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  • The Fast Show (aka Brilliant!) is just that

    The Fast Show (released as Brilliant! in the US) is just that, a Brilliant! Show.
    Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson not only write this funny show but star in it as well bringing us there unique brand of humor to this fast paced sketched show.
    Prior to this show, sketches usually would drag out and start to wear on the viewer while with The Fast Show (Aka Brilliant!), the sketches move more quickly keeping the viewer laughing through the entire show.
    If you are looking for a good 30-minute laugh then this show may be your ticket as the one-liners keep coming.
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of The Fast Show from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.
  • One of the most envigourating, fresh and exciting comedies i have ever seen.

    The Fast Show, to it's credit, has been a leading light in the new wave of British comedy from the mid 90's onward.

    It layed the groundwork for other great shows such as The Leauge of Gentlemen, the Office, Little Britain and In the Thick of It.

    Yet those that followed never managed to catch the energy, the raw speed and the powerful imagery that the Fast Show delivered on time and time again.

    With many memorable characters such as Slim Tony, Farmer Ted, and the ever annoying half-Greek goobeldygoop from the staff of Channel 9 the show was always a joy and a treat to watch.

    Dont't blow the trumpet when you can suck at it, baby!
  • The Fast Show

    This is yet another one of the best BBC classics ever made. It is a shame it had to end. This one was one of the best. It is yet another sketchshow like Harry Enfield and The Two Ronnies. It is really great as I said. We just get crap sketchshows like Little Britain which is not funny at all.
  • Suits You Sir!

    absoultely brilliant but became less funny in Series 3.So many characters in one show Poula Fisch,Rowley Birkin,Suit you tailors gotten tired in the end though but it deserves another chance.They even made a couple of spoofs including the news to Question of sport. overall, not bad but gotten axed eventually.