The Firm

Season 1 Episode 20

Chapter Twenty

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a 60-second recap of Chapter 19 followed by Mitch and Abby sharing a private moment in the kitchen talking about recent events. Abby shares her realization that she also has Mitch's reckless streak to push forward no matter what. She says they can start over - at least until the next thing happens. Mitch tells her that it already has: Joey Morolto walked into his office and has known all along exactly where they are. He explains Joey's offer to which Abby agrees saying they cannot keep running.

After meeting with Ray at the office to tell him about Abby's buy in, Mitch heads to the prison for a meeting with Patrick Walker and Joey. Joey is upset that the prosecutor, Alan Harper, is trying the case in the media. Mitch agrees to talk to him and reminds Joey that he is a worthy opponent. When Joey asks about Harper's thoroughness and Mitch wonders why, Patrick admits that while he was in college, a girl he was dating notified campus police that he tried to choke her during rough sex, the exact cause of death the prosecution is claiming in this case. While Mitch will argue to have the incident excluded using the prior bad act argument, he admits that Harper is smart enough to find an exception. Later, Mitch, Ray and Abby meet at the office. Ray and Abby will meet with Wendy Vale, the college student who accused Patrick, to see if they can get a statement.

Abby finds Wendy downtown, but when she mentions Patrick, Wendy tells her that she has already spoken to the prosecutor who informed her she did not have to speak to the defense. With that, she leaves.

Meanwhile, Mitch tracks down Alan Harper and the two have a heated discussion about Wendy and what Alan told her, as well as about the suppression motion Mitch plans to file. When Mitch asks if he has Wendy's incident report, Alan says that the school is making a copy which will be ready that afternoon. He also reminds Mitch that he is not compelled to turn over a copy until the day of the hearing.

Later, Mitch asks Ray to go over to Joey's club and confirm whether or not Patrick and Charlotte had any contact there on the night of the murder while Abby will go to the university and look into getting a copy of Wendy's file.

At the campus office, Abby does not correct the clerk when she assumes that Abby is from the District Attorney's office. She tells Ray about her success when he reminds her that while she may have pulled a fast one, she can't just leave with the file because the DA's office will know what's up when they arrive. Abby finds a photocopier and barely manages to get done and escape unnoticed. Meanwhile at the club, Ray and Sal talk about the consequences Joey may have to face because of the consigliere's shooting.

That night, Abby and Mitch review Wendy's file and learn that, as Patrick said, the campus police did indeed stop the investigation. The police had discovered Wendy had a history of rough sex. Mitch tells his upset wife that they will have to use this in court, despite Abby's concern that this is another case of 'blame the victim.' She objects to the dirty tactics but Mitch reminds her what is at stake. Ray arrives with surveillance video from Joey's club that proves that Charlotte and Patrick had no contact at the club.

In court, Mitch loses his argument for access to Wendy Vale. Judge Ken Walsh tells him he will allow the defense extra time if Wendy says anything unexpected.

Joey stops by the office looking for Mitch but finds only Abby. After Joey tells her who he is, he asks if she is OK with the deal. She demands to know if the Morolto family will actually follow through with the deal. Joey responds by saying she has insulted him and he gets the feeling she does not trust him.

Back in court, Wendy Vale is testifying to the events of her violent encounter with Patrick. She admits to the consensual sex and says that afterwards Patrick tried to kill her having a look of rage in his eyes. On cross, Mitch brings up some differences between her current testimony and the police report from seven years ago. He follows up with Wendy's history of rough sex, to which she says that this was the exact reason she did not want to testify.

Ray meets with Charlotte's friend Melanie Reed at the Capitol Hotel where she works. Melanie tells Ray about Cloud Ten, an exclusive jet club for whom Charlotte worked as a VIP liaison. She says with Cloud Ten, you don't just book a client's flight, you travel with them and sometimes provide 24/7 service. Ray says that sounds like she was a high-end escort, but Melanie says no. She tells him about one client, Alexi Dovak, who became obsessed with Charlotte. She concludes by telling Ray that she had never seen Patrick Walker and that she left the club with Charlotte and saw her get in her own car - alone.

Joey convenes a family meeting at the club, thanking everyone for coming. He says he can't be in Chicago because he is making sure that the murder trial of his childhood friend turns out well. Johnny "Ducks" DeCarlo challenges Joey, accusing him of killing the family consigliere and replacing with someone who isn't even Italian. He pulls a gun on Joey and says he is not fit to be Boss. Joey tells him where the door is and that anyone who agrees can go with him. A few men leave.

Back in court at the exclusion hearing, Mitch argues that a Prior Bad Act cannot be used to prove propensity. After Judge Walsh breaks up a verbal sparring match between the two attorneys, he gives a compromise ruling: Wendy cannot testify nor can Mitch offer up his client as a gentle, peace-loving man who would never strangle a woman. In that case Wendy will be allowed to testify. His Honor rebuffs Mitch who is arguing that the ruling limits his defense. Outside court, Abby and Mitch dodge reporters and arrive at the elevator, when Abby wishes to use the restroom.

In the restroom, Abby meets up with a distraught Wendy. Abby tells her that the judge was ruling on the law, not on her. Wendy says that she is not upset about the ruling, but about her testimony, which she admits to exaggerating. In truth Patrick wasn't in a rage and wasn't trying to kill her. Abby says it's not too late for her to change her testimony, but she says it is, and leaves. Abby tells Mitch and the couple meet with Alan Harper in chambers. Judge Walsh orders Wendy back to court to either confirm or recant her testimony.

Ray tracks down Alexi Dovak, Charlotte's Cloud Ten client, who says that when he tried to cross the line with Charlotte from business to personal, he was rebuffed. He also says he did not kill Charlotte and wonders if Ray might be being played by Patrick, who is actually the killer. Ray says it crossed his mind as Alexi's limo pulls away.

In court, Wendy returns to the witness stand and reiterates the accuracy of her testimony. On cross-examination, Wendy admits that while the attack happened, she exaggerated the seriousness of it. Further, she says that Alan Harper put her up to it. Alan demands Wendy's testimony by stricken from the record, but the judge denies his motion and orders the two attorneys to his chambers. As the two men begin another argument, Judge Walsh interrupts and precludes Wendy from testifying for either side. Mitch moves for Alan to be disqualified for his actions, a motion the judge grants. The D.A.'s office will have to put someone else on the case.

Later, Mitch is in Joey's limo updating him on the day's events. Joey is impressed and says good work should be rewarded. He asks Mitch to hand him a briefcase, which is full of cash. It's not for Mitch, but for Wendy, who pulls up beside the limo. Joey tells Mitch he wanted him to see the transaction so he would realize how seriously Joey takes the case. Alan was a problem and now he's not. Mitch gets out of the car and Joey follows. Mitch wants to try the case his way but Joey reminds him doesn't call the shots. Right then, a motorcycle rider with a machine gun peppers the car with bullets, killing the chauffeur. The two men survive only because Mitch managed to take Joey to the ground in the nick of time.

That night, Mitch tells Abby and Ray about the day. Ray says that Patrick is very sharp for devising the entire con and can see why Joey is so intent on fighting for him. Ray thinks the killer is likely from the Morolto family since the civil war is real and he's not sure Joey can survive without doing something soon. He figures that with Joey gone, they can quit the case and stop running. Mitch disagrees, what if one of Antonio's guys takes over? He hates to admit it, but Joey may very well be the only person keeping the then alive.