The Fantastic Four

Season 1 Episode 6

The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus (Part 2 of 2)

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1994 on

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  • The Fantastic Four decide to stop standing idly by and become pro-active in the Earth’s struggle against the planet-chomping he-man known as Galactus.

    I already tore the first chapter of this story a new one, so it comes as no surprise that my reaction to the second part isn’t reeking with happy-happy joy-joy moments. Having already grown thoroughly disgusted by the first half of this tale of woe, I really didn’t invest much of my attention towards its conclusion. The animation is once again, terrible. The characters are poorly represented, and the dialogue is akin to something a third grader would come up with. The ending of this travesty is remarkably mind boggling. Mister Fantastic manages to get his hand on a weapon that can destroy Galactus. Upon seeing this, Galactus decides that won’t eat Earth after all. Now there’s this cat called the Watcher, who tells Mister Fantastic to give the weapon back to its rightful owner Galactus. After all, the big planet-chomping bad-guy just made a promise not to eat Earth, right? Just because he’s a genocidal mass murderer, does not mean that he is without a sense of honor. Even more stupidly, Galactus uses his powers to just snatch the weapon out of Mister Fantastic’s hand. WTF????? He could’ve done that the first time, couldn’t he?

    Bah! This is a miserable waste of time. I give it a 2 just because it had Terrax and Firelord in it. Fortunately, this cartoon series completely changed their format by season two and became a really solid show.