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  • From some of the highest profile cases of the FBI's history

    The FBI has so many cases throughout its history which can fill volumes of books. This show samples much of the most high profile cases ever that have made the biggest impacts in not just to the FBI but to both state and federal laws, history, habits, and more. The re-enactments are spot on and the narration just brilliant on how the FBI acts to capture terrorists, gangs, criminals, take down their plans and operations, rescue victims, and so much more. It is so engaging that once you start you become hooked and have to see it through until the end. This shows some of the Bureau finest moments and triumphs but also a taste of their most tragic and crushing failures even though agents honestly put in the enough and their desires being genuine. This show can teach the public on how to spot murderers, liars, and more. Totally worth checking out if you get into crime and detective shows. I highly recommend this.
  • nice show

    nice show.
  • This show is a excellent show.It teach you to how to spot a murder and lair.They teach you to never give a strange information about you until you get to know them well.If you are going home take different routes home.That will through a murder off.Be car

    You have to be careful of people you don't know.And you do know.Don't ever give a person your house keys.Don't ever let a strange know where you work or live.Do some back ground check on them before you get involved with them.If you are out in with your girl friends and a guy ask you to go somewhere with him say no.And leave with your friends.If you are getting off work late at night wait inside and walk out together with your co-worker.Then go home.If you think somebody is following you pull into a drive way in let them pass.
  • Personal favorite of mine, just watching 5 minutes of it makes me watch all of it.

    The suspense and re-enactment in this show are pretty well thought out, I understand everything that was going on between the killer and victim (usually i don't). The show is pretty well thought out.

    The very beginning of the show shows the crime scene and then goes to the way beginning of a few days before the attack, and at the attack, then the investigation, once they have their suspect the interview him, once they get enough evidence, they send him to court, basically in chronilagical order.

    Bottom line CSI and Law & Order fans will probably love this show, from the amount of suspence it has.
  • Stories from the FBI archives.

    FBI Files profiles some interesting cases, often cases you may have seen in the news. It seems as though they get the full cooperation of the FBI, as many agents and investigators are interviewed - mostly in a story telling fashion. As the story unfolds we are blessed/cursed with re-enactments. That is one of two weak points of the show, in my opinion. The other is the fact that they often drag out the story to fill up the whole hour. Every time we come back from commercial the narrator sort of sums up everything we've seen so far. As you can imagine, by the end of the last commercial break, the lead in can be quite long.

    Oh well, every show can't be perfect.
  • The FBI Files........

    This reality show sometimes has its good jucy files but sometimes Im like "who cares? change that!" But sometimes it gets interesting and you whant to know who is the murder and why, because, and PORQUE they did it. Allthou its good to watch this so you can be prevented and dont do a big mistake that youll regret later.