The Fantastic Four

Season 2 Episode 4

Inhumans Saga (3): Beware the Hidden Land

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1995 on



  • Trivia

    • The Seeker's tale of the Inhumans' origin shows dinosaurs in the background. This is impossible, as ancient man only originated after the dinosaurs went extinct.

  • Quotes

    • Reed: Incredible! That antennae device on Black Bolt's head collects energy from the electrons around him, converting it into raw power!
      Ben: Ah, try convertin' that mouthful inta raw english, Mister Wizard!

    • Ben: Which ones are the good guys?
      Johnny: Ah, just clobber any Inhuman you don't recognize!
      Ben: (laughs) Music to my orange ears!

    • Maximus: Release the Alpha Primitives.
      Seeker: But sire, the Alpha Primitives fight to the death! Black Bolt is still your brother!
      Maximus: Well then, I'm about to become an only child!

    • Johnny: I've chased plenty of skirts in my time, but never into another dimension.

    • Ben: (to Black Bolt) Hey, would it kill ya to speak up? Just a belch or something?
      Medusa: Pray that Black Bolt does not speak! His merest whisper could destroy half a city!
      Ben: Maybe he just needs a breath mint, or some strong silent clobberin'!

    • Johnny: You've got some hot moves, Karnak, but mine are smokin'!

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