The Finder

Season 1 Episode 13

The Boy With the Bucket

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • Renew

    Great episode as well as they all are. Please bring it back!!!
  • Noooo!!

    Im rating this episode as good because to me it felt unfinished and left me with alot of questions.

    Hopefully with so many complaints out there about it ending I pray and have faith that it will come back one day.

    So sign those online Petitions!!!
  • song??

    any1 know the name of the song at the end ??


    Here is a link to a website to sign a petition to save "The Finder"! Please sign it!

  • Really?

    It's cancelled! Really? And they are going to leave us hanging like this? Seriously?!??!!

    I loved this episode. I can't believe we are never going to find out what happens. Someone hire Walter to find more episodes of this show. Oh wait, we can't, he's in prison and he never found the original painting! How is he going to cope with that? How am I going to cope with that?

    It took me a while to warm to The Finder. I didn't like the original cross over episode but I thought it was an interesting premise on it won so watched anyway. It really grew on me as the characters developed. I can't believe that terrible, awful reality shows get renewed and shows like The Finder and Secret Circle get cancelled.

    Gutted, disappointed, bummed, sad and more than a little annoyed that that was the last I will see of Walter, Leo, Isabelle and Willa.
  • Finder

    I Love this show,Please don't get rid of it
  • Outstanding episode for a series that should be returning and not ending

    This episode is really fun and exciting and is unfortunately the last in the series from what I hear tonight. I was hoping "The Finder" could find its place on TV, but I guess even Walter can't find enough viewers.

    For regulars, it is in someways a cliff hanger as three of the main characters are left at critical moments in their lives, which is unfortunate for those of us who like nicely tied up series endings. Honestly, it wouldn't have been that difficult to give us a safe (e.g. nicely tied up ending) at the end of this first season, just in case the worst did occur (which it sounds like, well, did occur). Of course, I'm hoping the rumors are wrong, but I suspect they're true. Sigh.