The Fashion Show

Bravo (ended 2011)


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  • At least this show didn't leave its fans hanging...

    After watching 5 episodes, I have to say that I like The Fashion Show much better than Project Runway. Sure, there are those who consider it a knock-off but in the fashion world that's not a bad thing. Who among us doesn't have a knock-off scarf, purse or shoes in their closet? But back to my point… this show is better and more fun to watch than Project Runway. I used to be a huge PR fan until the lawsuit between Bravo and Weinstein left us high and dry. There's no excuse for treating your loyal fan base like that. It would have been nice if the parties involved had thought of us and not their wallets. But that was too much to ask. But again I digress… TFS is witty, clever and the challenges really are challenging. Some of the challenges are about basic sewing skills, which surprisingly some of the designers don't possess. I think it is "fashion forward" to offer the winning designs for sale. Good luck getting one of the winning designs from PR. Unless it was part of the elimination challenge we were out of luck. I recommend giving The Fashion Show a chance. After all it's still more than a month until Project Runway graces us with its presence. Although whether or not to watch PR again, well that's another question for another day and another review/blog.