The Fantastic Journey

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

The travelers move on to find an advanced city called Atlantium, whose citizens promise them a way home via a time machine.

Karen Sommerville, Susan Howard, and Scott Thomas arrive at the city first and are sent home, but the leader of the city "The Source" has a plan for the others. He is growing weak and needs one of their bodies for re-energizing.

When Scott, Fred and Varian arrived at the camp after going back to pick up their gear, they found it empty. Rhea is waiting there to lead them to the city of Atlantium.

Once there, they are told that their companions have been sent home already. Scott took this hard for he didn't think his dad would leave him but a note from his father explained his reasons and that he would be seeing him soon.

They were then told by Dar-L that the transfer generator had shorted out with the other's transfer but will be fixed soon.

After the evening meal, Dar-L asks Scott if he would like to go see some of the games in Atlantium. He agrees, not knowing that he was the one chosen to re-energize the Source.

In the hall of dreams, Scott is soothed into sleep and a double is made. Meanwhile the beautiful half alien, half human woman named Liana, seeks out Varian and warns him of the Source's plans for Scott. Varian tells Fred and they go looking for Scott.

Dar-L brings the double to them who has instructions to lead Fred and Varian off the next morning and terminate them. Varian touches the double and senses something is wrong when the double throws Fred 10 feet.

Varian gets out the healing tool and makes quick work of the double. Liana comes to get them and leads them to the real Scott who is saved in the nick of time. Liana then joins the travelers along with her cat.