The FBI Files

Discovery Channel (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 10/20/98
      Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her own slumber party and murdered, lasers helped the FBI identify and find the perpetrator. It took 200 FBI agents two months to find Richard Allen Davis, who was convicted and sentenced to death.
    • The Crazy Don (In Spanish)
      Conozca el caso de un jefe mafioso conocido por recorrer las calles en pijama, ducharse bajo una sombrilla abierta y ordenar los asesinatos de sus compinches. "Chin", como también le llamaban, finalmente cayó en manos del FBI.
    • Above The Law
      Episode 2
      The body of 23 year old Robin Bishop was discovered near her car on a remote highway. After acquitted in two state trials, Gwaltney was convicted of the murder in the federal trial. The FBI was able to convince the third jury.
    • FBI Files: The Crazy Don (In Spanish)
      Conozca el caso de un jefe mafioso conocido por recorrer las calles en pijama, ducharse bajo una sombrilla abierta y ordenar los asesinatos de sus compinches. "Chin", como también le llamaban, finalmente cayó en manos del FBI.
    • Human Prey
      Episode 3
      Thomas Dillon killed five outdoorsmen over a period of three years in rural Ohio. A mother's letter published in the newspaper addressing the murderer of her son prompted the killer to respond. Thomas Dillon was arrested and ultimately convicted.
    • Death in Alaska
      Episode 4

      A young mother and her two daughters were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Anchorage, Alaska. With only one piece of forensic evidence, a wash rag carrying pubic lice with which the killer used to clean himself, the FBI helped convicted the woman's nephew, Kirby Anthoney on all three counts of murders.

    • Deadly Paradise
      Episode 5

      Two couples found themselves on the same deserted island paradise, but only one couple left alive. Buck Walker and Stephanie Sterns arrived in Hawaii on the Sea Wind, which belonged to the missing couple, Mac and Muff Graham. Years later, Buck Walker was convicted of murder.

    • The Crazy Don
      Episode 6

      The reputed boss of the Genovese crime family, Vince Gigante wandered the streets of New York wearing only pajamas and a bathrobe, but the FBI was convinced he was anything but crazy. The FBI helped convict Gigante of murder and murder conspiracy.

    • Killing Spree
      Episode 7

      No suspect had emerged after the rapes and murders of ten women near Tampa, Florida in 1984. When one of the killer's victims survived, the FBI was able to identify 31-year-old Bobby Joe Long as the suspect. Long was later convicted on eight of the murders and rape.

    • 1/19/99
      5-year-old Melissa Brannen disappeared from a Christmas party on Dec. 3, 1989, leaving behind a family wracked with anguish.
    • The Unabomber
      Episode 9
      He was a recluse who spread terror through the mail for 18 years. Two men died and more than a dozen were injured , but Ted Kaczynski wasn't known as the Unabomber until his brother tipped off the FBI. Kaczynski's Manifesto, published in major newspapers, set off a flurry of activity for the FBI: writing analysis and comparisons, DNA gleaned from a single postage stamp and finally, Kaczynski's arrest at his tiny cabin. The agents collected enough evidence, including the Manifesto itself, to convict Kaczynski. He is serving four life sentences plus 30 years with no chance of parole.moreless
    • Murdering Cowboy
      Episode 10

      Claude Dallas lived the life of a cowboy -- a loner and distrustful of authority. Qhen two game wardens confronted Dallas about his deeds, they were shot and killed. After a massive manhunt , Dallas was captured and convicted, but he escaped prison within months.

    • 2/9/99
      On February 26, 1993, an explosion rocked the World Trade Center parking garage. Six people died and more than a thousand were injured in the bomb blast which tore a 5-story crater in the building. Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima, Ahmad Ajaj, Ramzi Yousef and Eyad Ismoil were convicted and will spend the rest of their lives in prison.moreless
    • 2/16/99
      By December 1985, John Gotti had assumed his place as the new Don of the Gambino crime family in New York with the assassination of his boss, Paul Castellano. When the FBI convinced Gotti's underboss, Salvatore Gravano , to testify against him, the jury came back with their verdict: guilty on all counts, including the murder of Castellano.moreless
    • On June 21, 1964, three civil rights workers, who set out to educate southern blacks about receiving the right to vote, disappeared in Mississippi. The FBI gained the trust of an informant, whose information led to the conviction of seven local Ku Klux Klan members.
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