll be born bouncin'!

      • Doom: (to Ben) You brick baboon!

      • Ben: (to Doom) Yo, Lead Lips! Candygram!

      • Doctor Doom: Imagine, I know possess the power to end hunger, to abolish disease, to eliminate crime, to establish a perfectly content, perfectly ordered world, all under the benevolence of my iron will! But first, I have a little unfinished business with the Fantastic Four.

      • Silver Surfer: Supposedly savage of all Earths creatures, I sit in peace. I dwell in safety. For food has been plentiful and no longer do they hunger. And the humans would call you beast? There's no violence in your heart, no hint of avarice, no smoldering hate. Yet man who has won dominion over all this world is a stranger to peace. Prisoner caught in the net of his own nameless fears, and here stand I...hopelessly trapped in a world of madness, where reason is shunned while violence prevails. But no longer shall the Silver Surfer be part of man's insanity let humanity do what it will. As for me, I shall dwell amongst the beasts, while search for some semblance of freedom in the polluted skies of this mad orbiting prison which men call Earth! I who have crested the currents of space, I must resign myself to this pale blue orb upon which Galactus has sentenced me to remain... forever.

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      • The Zombies of Madison County.
        The title of Ben's book is a reference to The Bridges of Madison County, a best-selling novel by Robert James Waller.