The Fighting Fitzgeralds - Season 1

NBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Blood, Sweat and Fitz
    Mr. Fitzgerald runs into his former Deputy Chief, Cutch, and learns that he too is retiring from the department. Cutch talks Fitz into giving a retirement speech in his honor, but Fitz' resentment towards his ex-boss for receiving the promotion he always wanted causes him to come down with a case of the sweats. Until some colleagues spill the beans to Fitz about why he never got the promotion, anyway. Meanwhile, Terry lands himself a new relationship with an officer -- who wrote him a $50 citation for jaywalking -- and soon begins to worry for her safety.moreless
  • The Cook, the Fitz, His Sister and Her Luggage
    Fitz's older sister Rose pays her brother a visit, and immediately starts to upstage him by showering his family with presents. Meanwhile, Patrick's homemade chili helps improve business at Gibson's Tavern -- to Terry's dismay.
  • One Angry Man (a.k.a. The Angry Man)
    Mrs. Ramirez takes Fitz to court after an incident between him and her dog. Little does Fitz know that Mrs. Ramirez set the whole thing up -- and has done it before. Meanwhile, Jim convinces Gibson's to sponsor his co-ed softball team.
  • The Loud Man
    The Loud Man
    Episode 7
    At Patrick's suggestion, Mr. Fitzgerald invests inheritance money in a new Irish restaurant, Mickey O'Shea's, sight unseen. Fitz soon wishes it had stayed that way after he lays eyes on his investment's array of offensive Irish stereotypes, including green beer, neon four-leaf clovers, potato famine jokes, jig dancers, an employee from Istanbul who sports a fake Irish accent, and a very unpleasant Italian owner, Joe. Meanwhile, wanting to see his brother married like him, Jim brings Terry with him to work in hopes of setting him up with one of his co-workers. But before he can, Terry sets himself up with Jim's boss, Marilyn -- who hates Jim.moreless
  • The Easter Rebellion
    Fitz comes to blows with Marie's teacher, Jeff, who won't let her hand out candy to her classmates for Easter. Meanwhile, Patrick decides to leave home and move in with Terry above Gibson's Tavern.
  • I'm Okay, You're Crazy
    Patrick asks Mr. Fitzgerald to go with him to see his therapist, Dr. Manning, as she thinks it will help her figure out the root of Patrick's problems. After a lot of refusing, Fitz reluctantly agrees to go if it'll get Patrick to stop wasting his money on her. Fitz angrily confesses to Dr. Manning that he thinks Patrick is throwing his life away, and that he's bitter at his wife for dying and at her for getting him to admit that. Meanwhile, the Fitzgeralds' neighbor, Mrs. Ramirez, has a bone to pick with Mr. Fitz when she finds her dog in his yard because of a hole in his fence that he won't fix.moreless
  • The Heartbeat
    The Heartbeat
    Episode 4
    Sophie's car dies right before her appointment at the OB-GYN. Since Fitz refuses to let anyone, least of all her, drive his car, he instead offers to drive her himself --and winds up a fish out of water in the waiting room. Meanwhile, after Patrick's attempt to take Terry shopping for a suit at a ritzy shoppe doesn't pan out, Terry turns to a guy from the pub, Brody, who sells suits -- and antibiotics -- out of his van.moreless
  • When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'
    Fitz finds himself the recipient of the affection of two widows, Irene Rafferty and Katherine Bartoli. When Fitz won't make the first move, Sophie decides to take the initiative by fixing him up with Katherine -- which makes Fitz uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Patrick has his hands full with his own date, Kelli, and Sophie and Jim are forced to watch "Pocahontas" with Marie.moreless
  • The Fire Fight
    The Fire Fight
    Episode 2
    Patrick decides to follow in his father's footsteps and make Fitz proud by registering to be a firefighter. But one of Fitz's old buddies, Chet Armentrout, inadvertently changes his mind. Meanwhile, when Fitz signs up for art classes, Terry decides to join him to get a better look at the class' female subject, whom he has a crush on.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Mr. Fitz fumes at Patrick's announcement that he's broken up with his live-in girlfriend of three years and quit his job over an anxiety attack -- and now wants to live at home again. So Fitz, Jim and Terry try to get Patrick to reconsider. Meanwhile, Jim and Sophie wait for the right moment to tell the rest of the family that they're having another baby.moreless