The Firm

Season 1 Episode 19

Chapter Nineteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a 60-second recap of Chapters 17 and 18 followed by Joey Morolto's explanation to Mitch of why he wants to hire him. His good friend Patrick Walker, who is not part of the family but an economist and M.I.T. graduate, has been framed with murder. He gives Mitch two choices: represent Patrick or go back into Witness Protecting and start running again. He uses his gun to reinforce the fact it is not a debate and he will return the next morning for his decision.

At home, Mitch and Ray have a heated discussion about what to do. Despite Ray's incredulity that he would even consider working for the mob, Mitch gets him to agree to one meeting with Patrick Walker.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wilson and Abby engage in a flirtatious phone call which ends with Abby scheduling another appointment for 2:00 the next day. Mitch calls on the other line and while the two are talking, Joey, his consigliere and Sal arrive at the office. Mitch begs off saying a client has arrived and demands Joey arrange a meeting with Patrick.

In the prison interview room, after some testy back and forth, Mitch earns Patrick's respect and the two men shake hands. Mitch says he doesn't know much about the case and Patrick says he only knows the murder victim's name: Charlotte Miller. Mitch insists he must know something. Patrick says that on the night of the murder, he went out for after-work drinks to one of the Morolto family clubs. He then went home, changed and headed out to a poker game. While driving, he was pulled over, given a breathalyzer which resulted in a .08 reading, arrested and his car impounded. The police then found a suitcase in the trunk containing the victim's strangled body. Patrick looks Mitch in the eye reaffirming that he did not know Charlotte. Joey wants to know if Mitch is in or out

Back at the office, Mitch tells Ray that they're in. After a brief discussion, Mitch asks Ray to find out if there actually was a poker game that night while he meets with the U.S. Attorney to find out what their case looks like. He finds that it looks rock solid. They have video of Patrick with the suitcase heading up the freight elevator and Charlotte's clothes, which were found thrown down the trash chute wrapped in Patrick's bed sheets.

Prior to heading out for lunch with Abby, Maxine talks to her about the Community Center's books as the funds they spend on the children is less than their state funding. They have a new accountant, Charles Finley, who has been at the Center for a year since the passing of their previous accountant, Martin. Martin kept a hand-written ledger which Charles claims he cannot find. Without the ledger, Maxine can't compare last year's numbers to this year's.

Back in D.C., Ray meets with Sal at Joey's club. Sal tells Ray that Joey really likes Patrick, that he's crazy smart and helps Joey with all business matters and has become Joey's most trusted man. Mitch arrives and angrily tells Joey that everything Patrick said was a lie. Joey stands firm on Patrick's innocence. Mitch suggests pleading to manslaughter which does not work for Joey. He admits that when Patrick returned from drinks, he found the girl dead in his bed. Afterwards, Ray tells Mitch that Patrick isn't just Joey's college buddy, he's essentially Joey's new consigliere.

When he returns to his office, an angry Louis Coleman enters and reminds Mitch he got shot helping Abby with the Noble case and got the brothers out of jail risking his career in the process. He is incredulous that after everything, he would become a mob lawyer, the very thing that he got into Witness Protection to get away from. Mitch tells him about Joey's offer to balance the books between the two families and that he is working the case to protect his family.

Louis then takes him to the FBI's offices to share information. He says it is a particularly bad time to get involved in the Morolto's because of a rift in the family. Joey wants to legitimize the mob businesses going forward and Patrick is becoming his new consigliere. The rift is with the present consigliere, Antonio Cervino and others of the old guard want nothing to do with legitimacy. They run vice, gambling and other such operations and resent being pushed aside. They also don't like Joey listening to Patrick.

In Danesboro, Abby arrives at the Community Center for her appointment with Dr. Wilson right as Charles Finley is leaving his office. She sneaks into his office to look for the missing ledger.

Back at the office, Mitch shares his new theory with Ray: Antonio is framing Patrick for murder. Ray says that they will have to clear this with Joey first.

Abby continues to hunt for the ledger, which she soon discovers in a secret desk compartment. As she is looking through it, Charles Finely returns demanding to know what she is doing. She tells him who she is and that she is taking the ledger. Charles wrestles it away from her as she calls out to Ben to help her. Before he arrives, Charles wrestles the ledger away and rehides it. When Ben arrives, Abby explains the presence of the ledger while Charles accuses her of breaking into his office.

As Abby continues talking to Ben, the two men exchange looks and Ben turns to Charles and apologizes for Abby's behavior, saying that she is a patient of his and had no right to enter his office. Abby grabs her jacket and purse and leaves with Dr. Wilson following. She turns to him and says he did nothing, that all he had to do was open his desk. Ben points out to her that it's his desk and that she can't just break into somebody's office. She reminds him that he is not counseling her, that she is not his patient and leaves. He calls after her saying that after that, maybe she should be.

Mitch and Ray met with Joey and explain their theory. Joey tells them that Antonio has been with the family for 40 years and served his father with love. He says they will have to find another way to clear Patrick. Mitch returns to his office later that night and is surprised to find an armed Antonio waiting for him. The consigliere reminds him that if had been up to him, Mitch would be dead. But Joey vetoed him. He tells Mitch that the next time he wants to question Antonio's loyalty, he should remember that it is the only reason he is still alive.

A frightened Mitch is relieved to see Alan Harper enter the office. He tries to introduce Antonio, but the consigliere walks out. Alan has new evidence to share. It turns out that on the night of the murder, Patrick was singled out for police attention by an anonymous 911 call. Mitch tells him that this supports the claim of a frame up and he will move to suppress the search of Patrick's car.

Ben meets Abby at the Community Center to apologize, saying he was caught off guard. She is still upset and disbelieving that he would choose to discredited her and sell the kids out rather than hold Charles accountable. He tells her that if she knew he was stealing, she should have called the police. She says she didn't know and was investigating. Ben wonders if Abby can hear herself. He says any guy would have done what he did in those circumstances. Abby tells him knows one who wouldn't.

She asks him why he kissed her. He says he wanted to and wonders why she kissed him back. She doesn't have an answer for that. She continues to say that he's right, she is running. She says he was a reaction to her fear.

Back in D.C., Joey meets with Antonio, wondering if there is a rift - the McDeere's word - in the family that he needs to know about. He tells him that he is taking the family business legitimate, that Patrick is part of that plan and that he understands if Antonio is upset. Antonio is unsure as to what he did to earn Joey's disrespect and asks whether he has to declare his loyalty after 40 years of service. Joey says no, he assumes his loyalty. His consigliere insists there is no rift in the family.

Ray brings Mitch a copy of the 911 call that got Patrick arrested. The men determine that the background is too quiet for the call to have been made from a moving vehicle and that the voice likely belongs to the man who framed Patrick.

The next day, Ray and Mitch meet with Patrick. He admits that he found Charlotte dead in his bed but it doesn't change the fact that he's innocent. Mitch tells him that under the circumstances, he will try to get the 911 call suppressed. If he wins, the search would also be out and Patrick would likely be freed.

Abby is visiting with her father who has made a bookcase for Claire which he will have shipped to their home. She tells him that it's time for them to go home. Harold says Maxine mentioned the ledger incident. It's the same old Abby who could never bear anyone getting away with anything. Abby says it sounds silly, but she had to know. Her dad tells her she was always brave, fearless and had to know the truth. She realizes that she's just like Mitch. She says has been blaming and resenting him for everything that's happened to them, when she has the same instincts as he dies.

She tells her dad that she missed him and is sorry that she and her mom couldn't connect. Her dad tells her not to give up on her mom and to try once more before she leaves.

At the suppression hearing, Officer Payton is testifying to the facts that led him to arrest Patrick Walker. On cross, Mitch reminds him that he does not know who called in the tip and has not heard it. Therefore, he cannot form an opinion as to the credibility to the information. After some back and forth, Mitch tells the Officer that what matters is what he knew when he made the stop.

Maxine is disappointed that Abby is heading home, back to Mitch. She hopes that with having Claire, Abby could see how hard it would be to watch a child make choices that a parent thinks will hurt her. Abby responds by saying that Claire is her daughter and there is nothing she could do that would make her push Claire out of her life.

Outside court, Joey congratulates Mitch for a good job. He not sure as judges are loathe to grant suppression in a murder case. He also tells Joey that their prime suspect came to see him the night before and that he was none too happy. Joey is surprised to hear of such a visit without his permission. He tells Mitch to do his job while he does his.

In court, Judge Walsh talks about the technicalities of the suppression motion and how the law varies by state. He adds that the Supreme Court chose not to hear a Virginia case last year that would have provided clarification. He says that in the absence of a High Court ruling, this a close call that goes to the prosecution.

As Abby is leaving, her mom follows her out to share honestly why they were so against Mitch. She tells her daughter that she fired Charles and the ledger was not found. She should say thank you but what Abby did was reckless, she could have been hurt, arrested or who knows what. She never thought about that and Mitch is the same. Her parents wanted Abby to marry someone who would restrain those impulses, not magnify them. They were terrified and they were right. It has led to a lot of pain but she now sees that it also led to a lot of love. She goes on to say that she spent a lot of effort filling the hole Abby's disappearance left in her life. She says it's not easy to make room, but she would like to. Abby gives her mom a long, tight embrace.

In D.C., Louis and the FBI are attending a crime scene where Antonio Cervino's body has been found in a dumpster, shot twice in the head. Louis takes the photos to Mitch's office showing him what happens to someone with 40 years of service who might be disloyal.

Mitch heads to the club and drops the murder photos in front of Joey who demands Mitch show some respect as his family has lost a good man and is in mourning. He says he did not kill his consigliere and Mitch can now argue that Antonio framed Patrick.

At the McDeere home, Ray and Mitch discuss the events of the day, which have Mitch wondering if he's going mad. Ray is sure a good night's sleep will solve everything. At that moment, the front door opens and Claire runs to give her dad a big hug with Abby right behind.