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  • Season 5 Episode 12: Domestic Terror

  • Phineas priests believe they are justified in murdering people who, they say, "disobey God's laws" by performing abortions, marrying someone of another race, or being a homosexual. They rely on the biblical story of Phineas, recounted in Numbers 25, to add God's blessing to their heinous beliefs and violent actions.

  • The term "Phineas Priesthood" comes from the Old Testament of the Bible. The Book of Numbers, Chapter 25, describes how an Israelite man "enters into an unlawful union with a woman from another tribe (the Midianites) and brings down the wrath of Yahweh (God)"upon the Israelites. One outraged tribesman by the name of Phineas kills the race-mixing couple and thus appeases God. The action, according the UDI's Scott Mann forged a "covenant of everlasting Priesthood" between God and Phineas. This Biblical account provides the justification asserted by Phineas Priests for directing retribution against those who are perceived to by the enemies of god.

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Dark Woods

  • A special was aired on 20/20 in July of 2000, which Marietta Jaeger, the mother of Susie jaeger shared the story of how and why she came to forgive the man who kidnapped, molested and murdered youngest child, Susie, in the summer of 1973.

  • The victim's mother, Marietta Jaeger is the cofounder and board member of the Journey of Hope...From Violence to Healing. She openly forgave the killer of her child.

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