The Firm

Season 1 Episode 17

Chapter Seventeen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 26, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a 60-second recap of Chapter 16 followed by Abby packing for her trip to Kentucky. She is taking two more Alprazolam (Xanax) as Mitch enters the bedroom. He says it looks like Claire is packing for two months. Abby tells him that they are girls and girls like to have choices to which Mitch responds that she could choose not to go. He pushes her to work things out together, but Abby is insistent that she needs a break from their routine and that whatever is broken inside of her, she needs to fix herself. With that, they leave for the train station.

At the train station, Claire begs her dad to take a vacation and come with them. As they are walking along, a young woman stops Claire and asks her is she dropped a neck pillow, which she did. As they continue along, Claire pushes her dad for an answer as she knows her parents are fighting right after which Abby and Claire head off.

At the office, Ray is meeting with his ex-con friend, Russell, who has a gorgeous collection of diamond rings. He insists that, despite his past, his suppliers are good. They are looking over different rings when Mitch calls, upset over the fact that his wife and daughter are gone to Kentucky. Ray tells him everything will be OK and Mitch says he is off to Kinross & Clark to clear out his office. While on the phone, he spots the kind woman who returned Claire's neck pillow being arrested. The police tell Mitch that she was scoping out cars and that she is being arrested for loitering for the purpose of prostitution. With that, they place her inside the police car and leave.

Mitch heads off to seek out the woman, Jennifer (Jenny) LaFleur. She tells her that she got arrested in front of the right guy, that her act of kindness towards his family in a not so nice time merits his help. As they talk, Mitch notices that Jenny looks quite ill and asks her to please level with him. Jenny's story is that she is from Montreal and that when she went home to visit her family, she found out that her dad owes money to some very bad people known as MX9. Shocked, Mitch tells her that MX9 is an international drug cartel. Knowing that Jenny was going to D.C., MX9 told her that if she brought some stuff across the border for them, they would call it even with her dad.

She then confesses that she swallowed the drugs and that the reason she was looking in car windows was to find her contact. Mitch is concerned that the drugs inside Jenny are making her sick and that if a bag leaks, she could die. She says that if she is caught, her father and sister will be killed and begs Mitch to get her out of jail. Ray meets up with Mitch and is very unhappy about his involvement with a drug mule but Mitch shuts him down and says he will get her out.

As Abby and Claire arrive in Danesboro, Claire has a lot of questions about the nature of her mom's relationship with her parents. Abby tells her that her parents disapproved of Mitch and she had to make a choice. Claire is glad she chose her dad!

At the office, Tammy expresses her dislike for Abby's wealthy parents and her concerns about Mitch and Abby's marriage surviving. As she turns around, she is stunned to find Ray on one knee extending a ring to her and proposing marriage. Tammy puts on the ring and says yes.

Mitch approaches DA Sonia Swain asking for a favor: to move Jenny's arraignment up the docket so she can be set free. Later, when the case is called, Sonia proposes probation. When the judge asks for Jenny's plea, she collapse on the courtroom floor.

Ray arrives at the hospital where Mitch is waiting for news on Jenny. He announces his engagement to his brother. The doctor finds Mitch and tells him that they removed four balloons of heroin via an incision in Jenny's large intestine and one of them was leaking heroin. Had he not brought her in when he did, she would have died.

At the hotel restaurant, Abby's father is thrilled to see her. He meets Clare, who asks if Grandma is coming. He replies that she wanted to but is 'fighting a bug.'

Back in D.C., Mitch is talking to Jenny when she is cuffed to her bed and charged with possession with intent to distribute. Mitch talks to Sonia, claiming extenuating circumstances. He also insists that the hospital's contacting of the police broke doctor-patient confidentiality. Sonia tells him 'to tell it to the judge.'

At dinner, Abby's dad, Harold, asks her if she's alright. He saw everything she went through on TV, but she doesn't want to discuss it in front of Claire. As they are leaving, Harold reminds Abby that her mother is stubborn and that it will pass. After her dad leaves, Abby goes to the front desk to request a wakeup call and sees her dad outside getting into the family car being driven by her mom. The two make brief eye contact as she drives away.

While Mitch is packing up his office, founding partner Nichols Kinross introduces himself and the two discuss Alex Clark. Mitch says he has nothing to say about her that he would want to hear, but he disagrees. He's had his concerns about Alex, his partner's daughter, ever since they essentially handed her the keys to the firm. Mitch wishes he had worked for the firm when Mr. Kinross was still there. He says he isn't gone yet and invites Mitch to that night's partners' meeting.

At the office, Ray watches Tammy frantically digging through filing cabinets looking for her divorce papers, which she finds. Mitch arrives and, after a congratulatory hug for Tammy, tells Ray to check out the doorman at Stack's building. They hope to prove that Alex and Stack had more than a professional relationship and now that Stack is dead, maybe Ray will be more successful in getting information. As Ray is set to leave, DEA Agent Elkin arrives to talk to Mitch about Jenny. In return for Jenny's cooperation in bringing down MX9, they are prepared to offer her full immunity and Witness Protection for her and her family. Mitch says he will consider it.

Abby calls Tammy to congratulate her on the engagement. While they are talking, Tammy is shocked to discover that her ex-husband, Elvis, never signed the divorce papers. Tammy is still legally married.

Abby goes to her parents' home where her mom, Maxine, answers the door. Wondering where Claire is, Abby says she is with her grandfather. Claire wants to meet her grandmother and Abby wants to give her that. Maxine invites them for dinner at 6:00 and Abby agrees.

Ray visits the doorman at Kevin Stack's building and finds him very accommodating, provided Mr. Franklin ($100 bill) is present.

Just as Mitch is leaving for Jenny's hearing, a man named Marcus Montaigne arrives with a case full of money, in recognition for his time and trouble and for Jenny's 'discretion.' When Mitch refuses, Montaigne added the word caution to discretion.

At the hearing in Jenny's hospital room, Mitch argues that hospital violated doctor-patient confidentiality when they called the police after they extracted the drugs from Jenny. DA Swain makes her argument and Judge Rubin decides to reserve his decision until the next morning.

Returning to the office, Ray has a surprise for Mitch: a DVD from the doorman that Mitch will want to take to the Kinross & Clark partner's meeting.

Back with Jenny, Mitch explains the DEA's offer of witness protection. When Jenny asks Mitch what he would do, he tells her his story, calling it the hardest decision of his life and that he knew he had to make it.

Meanwhile, Ray gets a call from Russell. It turns out that the ring Ray chose for Tammy wasn't his to sell and he needs it back or he will be serious trouble.

Mitch, Jenny, Sonia and Agent Elkin are in a meeting room where the agent is explaining how witness protection works. Jenny wonders if she gets a say in where are relocated to. She doesn't. While they are talking, Mitch flashes back to his and Abby's meeting with Louis Coleman when they were entering the program. Jenny has until the next morning, the time of Judge Rubin ruling on the admissibility of the drugs, to decide.

At the Sutherland home, Harold asks his granddaughter to help him set the set the table, leaving Abby and her mother to talk. Abby wants to talk to her mom, but she says no, Abby is running. After all these years, she finally ran home. Maxine says she does not have to say 'I told you so,' Abby's very presence says it. As her mother leaves, Abby heads upstairs and, finding her mother's Alprazolam prescription, takes a dose.

Nicholas Kinross open the meeting expressing his concerns over the truckload of clients the firm is losing due to the Kevin Stack case. When Alex says it was rogue partners, Nicholas tells her that they all put her in the middle of it. Her father, Alan, backs her up reminding everyone that no charges were filed and absent real evidence, it's time to move on. Mitch arrives at that moment apologizing for his tardiness. He says he has evidence of Alex's involvement and shows a video of Alex getting into the private elevator that goes directly to Stack's apartment. Just prior to her getting out, Alex removes her overcoat leaving no doubt as to the nature of their relationship. When Alex says it's not criminal to be involved with a client, Mr. Kinross points out that it's against firm policy and fires her as managing partner. Her father backs his partner up reminding Alexandra that the Clark on the wall refers to him, not her. She gets up and hurriedly leaves the meeting.

The following morning, Mitch arrives to meet Jenny for the signing of the witness protection agreement. Reversing course, he tells her not to do it. He tells her that everything that's happened to him since entering the program has been an outcome from his choice. He did to protect his pregnant wife but he doesn't think that all the running and hiding was worth it and further, it may have destroyed his family. Yes, she is risking prison time, but the program is its own kind of prison. He tells her that if he could, he would take it back and choose not to go. Four years in jail is better than running for the rest of her life.

In court, Judge Rubin, after strongly recommending Jenny to reevaluate the judgments that led her to appear before him, rules the drugs inadmissible and dismisses the prosecution's case.

At the office, Ray and Tammy have bad news for each other. Going first, Ray says he needs to return the ring to prevent his friend from getting seriously hurt. Tammy explains that her ex-husband never signed the divorce papers and that she is still married. She has to go to Tennessee to track him down making the ring premature and giving Ray a do-over.

Outside court, Jenny talks about her unknown future and the danger her family still faces. Seeing Mr. Montaigne in the court's hallway, Mitch reminds him that Jenny did not cooperate with the government, which Montaigne's client appreciates. Mitch takes the briefcase as his payment and promptly hands it back as full payment for the drugs they didn't get and the money Jenny's dad owes them. Montaigne agrees and gives his word Jenny's family will be safe.

Abby enters Dr. Ben Wilson's office and, introducing herself as Maxine's daughter, asks for a refill on the Alprazolam prescription. At the same time, Mitch calls and Abby sends it to voicemail. Mitch tells his wife that he loves and misses her.

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