The Fashionista Diaries

Season 1 Episode 7

Playing with the Boys

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2007 on SOAPNet

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  • Maybe one of the best episodes... although, it's reality tv so what does "best" mean?

    Rachel and Andrew, after losing their jobs when Jane folded, interview with and start at CosmoGirl!. Andrew feels unused at the Pink photo shoot, but Rachel really seems to have found her place with the Eye Candy shoot. Go figure. Maybe she should be at Flirt! Andrew also set Rachel up with his friend Jay. They were super cute together and hit it off. Go Rachel. This scene gets the prize for Most Adorable scene on this show... Bridget and Laurie work with Janjay and Tina at the opening of the Charlotte Ronson store. A scene with Laurie and Mandie (the boss at Seventh House) would not be complete without Mandie insulting new intern Laurie. Needless to say, everything gets finished on time and the opening seems to be a hit. Although, when Janjay and Tina leave before the after party, uber-B**** Mandie tries to make it an issue. Thankfully Janjay and Tina were above it, explaining simply that they're both said they could leave, so they did, mystery solved....
    Anyway, other things happened, but they weren't that interesting. This was probably one of the best episodes of this really cute and glossy summer reality tv. I think SoapNet's got a hit with this one, at least for right now. I can't wait for next week... DRAMA!!!