The Fantastic Journey

NBC (ended 1977)


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  • It was Kinda Fantastic

    I remember this as a young boy. The strange talking plasma ball, the man with the supersonic tuning fork that could zap the bad guy and open dimensional doorways and much much more. Everything took place on a small island in the bermuda triangle.

    It had typical late 70's production value but was all in all an ok show.
  • I remember watching this show as a child, and I've never forgotten how much I loved it.

    I remember watching this show as a child - I am sure I was quite small, because the kid in it seemed a grown up to me. I've never forgotten how much I loved it. For me, at that time, it had almost the same feeling as a Star Trek: people traveling through unknown lands, facing unknown peoples with unknown habits and laws – only to find a way to leave and go somewhere else. I don’t know if I’d like it still were I to watch it; but in my memories, it’ll always be one of the best shows from my childhood.
  • A journey that should have lasted longer!

    The Fantastic Journey was a wonderful escape into the fantasy world that only television can create! My own excuse for watching this series was actor Jared Martin and was I ever surprised at how much I really enjoyed the show! It was a terrible shame that it only lasted a scant two months. With the proper ad campaign this series should have had a much better shot at stardom! The special efffects were very good for back in the day and the acting was above par. Carl Franklin did an excellent job as did Jared Martin. Sniff, sniff, another one like Kindred:The Embraced that should have made it,but sadly didn't!