The Firm

Season 1 Episode 10

Chapter Ten

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The opening scenes recap the season to date. In the following scene, three unknown men approach the McDeere house. Claire is grabbed through a window by Ray, who is there to warn them. One of the attackers knocks out the outside light as they descend upon the house.

Three weeks earlier, Mitch gets a call from a priest from St. Erasmus. While he goes see the reverend, Ray sets out to prove Sarah Holt was in the military. Tammy arrives at the office with Mitch's briefcase and the two men are wowed by the outfit she is wearing for her first day of work at Noble's subsidiary, the pet food company.

Arriving at church, Father Diaz introduces Mitch to Elena Vasco, who is a person of interest in the kidnapping of a three-month-old infant named Tyler Kent. Elena had interviewed for a nanny position with the family but did not get the job. As Mitch attempts to talk to Elena, police enter the church and arrest her for felony kidnapping.

Outside the prison where Sarah Holt is being held, Ray meets with Prison Guard Allen, who gives him a tray with Sarah's fingerprint on it.

Outside the church, Mitch accuses Detective Young of going storm trooper on his client. The detective shows Mitch a baby blanket, which was a witness says was buried in Elena's yard the night before.

At school, Abby holds a parent-teacher meeting with Kyle Hannon's parents because Kyle has missed the last two unit projects. Kyle's father asks "Is that true?" while making a hand gesture against which Kyle suddenly raises his arms in what appears to be self-defense. Abby tells him that it's OK. All Kyle says is that he just didn't do the work. Mr. Hannon thanks Abby for bringing the matter to their attention and abruptly ends the meeting saying they will deal with the situation. Back home, Abby shares her concerns about Kyle being abused and Mitch and Abby both agree that she doesn't have enough evidence.

As they talk, Mitch's case comes on TV with Tyler's mother Heather begging Elena to return the baby safely. Abby wonders if Mitch should be in a media firestorm and bring undue attention to their family. He tells her that they've been out of witness protection for a while and Morolto could have found them if he wanted to.

The next morning, Mitch is surrounded by reporters as he enters court. Joey and his consigliere are watching and the advisor tells Joey that he is out of time.

At her new job, Tammy is asked by her boss, Noah Vincent, to produce a couple of lists. She innocently wonders where the document database is so that she can store the work she does for him. Noah shows her the vertically integrated database which connects all of Noble's subsidiaries' files and also takes the opportunity to suggestively turn on her webcam. Tammy then finds the Moxon file but is stymied by password protection.

At court, Elena appears before Judge Trott and pleads not guilty. A.D.A. Mary Connor asks for remand, which Mitch opposes. Judge Trott orders a probable cause hearing and remands Elena to jail in the meantime. In her jail cell, Mitch tells Elena that the prosecutor is using the loss of her child against her and asks if she knows anything at all about Tyler's whereabouts. She is adamant that she does not and that she would never put another mother through the unbearable pain of losing a child that she experienced. Outside the jail cell, Father Diaz asks Mitch how Elena is doing. Mitch tells him that she is understandably upset. Father is certain of her innocence, by faith, not evidence.

At school, Abby asks Kyle to stay after She takes his assignment and wonders about his instinctive reaction at the parent-teacher meeting. He says he was covering his ears to keep from being yelled at. She wonders about his recent sitting out of gym s due to skateboarding bruises. As Kyle gets up to leave, Abby asks him straight out if his father hit him. Kyle denies it and as he is leaving, tells Abby to leave his father – and him - alone.

Back in Judge Trott's courtroom, Detective Young is testifying. On cross, Mitch confirms that the blanket was found in a common area of Elena's complex, that it had none of her fingerprints or DNA and that all the witness could say was that the digger was female. The detective confirms it all. Mitch then asks for the blanket to be excluded from trial as it would likely inflame the jury. The judge denies the motion. Leaving the courthouse, Mitch reaffirms that he has no comment for the media.

At Kinross & Clark's offices, Mitch, Andrew and the firm's media consultant, Jessica Voss, are watching the video. Jessica says that "no comment" are two words an attorney should never utter. She says it is worse than silence because it conveys that you are hiding something. Mitch says he doesn't need a media guru, but Andrew disagrees. Jessica tells Mitch that she has booked him on a cable news show, where he can hopefully undo the damage. She tells him to use the rule of three: three messages repeated three times: 1) Elena is a religious person, 2) the baby is still alive and 3) help us find him. She also offers Mitch a few tips on non-verbal communication.

As Mitch, Abby, Tammy and Ray watch the case press conference on TV, Tammy notices Heather's boyfriend, Matt Kent, dropping her hand. Abby doesn't think they have much of a connection. Mitch tells them that in kidnapping cases, the parent is often the culprit. Ray suggests they look into Matt.

Also watching the case on TV is Joey Morolto. He is interrupted by his consigliere, who drags in one of his soldiers, a bloodied man named Dominic. He tells Joey that Dominic was trying to kill him and reminds him he is out of time.

Ray enters the hotel room next to Matt Kent's and convinces the maid that he is a bed bug investigator. He asks her for a half an hour to inspect the room. When she leaves, Ray establishes video surveillance of Matt's room, which soon reveals a blond woman entering his room for a romantic encounter.

Back at school, Kyle's parents storm into Abby's room saying a social worker came to their house wondering if Mr. Hannon abused his son. Abby tells them that under the law, she is obligated to call if she suspects a problem. Mr. Hannon tells her she is the problem and that he will have her job.

Back at the hotel, Ray waits for the girl to leave and then confronts Matt in the hallway with video footage of the encounter. He tells Matt he is Mitch's investigator and gives him the choice of talking to him or to a reporter. Back in his room, Matt tells Ray that he and Heather dated in high school and that the relationship had deteriorated into constant fighting. He met Amber in his third week at Stanford and broke up with Heather, at which time she moved to Washington to get a fresh start. Soon after that, she called him saying she was pregnant with his child. Matt sent her abortion money only to later receive an email photo of their child. He arranged a leave form school and came back to be a family which is when the kidnapping happened. He tells Ray that although he doesn't love Heather, he did step up and would never harm his son.

Back at her job, Tammy turns down Noah's lunch invite saying she has plans. She then goes into Noah's office to download the Moxon files to a flash drive. Noah soon returns for his phone and wonders what she is doing there. To cover her tracks, Tammy attempts to seduce him, to which he responds that he is married. He grabs his phone, apologies for giving her the wrong idea and hurriedly leaves.

At school, Principal Irwin tells Abby he had a visit from Kyle's parents. He's concerned that the Hannons could sue on any number of grounds and if they do, the board will not allow Abby to teach until the matter is cleared up.
Mitch is joined on Debra Cain's show by Father Diaz and Heather. Debra apologizes to Mitch in advance for feeding him to her audience. With Jessica coaching him off-camera, Mitch artfully deflects Debra's questions and insinuations. As she continues to grill him, Heather breaks down and runs off the set, followed by Father Diaz. Mitch follows shortly thereafter, but not before Heather talks to Father Diaz. As she runs off again, Father Diaz tells him he can't say what Heather said to him due to priest/penitent confidentiality.

Back in court, Mitch attempts to persuade Judge Trott to order Father Diaz to the stand. As the two attorneys argue, Father Diaz addresses the court asking to not be forced to break his vow to God. The judge sides with the priest and denies the motion.

At home, Mitch and Abby discuss the Hannon matter unaware that Claire is listening. Concerned that her mom may lose her job, Claire confronts Kyle at school and is told to get lost. Ignoring him, she tells him that she knows how hard it is to be scared and be pressured by parents to keep a big secret. She tells Kyle that in her case, the secret was due to her parents protecting her, but in his case it isn't. In his case telling will make him safer. Kyle tells her that he is OK with things the way things are but, as he is leaving his locker, Claire sees bruises just above his wrist.

Returning to the office from court, Mitch is delighted to learn of Tammy's progress. Unfortunately, Kevin Stack's men on the other end of the briefcase bug also hear. The subject then shifts to the tips pouring in regarding Tyler's whereabouts. One stands out: a woman named Zoe Keller emails every hour, claiming that Tyler is her son, not Heather's. The attachment is a photo of Tyler Kent.

In court the next day, Mitch confronts Heather with three photographs of her and Tyler and three others which are identical excepts for the mother's face, the face of Zoe Keller. Heather says the Zoe must be a sick woman and Mitch responds by showing additional photos of Zoe with Tyler. He asks Heather to produce one unique photo or her and Tyler, which she cannot do. She eventually breaks down and confesses to never having been pregnant and making up the whole thing up to get her boyfriend back. When Matt came to town, she panicked and fabricated the whole kidnapping story by Photoshopping photos from Zoe's online profile. The judge orders Heather arrested and dismisses the case against Elena, who thanks Mitch for believing her.

Back at school, Claire brings Kyle to talk to Abby. Abby invites him in and he tells her that the reason the assignments weren't handed in was because his dad was switched to the night shift. Abby commends him for his bravery. He tells Abby that Claire said there were programs and wonders if they will help "her." Abby doesn't understand until he reveals that it's his mom that hits him and that his dad doesn't know.

After court, Father Diaz thanks Mitch for not giving up. Mitch is still upset that Father upheld privilege and it almost cost Elena her innocence. He then heads out to face the media horde.

In Chicago, Joey holds an open forum inviting anyone to challenge his authority without fear of repercussion. No one does. He says he has a plan for Mitch McDeere in his own time and until then no one is to touch him. He says that Dominic took a run at him and that will not happen again. He then picks up a gun from the table, shoots Dominic in the back of the head, replaces the gun and leaves.

Back at the house, Tammy continues her research on the Moxon list. Ray then arrives with news that Sarah Holt is indeed ex-military. She is ex-Army and was enlisted as Sarah Dawson, her married name. Mitch wants Ray to find her ex-husband. Meanwhile Tammy makes the stunning discovery that each number on the list references a Noble patient who died in the last year. Margaret Whitaker's name is on the list. All of this is being picked up via the bug, and the listener places a call to Kevin Stack saying that Mitch is getting close that they have a problem.

The closing scene is three weeks later. Mitch discovers that Abby's foot is bleeding from a glass cut. He tells her to take Claire and hide behind the kitchen island. As one of the gunmen breaks into the house, he spots a blood trail and follows it into a room, where Ray is waiting with a weapon.

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