The Firm

Season 1 Episode 16

Chapter Sixteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 12, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a 60-second recap of Chapter 15 followed by Abby having lunch with the late Andrew Palmer. She tells him that she resents Mitch, that he never knows when to stop and that good lawyers don't always make good husbands. Andrew turns the conversation to Abby reminding her that she played along and never stopped things either. When they hug goodbye, the blood dripping down Andrew's shirt gets on Abby's blouse. The waking dream takes place while Abby is in the shower. After, she pulls down a box down from the top shelf and searches out a bottle of Alprazolam, a prescription anti-anxiety medicine also known as Xanax. She takes two pills.

Downstairs, the couple prepare to go to court for Abby's testimony. Mitch asks Abby if she wants to go through what she will say and she dismisses him, telling him that he doesn't get to handle either the situation or her. When Ray and Tammy arrive, Abby goes back upstairs to get two more Xanax. Tammy then tells Ray that Abby was waterboarded and begs him not to tell Mitch. Arriving at the courthouse, Abby insists on talking to Diane alone. She tells Abby that Louis Coleman informed her about the torture and explains the probable cause hearing process to her.

Meanwhile, Alex Clark awaits the arrival of her client, Kevin Stack. While waiting, she reviews the case files, which includes graphic photos of Andrew's corpse after it was pulled from the water. She flashes back to how she got him involved in the whole thing. Clearly disturbed, Alex pulls herself together as Stack is led into the room. He produces a mini-recorder on which the two are heard conspiring to kill Mitch. He tells that despite the fact he likes and maybe loves her, if he doesn't get out of jail, neither will she.

Alex begins the hearing by reiterating her desire to have the hard drive excluded and Judge Kerzan agrees. Abby takes the stand and testifies to her ordeal, including Stack giving the order to kill Andrew and the soldier killing him in front of her. She also testifies to the waterboarding, which catches Mitch completely unawares. On cross Alex suggests Abby is confused and attacks her credibility. She then asks Abby what happened to the shooter and Abby admits to killing him. After her testimony, Abby joins Mitch on a bench. Mitch doesn't understand why she couldn't tell him at which point she tells him that she partly blames him for what happened. Mitch says that's not fair but Abby suggests it is. She tells him that he walked into all of this and they followed because they love him. She then asks to go home.

At home, she tells Mitch she called her parents and would like to see them. She can take Claire out of school a few days before her break as she wants her to meet her grandparents. Besides, they could both use some time. For his part, Mitch doesn't need time, he needs Abby to talk to her. She continues that she is taking a 3:00 flight the next day and will be gone for a week or more. She stresses that she is going, but she is not leaving.

At the office, Ray and Mitch have a heated discussion in which Ray tells Mitch that this is on him and that he needs to make it right. Mitch responds by telling Ray to fix his own life and storms out of the office.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Alex meet with a confident Stack saying he will testify. Alex expresses her strong opposition to the risky move. Stack insists, feeling sure he can get the judge to dismiss the case. Alex reminds him that the state's weak case could be strengthened by one wrong word from him. He arrogantly goes ahead with a shocked Diane and Mitch looking on. Stack begins by saying he did not kill Andrew, that in fact he liked him. He also refutes Abby's testimony that he was present at the warehouse calling her 'distraught.'

On cross, Mitch tells Diane to ask Stack about the Staff of Asclepius (SOA), convinced that he is too arrogant to deny it and that he has an idea. As she does, Stack admits to be having served with a group of Medics in Desert Storm. She asks about the tattoo referring to the caduceus, which Stack claims is a fraud and was adopted by the Army in error. He says that the sign of the true healers is one staff, one snake and no wings. She asks him if the SOA are true healers to which he responds 'damn right.' Diane asks the judge for a sidebar. Judge Kerzan confirms that the hard drive is now fair game for questioning on rebuttal, that Stack thought he was smarter than the room, that he was wrong and that pride 'gets us all in the end.' Her Honor calls for a one-hour recess.

Outside court, Diane tells Mitch that he saved her bacon and that she can finish up and that he should go to the airport to meet Abby and Claire, whose flight leaves in an hour.

Back at the courthouse, Stack is back in his cell when a suspicious change of guard occurs. The man taking over helps Stack escape. Moments later, Mitch is walking to his car when he sees a man dressed as a guard exit the courthouse via the alley. Mitch instinctively follows him and discovers him to be Stack. While speaking with Ray on the phone about the escape, he is kidnapped at gunpoint and taken away in a white van. Ray tells Diane and Louis that Stack has escaped. They rush to the cells to find Stack gone and the guard denying that he was ever there.

In the van, Mitch asks Stack why he killed Sarah Holt when she was loyal to him and believed in his mission. He responds by saying that he saved Sarah, who had been from deployment for over a year, had lost her marriage and was contemplating suicide. He remembers back to his first meeting with Sarah and other Medics who served with him. He tells them that they save lives, because they are taught that all life is sacred and must be preserved at any and all costs. He wondered why they saved lives and what they were sending injured soldiers back to. He said that decency and dignity came second. He continues explaining his new beliefs: all human life is not sacred and some costs are too great to bear. He tells them he has a new mission, a new way that will restore them to the strong soldiers they were and still are: the true healers.

Back at the courthouse, the prison guard continues to insist he never saw Stack. Baffled that he will do time for Stack, Louis hands the man's file to Ray while reassuring him that every available resource is out looking for Mitch and Stack.

As Tammy is leaving the McDeere home on the way to the airport, she gets a call from Ray apprising her of the situation. The van arrives at an airfield where a plane will be arriving within the hour to take Stack away. In the meantime, he has Mitch taken inside a hangar. Meanwhile, Ray has arrived at the house and he and Tammy are off to check on the guard's ex-wife and child, who are listed on his job application. Looking at the guard's folder and with the help of his contacts, Ray pieces together information on his ex-wife and determines that she does not file tax returns, her home is not in her name, she receives no bills in her name, has no credit cards and no driver's license. For her part, Abby says she will not leave until she knows Mitch is OK.

At the hangar, Mitch challenges Stack and gets knocked to the ground. Stack tells him that last year America spent $55 billion on the last two months of patients' lives and saved not one. He says that is more than is spent on the Department of Homeland Security or education. He rails against a country that believes in hopes and runs unnecessary tests, performs unneeded procedures and gives ineffective medication to terminal patients.

He continues, explaining that his boss at Noble Insurance told him that company was hemorrhaging cash and that they had no option but to increase co-pays. Kevin tells him that increasing neonatal co-pays will result in women not getting needed prenatal care, which will result in dead kids. His boss is sympathetic, but he's running a business and there is only so much money. He tells Kevin that if he can save the money somewhere else, he will be OK. Kevin tells Mitch that money that is being spent on terminal patients who won't last a year is killing babies who could live full lives and he is shifting the balance.

Meanwhile, in a parking lot, Ray deliberately crashes his car into one being driven by a woman with her young son. Ray suggests they exchange information and leave it to the insurance companies. The woman introduces herself as Cecilia Rodham, and she states that she has no license, car registration or insurance. Ray calls Louis with his leverage on Officer Rodham: if he goes to jail for Stack, his wife will be deported and his son will go into foster care. Louis confronts the guard with this information and quickly learns the location of the airfield where Mitch is being held.

One of Stack's men enter the hangar and inform him that the plane is being fueled and will be ready in 30 minutes. The man pulls his gun, aims it at Mitch and asks for permission to end it, which Stack denies. He explains that they only kill in the service of the mission and, since the mission is over, so is the killing.

Mitch tells Stack that whatever he thinks, he murdered people and wonder if he thinks he is God. Stack replies that he is a soldier, that he is making choices soldiers make on the battlefield and that every war requires sacrifice. Mitch responds by reminding him of the military's code of honor to leave no man behind enemy lines, even if more lives are lost trying to save the one. He says America believe in miracles and when someone is dying, we try to save them but not by giving up on others. He says that because we believe in miracles, sometimes we get one.

At the same time, Louis Coleman and a small army of police arrive and disarm Stack's men outside the hangar. Louis tells Stack to come out as the building is surrounded. He pulls his gun and responds by saying that if they come inside, he will kill Mitch. Buying a few moments, he tells Mitch that no one understands. He says he has held people who have died and that death is not an end, but a moving on to what is next, a better place. They are healers, true healers. He says that society tries to save people because they are afraid of death, which he is not. With that, he sticks the gun to his neck and pulls the trigger. Hearing the gunshot, the officers storm the building and find Stack dead and Mitch's face covered in his blood.