The Farm (2004)

Channel Five (ended 2005)


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  • Season 2
    • Series 2; Episode 18 (live) The Final
      Keith Harris and his best friend Orville win the second series of The Farm!
    • Series 2; Episode 17 (live) Emma B & Ron Get The Chop!
      Just 24 hours before the final, there's another double eviction. Keith survives eviction for the second time, that means that Emma B and Ron were shown the door . . .
    • Series 2; Episode 16
      Day 15: Keith, Ron and Emma B are put up for the chop
    • Series 2; Episode 15
      Day 14: Emma B gets some bad news from home and after Flav and Lionel are evicted, it takes a while for the news to sink in for the remaining farmhands . . .
    • Series 2; Episode 14 (live) Flav & Lionel Get The Chop!
      Day 13: There's a barn dance down on the Farm. Emma B feels that her partner Ron is taking it a bit too seriously, it would certainly seem so when he's more than a bit miffed when Flav and Mickey beat them! Also, during the live coverage, the farmhands are shocked to learn that not one but two of them will be evicted. They were Flav and Lionel. Ron stays on to farm another day!moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 13: Updated and Unseen
      A chance to catch up with all the action from the second week down on The Farm.
    • Series 2; Episode 12 (live) Charlene Gets The Chop!
      Having survived the public vote last week, Charlene Tilton isn't so lucky the second time around when she's booted from The Farm. Also, Colin and Justin reveal that there will be a double eviction on Sunday night!
    • Series 2; Episode 11
      Day 10: Lionel apologizes for last night's outburst. Also, the banished farmhands return to the farmhouse and are forced to choose one of the others to face the public vote. They choose Keith but Flav goes a bit OTT when announcing the groups reasons for nominating him causing some unrest in the camp . . . Later, the farmhands observe as a bull is put down when Jon diagnoses it with an incurable disease and Keith chooses Charlene to face the public vote with him - the group said earlier that they think whoever Keith chooses will leave the Farm . . .moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 10
      Day 9: Lionel wakes up early and starts at the morning chores but when Ron gets up he's annoyed that Lionel chose all the good jobs, leaving the less preferable ones to the rest of them! Lionel's day goes from bad to worse when he learns that he's going to be locked away with Flavor and Dave for 24 hours (although he's pleased to hear that is he survives he won't be facing the public vote this Friday). Later, as the banished farmhands try to get some shut eye in the barn, Mickey streaks across the farmyard prompting loud cheers from the Emmas and Charlene. Lionel makes himself the least popular man in the place when he's woken by the racket and attacks the girls with a water hose!moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 9
      Day 8: While Keith is away for the day, the farmhands continue their chores without him. Flavor gets into trouble with Ryan when he drinks from a cow's udder and there's somewhat of a treat in store for Ron, Mickey, Emma N and Charlene when they win a pampering night in the secret upstairs room! Also, the farmhands nominate Flavor, Dave and Lionel to leave the farm, but what they don't know is that they won't be going far: the three will be locked away for 24 hours in the old barn . . .moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 8
      Day 7: There's another group task which sees Lionel on the winning team for the third time! He's rewarded with a phone call home . . . Also, Keith tells Flavor and Ron that he'll be leaving the Farm for the day tomorrow to bury his father who died last Sunday.moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 7
      Day 6: There's a summer fate at the Farm with two teams competing against one another, whoever makes the most money wins . . . Later, after winning Lionel and his team consisting of Charlene, Emma Noble and Mickey are shocked when a mystery staircase appears leading them to an evening of luxury . . . also, Flav ticks of Lionel by staying in bed while everyone else works . . .moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 6: Updated and Unseen
      A chance to catch up with all the action from the first week down on The Farm.
    • Series 2; Episode 5 (live) Cicciolina Gets The Chop!
      Day 4: Farmer Ryan joins the farmhands to pose semi-nude for a calender shoot and the farmhands ship a pig off to slaughter. Also, during the live show (Day 5), Cicciolina is evicted and interviewed.
    • Series 2; Episode 4
      Day 3: the farmhands choose Cicciolina to be the one to face the public vote. Later, Cicciolina chooses Charlene to join her and while Charlene says she's fine she's quite obviously not . . . Also, Dave opens up to Charlene about his relationship with Jessie Wallace.
    • Series 2; Episode 3
      Day 2: the first full day on the farm sees a new arrival: a little lamb - but not without complications. Also, everybody puts off using the group shower until they can't put it off any longer and the international farmhands beat the British farmhands in a pig flinging game (toy pigs that is) and win themselves luxury duvets!moreless
    • Series 2; Episode 2
      Day 1: after the end of live show on Monday night, the farmhands realize it's not going to be all plain sailing as they meet farmer Ryan and vet Jon.
    • Series 2; Episode 1 (live)
      A new bunch of celebrities move onto The Farm. They were: ex-Dallas star Charlene Tilton, porn star Cicciolina, fireman Dave Morgan (who used to date Jessie Wallace), models Emma Noble and Emma B (II), musician Flavor Flav, puppeteer Keith Harris with Orville, entertainer Lionel Blair, singer Mikey Green and porn king Ron Jeremy. There was much confusion as they tried to figure out who each other were . . .moreless
  • Season 1
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