The Feather And Father Gang - Season 1

ABC (ended 1977)


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  • The Big Frame
    The Big Frame
    Episode 14
    A disgruntled client murders an Art Dealer and swipes a Picasso. One of Feather's clients is nabbed for the crime as he and the Art Dealer have had a major screamfest just prior to the murder/theft. The witness to the verbal fight is none other than the smarmi murderer! It doesn't take long for Feather and Harry to figure out the identity of the REAL murder. Proving it, though, requires the help of Feather and Father Gang.moreless
  • The Judas Bug
    The Judas Bug
    Episode 13
    A Private Investigator fakes the theft of his car and uses it to murder a former client he has double crossed. "The Perfect Crime" is unraveled by Feather, Harry, and the gang and the miscreant is brought to justice.
  • The Mayan Connection
    Art Importers have a disagreement and one kills the other, framing one of Feather's clients for the murder. In their attempt to clear her client, Feather, Harry, and the gang match wits with a Mob boss.
  • Welcome Home, Vince
    Welcome Home, Vince
    Episode 11
    When an excon (Vince) is released from prison and immediately becomes victim of an explosion, the police believe one of their own is responsible. They enlist the aid of the Feather and Father Gang to expose the "dirty" cop.
  • Murder at F-Stop II
    Murder at F-Stop II
    Episode 10
    A photographer frames his assistant for the murder of his partner to cover the theft of priceless coins. Since the assistant is a friend of the Dantons, they pull out all the stops to clear him.
  • Here a Spy, There a Spy
    An international spy murders his girlfriend and frames his co-worker, the former fiance, for it. While Feather tries to clear the young man by legal means, Harry and the Gang proceed with their own version of proving his innocence.
  • For the Love of Sheila
    When an ex-con friend of Harry's becomes the victim of a blackmail scheme spearheaded by his wife - and is framed for murder in an unexpected twist - Harry and the Gang manage an even more convoluted version to clear him.
  • The Golden Fleece
    The Golden Fleece
    Episode 7
    An "evangelist" murders one of his flock when she threatens to expose him as a fraud and a thief. The victim was a college classmate of Feather's. She and Harry are convinced that her friend didn't "slip in the bathtub." They create a scam to bring 'em down.
  • Flight to Mexico
    Flight to Mexico
    Episode 6
    When a stage director realizes that his telephone conversation linking him to a recent jewel heist and possible homicide is overheard by a young actor, he kills the young man. It's up to Feather, Harry and the Gang to trap him into a confession.
  • The People's Choice
    Fearing a scandal, a senatorial candidate murders his wife when she threatens him with divorce. Unfortunately for the young hopeful, his wife was a friend of Feather's. Feather, Harry, and the Gang con him into a confession.
  • Sun, Sand and Death
    A crooked land developer murders his partner and buries him on the worthless land. He steals the companies money, and claims his partner stole the money and skipped town. Feather, Harry, and the gang pull a con, claiming the army wants to buy the land for big bucks.
  • The Apology
    The Apology
    Episode 3
    When a wealthy, mob-connected shipping magnet orders a hit on a friend of the Dantons, Harry, Feather, and the Gang develop an involved ruse to prove his guilt.
  • Two-Star Killer
    Two-Star Killer
    Episode 2
    A two-star General kills a character who tried to blackmail him, framing his aide with the crime. Feather is hired to defend the aide while Harry and his pals set up an elaborate con to trap the General.
  • Never Con A Killer
    Never Con A Killer
    Episode 1
    A young attorney, Toni "Feather" Danton, enlists the aid of her con-man father, Harry Danton, in clearing a hockey player charged with murder.