The Firm

Season 1 Episode 14

Chapter Fourteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode beings with a one minute retrospective of Chapters 12 and 13 and continues with Stack's live feed of Abby's kidnapping. Stack demands the hard drive back and says he will be in touch. Tarrance wants Mitch to come in, but he refuses despite the F.B.I. assurances that they will find Abby. He also refuses to divulge what Stack is after and then reassures Claire that everything will be O.K.

The black hood Abby's captors placed over her head is removed and she is seated with a blinding light in her face. Her captor questions her on the hard drive's whereabouts, which she says she doesn't know.

While Tammy heads off to be with Claire, Stack calls and asks Mitch to be at a rest stop of the Dulles Airport access road at 2100 hours. Mitch assures him that he hasn't been to the authorities. Stack replies that he knows that, else he would be under arrest and Abby would be dead. As Stack hangs up the phone, we see Abby having the black hood once again removed from her head. She finds herself sitting face-to-face with Andrew Palmer. Stack insists one of them knows where the drive is and starts with Andrew, who says that neither of them know and that he is on Stack's side. Stack says he believes him and thus has no further use for him. He nods at his man, who shoots Andrew dead in front of Abby.

With time running out, Dimitry continues to work on decrypting the hard drive and makes some progress, revealing a file with what appears to be formulas calculating world-wide prescription drug costs. Mitch tells Ray that he will kill Stack if anything happens to Abby. Ray tells him that they can handle it. Ray is concerned about handing the drive to Stack as he may kill Abby anyway. Mitch wonders what other choices they have and Ray tells him to hand over the drive to the Feds, which he stubbornly vetoes.

Alex meets with the staff to tell them of Andrew's homicide. She tells a distraught staff that the firm will do anything to help at this difficult time and heads to her office with Stack. She tells him the murder wasn't necessary. He objects to the word murder, saying it was justified and necessary to continue their work. Alex says it's not 'their' work, but his. Stack reminds her that she agreed to the work and that a massive scandal would taint and perhaps destroy her father's pride and joy: his firm. He caresses her face saying that he hopes her support of his mission wasn't entirely a business move. Alex asks about the hard drive and Kevin tells her that either Mitch will bring it in or Abby will tell them where it is.

Meanwhile, Abby listens in horror as her captor explains waterboarding to her telling her that most people only last 20 seconds under this form of torture. Abby begs him to stop saying she genuinely does not know where the hard drive is, but he begins the torture.

Back at the office, Alex and Kevin are having a drink when he receives call saying that Abby doesn't know where the drive is. Alex wants to know how they know and Stack infers that she was tortured, which frightens Alex. Stack does know that a hacker named Dimitry is working on decrypting it.

With time up, an apologetic Dimitry wishes he could have done better and Ray reassures him that he did his best. As Mitch and Ray wait at the rest stop, Ray pulls out a gun which Mitch demands he put away. He says he doesn't care about anything, including justice, other than the safety of his wife. Mitch realizes that he made the series of decisions that has led his family's current situation. He says he has a problem because he couldn't walk away and was reckless with the lives of those he loves the most.

Stack calls to tell Mitch that he has done this to himself at the very moment when police cars surround Ray's Cadillac and take the brothers into custody under a material witnesses warrant obtained by Tarrence, who also takes the hard drive.

As they are being taken to their cell, Mitch confronts Tarranace, who tells him that unless he wants to talk, he and Ray can make themselves comfortable. Once in the cell, Mitch says that with the Feds in possession of the hard drive, Stack has no reason to keep Abby alive. Ray reveals that they have a hard drive, not the hard drive, which he left with Dimitry. Mitch grabs him and tells him that if anything happens to Abby, he will never forgive him. Ray tells him to calm down and reminds him that if Stack had the real hard drive, he would have killed them all. He says that they have to arrange a swap with Stack in a public place.

Since Stack does not know the drive in the FBI's possession is a fake, he calls Abby's torturer with orders for him to kill her. He offers Abby a choice: she can either die via the excruciating method of drowning or he can shoot her quickly. Abby pleads for her life begging to be allowed to call Claire to say goodbye. Her captor refuses saying that she can take heart in the fact that her death will help others to live.

Back at Alex's office, she is informed of Mitch and Ray's arrests and the confiscation of the hard drive by the Feds. Stack tells her there's no reason to keep Abby alive any more since they only did so to trade her for the hard drive. Since the Feds have it and there is more than enough on it to send Stack and Alex away for a long time, Abby's life has no value. Alex asks how long they have before the Feds crack the drive and Stack says a few hours. Alex tells him that if Mitch and Ray are not material witnesses, the FBI cannot search the hard drive. Stack then calls his man and stops Abby's execution.

In Diane Ruckeyser's office with Tarrance, Louis and Ray, Mitch argues against their detainment to no avail. Ray grabs a notepad off Diane's desk and writes out a habeas corpus petition. Diane then reminds Mitch that the federal government doesn't trade evidence for hostages. She will file the habeas and tells Tarrance and Coleman that the petition for a hearing won't be calendared for a few days. After the men are taken back to their cell, Louis pleads for help to save Abby. Diane tells him that while she likes Mitch, 'this cowboy crap has to stop – right now.'

As the brothers ponder their fate, Alex Clark arrives and tells them that she has arranged for a hearing in an hour. She wants the hard drive released and tells them if they want to save Abby, the three will have to work together. Mitch calls her out on the plot with Stack. She tells him she is not there to explain herself and does not expect Mitch and Ray to trust her, but both of them want the same thing: to get out of jail and get the hard drive back to trade for Abby.

Mitch takes the opportunity to confront Alex on luring him to the firm to monitor the Sarah Holt case. She doesn't deny it and explains that Stack came to her asking for a room to store confidential files. Since Noble was their biggest client, she agreed. Over time, she clicked with Stack and claims she genuinely did not know what was going on until a terrified Martin Moxon discovered the truth and brought her proof. Going to the police would have destroyed the law firm which her father built from the ground up and she was not about let him live to see her tear it down.

Abby captor tells her the news of her last second reprieve and strikes up a conversation by asking her if she believes in God. He thinks faith would give her comfort in that all the world's religions believe death is not an end. She says she was raised Methodist, which he admits to not knowing much about. She tells him that she has a daughter who needs her and is not ready to move on. He tells her that on the battlefield, he has heard that countless times from soldiers as young as 18.

Abby tells him that he served with Stack, William Herman and Vincent Mercer in Desert Storm. He wonders how she knows that. He is further surprised to hear that they and the FBI know about SOA. She says that if he lets her go, she will never say anything.

A flustered Dmitry calls Tammy concerned that Mitch and Ray haven't called and are not answering their phones. Tammy tells him to give it a half hour and if he can't reach them to bring the hard drive to her.

In court, Mitch argues for his and Ray's releases and return of the hard drive. Judge Webb sees him as a vigilante who should be speaking with the FBI and orders the men held until the hard drive is decoded. Moments after the hearing, Alex is on the phone with Kevin when she is approached by Diane with the news that there is nothing on the drive. She says it belongs to someone named Dimitry Portnoy who lives at River Ridge and Anacostia. With Stack overhearing the conversation, Alex tells him to get Dimitry before the Feds do.

Meanwhile, Marshal Coleman arrives and signs the McDeere brothers out for debriefing as they are material witnesses in a Federal investigation. He has them handcuff themselves and also passes on the key. When Mitch asks why, he says he's known Abby longer than his own wife and was at the hospital for Claire's birth. He walks them out and tells them to find Abby. At the same time, Dimitry grabs the hard drive and heads out. Coleman drops the men off with the understanding that they have to do this alone, but to please call him when they can. The story is that the two men overpowered him as he is injured.

Bones and Crew Cut arrive at Dimitry's only to find him gone. While on his way to drop the hard drive off to Tammy, Mitch calls and tells him to instead meet him in the park near Grace Church. Mitch then calls Stack - who is surprised to hear that they are free - ordering him to meet them at the designated spot.

Meanwhile, Abby's torturer demands to know how she knows about SOA. She says she knows about the True Healers and the mission and that she and Mitch are on his side, having defended Sarah Holt, who is one of them. But when he demands to know what the mission is, Abby has no answer. He tells her that she didn't succeed to get inside his head and that Major Stack is right, all enemies of the mission need to be turned or eliminated. As he is getting ready to drown Abby, his phone rings. She uses the distraction to kick over the interrogation lamp which tumbles to the floor wet from waterboarding and electrocutes her captor, killing him.

Meanwhile Ray and Tammy speak on the phone and Mitch talks to a terrified Claire telling her that he messed up and will fix it. At the same time, Stack calls his men to let them know that the hard drive is not at Dimitry's and passes on the exchange location. He tells them to get Abby and to bring her to the park where he will decide what to do with her. Also at the same time, Abby cuts herself free and escapes from the room seconds before Bones and Crew Cut arrive. She manages to escape by opening garage door just high enough to slide under.

At the office, Alex and Kevin have a passionate discussion about their circumstances. She demands that they stop the mission immediately and give Abby back to Mitch. She's sure that with everything they've been through they'll drop the matter. He accuses her of giving up on the mission and she tells him he was always the true believer. For her part, she is a good lawyer and has insulated them from being tied to the crimes.

Meanwhile, Abby manages to get away and flags down a black SUV.

Mitch and Ray meet Dimitry and get the hard drive.

At the courthouse, Agent Tarrance informs Diane that Mitch and Ray are gone, having been signed out by Coleman an hour ago. She claims it's impossible. An incredulous Tarrance wonders how the brothers got the best of both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney. Diane tells him to call Coleman's boss.

Back on the street, Mitch and Ray carefully approach Stack, who opens his overcoat to show them he is unarmed.