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  • The FBI is my favorite cop show of all times. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. does a great job playing the tireless, dedicated Inspector Lewis Erskine, an agent for J. Edgar Hoover's finest.

    A great classic cop show with the cooperation of legendary FBI director J.Edgar Hoover. The series ran from 1965 to 1974. This show covered a lot of ground dealing with federal offenses(Communist Spies, Sabotage, Crimes on Federal Reservations, Dwyer act Violations(Stolen cars), Labor Racketeering, Organized Crime, Bank Robberies, Extortion, etc). Efrem Zimbalist Jr. gives a great performance as Inspector Lew Erskine. A dedicated, hard working agent for J. Edgar Hoover's finest. I have not seen this show in re-runs in over twenty years. I do want to see this series out on DVD like all the other shows out there. A lot of great guest stars(i.e. Charles Bronson, James Caan, Stephanie Powers, Lee Meriweather, Bruce Dern, Martin Sheen, Jack Lord and others) made appearances on various episodes during the run of this series.

    Another hit show from QM(Quinn Martin) Productions. With the agents and the guest stars driving Ford Motor Company Cars. A major sponsor of the series.
  • 1960's cop show that stood above other cop shows at the time. The stories were based on true FBI cases that were really entertaining and really realistic. The acting in the show was great including a great cast of guest stars like Burt Reynolds and Harris

    This was a great tv cop show that aired in the mid 60's. All the leads of this show did very well. From what I know is that the cases from the show were real cases from the FBI. Another cool thing about this show were the guest stars that appeared on the show. There was James Farentino, Burt Reynolds, and my favorite actor, Harrison Ford that apeared in two episodes called "Caesar's Wife" and "Scapegoat". Seeing all of these soon to be stars on the show is just fun to watch. This was a great cop show that well deserves to be put on DVD.
  • The story of the cases pursued by Inspector Erskine of the FBI and the outcome.

    Most exce3llent show for its time. Efrem Zimblist Jr does a most excellent job portraying the hard working Inspector Erskine who, like the mounties, always gets his man (or woman as the case may be). William Reynolds does a great job as his sort of partner. He is an up and coming agent being mentored and tutored by Erskine but at the same time you get the hint that he's just as smart or smater but knows when to keep his mouth shut. All in all I find it a great show. It's like a pre-requisite to Hawaii Five O.
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