The Fantastic Four - Season 2

(ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Doomsday
    Episode 13
    Doctor Doom once again makes himself all-powerful by draining the Silver Surfer's powers. Do the Fantastic Four have any hope of defeating him this time?
  • The Sentry Sinister
    The Sentry Sinister
    Episode 12
    Sue insists the team get some R&R, but Johnny stays at home. The others head to Tee Vu island, which is home to a Kree Sentry. Meanwhile, Black Bolt destroys the negative barrier and frees the Inhumans, reuniting Johnny and Crystal.
  • Hopelessly Impossible
    The Impossible Man is on the run from Super Skrull. Johnny agrees to protect him if he tells Lockjaw to teleport him to the Great Refuge to see Crystal.
  • Behold, a Distant Star
    Sue needs life saving surgery and only her father can perform the operation, but he has been in hiding for years since being accused of murder. When he comes to help, he gets arrested after the operation. Meanwhile, the Skrulls release Super Skrull, who takes Franklin Storm's place to exact revenge.moreless
  • Nightmare in Green
    Nightmare in Green
    Episode 9
    Bruce Banner is in town, which means the Incredible Hulk is too. When the Hulk goes on a rampage, Ben gets in his way.
  • When Calls Galactus
    Depressed over Crystal, Johnny meets a girl named Frankie Raye, who possesses the same powers as he does. Meanwhile, Terrax attacks Manhattan and demands the Fantastic Four fight Galactus. The team learns from Galactus that Terrax betrayed and poisoned him. The poison takes it toll and Galactus will have to feed on Earth.moreless
  • Prey of the Black Panther
    The Black Panther attacks and lures the Fantastic Four to Africa. They find the Black Panther is leader of an African tribe and that they are under attack by the master of sound, Klaw.
  • To Battle the Living Planet
    Natural disasters are raging on across Earth. The Fantastic Four head off into space, finding Thor and the source of the problems, Ego. The Fantastic Four and Thor can't stop them on their own and will have to rely on one person: Galactus.
  • Worlds Within Worlds
    Reed discovers a strange "goop" that can affect people's emotions. It comes from the Micro Verse and Psycho Man wants it back. He captures Sue, making her into Malice, Mistress of Hate.
  • Inhumans Saga (3): Beware the Hidden Land
    The Inhumans teleport back to the Great Refuge, but Johnny is teleported there too after jumping in after Crystal. The rest of the team try to find him, while it is learned Black Bolt's evil brother, Maximus, has taken over.
  • Inhumans Saga (2): The Inhumans Among Us
    Gorgon is searching for Medusa to return her to the mysterious Great Refuge. Johnny is forced to help her, but Gorgon captures her. The Fantastic Four discover his hideout and find the Inhumans.
  • Inhumans Saga (1): And the Wind Cries Medusa
    The Frightful Four have arrived to destroy the Fantastic Four. They take control of Ben's mind to turn him against the team. Can the Fantastic Four overcome this threat? And who exactly is Medusa?
  • And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them
    A nuclear explosion caused by Doctor Doom causes the Fantastic Four to lose their powers. Reed's efforts to restore their powers is cut short after Doom takes over the Baxter Building. The team will need the help of Daredevil to retake the Baxter Building and get their powers back.