The Firm

Season 1 Episode 13

Chapter Thirteen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a 60-second retrospective of previous episodes, ending with Abby and Claire meeting up with Marshal Coleman to be taken to a safe house. Mitch, Tammy and Ray arrive at a high school gym, following Andrew's instructions to meet him where he and Mitch first met. Ray and Tammy both distrust Andrew, but Mitch reminds them that Andrew did warn him of the attack on his family and he has the gun he took from one of his assailants.

Back at the McDeere's house, Stack is angry that his men let the family escape again and orders them to tear the house apart.

At the gym, Andrew is happy to see Mitch only to have him point his gun at him and demand to hear the full story. Andrew goes through the details of how Kinross was hired to do damage control when Sarah Holt was arrested through to the present circumstance. He insists that both of them were lied to as he was told the killings would stop. Although they don't believe him, Mitch does not want to turn him into the Feds, preferring to – under the threat of disbarment and prison – get him to help take down Kevin Stack and Alex Clark.

Andrew confirms Mitch's reasoning that any incriminating documents will be at the firm so as to fall under attorney-client privilege. They are in a secret, unmarked room that can only be accessed using a special key fob that only Alex and Kevin have. Stack keeps his around his neck. Andrew tells them of Alex's deep loyalty to Stack, although he does not know why. He adds that she might flip as she has before. Ray then grabs Andrew and tells him that if he's working for the other side, he'll kill him. Andrew tells him that he chose sides when he called to warn Mitch of the raid on his home and that he's a dead man walking if Stack finds out.

Mitch says he still doesn't trust Andrew and tells Tammy and Ray to suss out the secret room and that from this moment on they do nothing without a backup plan.

Abby calls Mitch to confirm her and Claire's safety. Both say they're OK under the circumstances. Mitch promises Claire this is not like before and it will be over in a few days. When Louis takes the phone and demands they come in, Mitch thanks him for looking after his family and hangs up.

Kevin Stack meets with Noble CEO Allard Hoyt, who is displeased over the botched public attempts Stack has made to handle the situation. He tells him that if the whole matter is not handled thoroughly, promptly and above all quietly, he and the people involved will find things to be difficult. Stack assures him that they will be handled.

At the safe house, Abby explains the entire situation to Marshal Coleman. She tells him of the evidence they left behind, which they were going to turn over to him that morning. She tells him that another Noble patient, Isaac Nash, is scheduled to be killed that day and gives him the address.

Meanwhile, Mitch meets with Diane Ruckeyser and U.S. Attorney Franklin Shore asking for the arrest of Stack and his henchmen. But, without physical evidence, they can't get a warrant. After the meeting, he tells Ray that they are going to have to get the necessary evidence themselves.

Coleman goes to his boss, Wayne Tarrance, with the imminent threat to the life of Isaac Nash. Tarrance, feeling that the McDeeres are using them as puppets, refuses to help.

Mitch, Tammy and Ray hide out at Dimitry Portnoy's place while looking over Kinross office blueprints supplied to them by Andrew. Tammy and Ray have a plan to get a look at the security by posing as a divorcing wife and her attorney. They enter Kinross & Clark's offices and are able to snap a couple of photos of the security key pad. Dmitry confirms that it's a state of the art system and unfortunately can only be accessed with the actual key fob.

Meanwhile, Louis Coleman knocks on Isaac Nash's door only to be turned away by a male nurse. As Louis walks down the steps, he draws his gun and turns around to face the nurse, only to be shot twice and left on the ground by the fleeing man.

Andrew calls Alex and confronts her about the raid on the McDeere house. He demands she meet with him the next morning at 10:30 or he will walk into a Federal building and tell the truth. After the call, Andrew goes to Dimitry's. Mitch tells them that if Alex doesn't get them into the secured room, their Plan B is to capitalize on Stack's severe peanut allergy, a fact they gleaned from his military file. Specifically, Andrew is going to dose Stack and when he goes into anaphylactic shock, Andrew will get his fob.

The next morning, Mitch arrives to meet with Alex. He demands she cooperate with them or face going to prison for life. Alex says that if Mitch had Stack, they wouldn't need her. She leaves and Mitch calls Ray triggering Plan B, which begins with Ray bribing hotel security to stall Alex's elevator and scramble the cell signal, trapping her for 15 minutes.

At Kinross & Clark, a disguised Tammy bumps into Stack and steals his epinephrine injector. She calls Andrew, who massages his hands with peanut oil. Meanwhile Ray, dressed as a paramedic, and Mitch arrive at the firm. Abby calls to tell Mitch that Coleman has been shot and begs him to be careful as they are now willing to shoot Federal agents. Mitch promises that it will all be over soon.

Stack enters Andrew's office and refuses to shake his extended hand, demanding to know where Alex is. Stack orders Andrew to call her. As he fakes a call to her, he rubs peanut oil over the phone and hands it to Stack. He realizes too late that the phone is covered in peanut oil, goes into anaphylactic shock and collapses. Andrew reads off the keypad's security lock to Mitch, who is in the lobby with Ray. Tammy slips him Stack's epinephrine injector and heads up to the security room with Mitch while Ray is off to tend to Stack, answering Andrew's 9-1-1 call.

Back at the safe house, Tarrance demands Abby come clean, but she refuses.

After begin delayed by a colleague, Mitch, along with Tammy, gets into the security room while a violently angry Alex Clark is freed from the elevator and calls the unconscious Stack. In the security room, Tammy discovers the computer has no USB port and calls Dimitry, who confirms that the machine has military grade security and the only way she can get the information is to rip the hard drive out of the wall, which she does.

Mitch calls Ray, who administers the antidote to Stack and leaves. As Mitch and Tammy prepare to leave, they discover that they need another fob code to open the door and call Ray, who has already left. Andrew gets then another code from the now conscious Stack and barely manages to escape his grasp. He dashes down the back stairwell only to run directly into Bones and Crew Cut.

Back in her office, Alex reaffirms her loyalty to Stack, who says that since Mitch has something he wants, he will take something Mitch wants.

Meanwhile, Tarrance demands Diane Ruckeyser issue material witness warrants for Mitch, Abby, Ray and Tammy. Ruckeyser refuses, telling him that she will not seek baseless warrants to assuage his guilt. Tarrance makes a phone call demanding that all four be found and brought to his office immediately. One of the agents at the safe house informs Abby of Tarrance's orders, but she refuses to leave without Claire.

At Dimitry's, Mitch, Tammy and Ray wait impatiently for him to crack the hard drive's security. While they wait, Mitch gets a call from Andrew. He hears Stack's voice telling him that since he has something that belongs to him, he is taking something that belongs to Mitch. Via a live feed, the three can only watch in horror as the Marshals escorting Abby and Claire are ambushed and Abby taken while Claire hides in the back of the Marshals' car.

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