The Fantastic Journey

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

Liana is captured by a group of men who treat women as slaves. The travelers become involved in her rescue, but things don't go as planned and she's already taken care of the problem by using the complex computer to transport the men to a holding cell.

The men offer a place for Liana but as they are male, she considers them a problem as well.

Because of their behavior to Liana they see a difference in them and decide to use them as breading stock.

The queen orders them to be given a poison in their meals that will act as a hook of sorts. For once given, the poison won't affect you unless you stop taking it.

Scott gets a sample of the poison and Fred escapes to retrieve his medical kit left behind at their camp by the river. He is chased by Connell but because he helps her after a bad fall, she decides to help him and his friends.

In the mean time, Queen Halyana has another problem. The complex computer develops a mind of its own and starts to take over the city.

Queen Halyana asks Willoway to fix the computer. When he tells her he can't, she withholds Varian and Scott's food and they begin to feel the effects of the poison.

Fred develops an antidote and since the complex is the more dangerous of the two, they all band together to defeat it.