The Firm

Season 1 Episode 22

Chapter Twenty-Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a 60-second recap of various elements from previous chapters after which Claire wakes Tammy on her wedding day. Mitch and Abby meet in the kitchen where they overhear Tammy struggling over what to wear. Mitch heads out to pick up Ray while Abby offers Tammy her wedding dress, which Tammy gratefully accepts. As she goes to get some scissors, Abby says that for the dress to work today, she will make one small change.

Mitch arrives at the office to find an angry and frustrated Ray. None of his contacts can find the blond man in the photo that they believe is the key to the Charlotte Miller murder. Mitch tells him to get ready for his wedding, which is in an hour. Ray is more concerned about finding the man and solving the case, which he wants done before he gets married. Mitch tells him to take a breath and enjoy the day. Ray is convinced that the man knows he is being searched for and has likely disappeared.

The scene shifts to an alley where the blond man in handing out automatic weapons to three others.

Tammy is thrilled with the wedding dress, which is now much shorter and comes down to just above her knees. She goes through the traditional list of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and realizes she is missing the latter. Claire then gives her a blue macramé bracelet with her married name on it.

In the moving SUV, the blond man gives the others a picture of Mitch and Joey from the paper and points to Mitch.

At church, Tammy and Ray exchange personally written vows and as the priest is about to ask the 'I do' questions, a loud car alarm goes off. Mitch is pretty sure it's their car and excuses himself to check on it. Walking outside, he is tasered, put into a black bag and shoved into the back of the SUV. Just as the masked men are about to drive off, Ray exits the church but is helpless to stop the kidnapping.

Ray runs back into the church, gives Abby a description of the car along with a partial plate number and orders her to call 911. He then calls Mitch and the ringing of the cell phone gets the four men's attention. A groggy Mitch answers. Ray tells him to keep the connection open as he is coming to get him. Ray asks the priest for use of his computer.

The kidnappers pull over, remove Mitch's phone, and continue on.

Ray tells Tammy that he installed a GPS tracker on all their phones. He locates the signal online and leaves Tammy to guide him to it. He follows Tammy's directions, which lead him to a mall parking lot. He calls Mitch's phone again and follows the ring to a pickup truck, where the kidnappers had tossed it.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers switch SUVs at a gas station and drive to the edge of a deep pool. They have a conversation in Russian in which they say they do not have permission from the boss to kill him. They take Mitch to the edge of a cliff. The blond man removes his mask and, after ordering Mitch to stop his questions, unties his hands and shoves him off the cliff into the pool. Mitch manages to find his way back to the gas station where he asks a customer to call the police.

Marshal Louis Coleman arrives along with the police. Mitch and Louis discuss the situation, and Mitch tells him the kidnappers were Russian. Louis figures they are part of the mafia, who is looking to start a war with the Moroltos.

Back at the McDeere home, Mitch tells Abby, Ray and Tammy about the kidnapping. They conclude that that's why they couldn't find the blond man - nobody wants to cross the Russian mob. Mitch hopes Joey will understand that under the circumstances, he can't continue on the case.

At the office, Joey reiterates their deal. The case is not finished as Patrick is still in jail. He tells Mitch to focus on getting Patrick Walker out of jail while he handles the Russians. He also tells Mitch and Ray that from this point on, they are all under the Morolto family's protection. Joey and Sal leave for the club, where Joey has arranged a meeting with Russian mob boss Luka Karpov. Karpov admits that the blond man is one of his best men. Joey is convinced he is the Charlotte's murderer and demands he come forth and tell the truth to exonerate Patrick. Otherwise, the war will be escalated. After exchanging threats, Karpov and his men leave the club.

Karpov meets with Viktor - the mystery man - and asks him if he killed Charlotte Miller. He denies it.

Sal tells Mitch that they have everything locked up tight. They agree that they are going to go to court the next day and work to get Patrick exonerated.

The next day in court, prosecutor Olivia Danville is questioning Det. Norman Keene, who describes the events of the night in question, including Patrick being pulled over for a DUI, his car being impounded and searched, Charlotte's body being found in a suitcase in the trunk and her clothing being found at Patrick's building. Video evidence is also presented along with Patrick's DNA being found on the cigarettes in Charlotte's apartment.

On cross, Mitch works the frame angle, with mixed results.

Louis Coleman calls on Special Agent Wayne Tarrance the FBI's offices and looks over their Russian mob wall. He finds that the mystery man is Viktor Kurylenko, one of Karpov's top lieutenants. He wants Tarrance to produce him for questioning as he is the one who kidnapped Mitch and probably murdered Charlotte. Tarrance tells him that he will see what he can do.

Tarrance then meets Viktor and tells him that he will handle the McDeeres. Viktor tells him that something is up as people are coming in from Moscow that night.

Karpov meets with his men and tells them that there is a foreign diplomat coming to America soon and the trip is to be his last.

At the office, Abby and Tammy review the police files on the Walker case. Abby decides to watch Patrick's interrogation. After invoking counsel, Patrick is left alone in the room and lights up a cigarette. The ladies realize these could be the smokes that ended up in Charlotte's apartment.

In the courthouse conference room, Mitch and Ray also see the video and conclude that since the Moroltos have police on the payroll, maybe the Russians do too. Ray says that Detective Keane's record is clean but he does have debts.

Back in court, Mitch recalls Det. Keane to the stand and shows him the video of the interrogation. He accuses Det. Keane of taking a payoff to plant evidence, which he strongly denies.

Agent Tarrance storms into Louis' office, angry over the fact that he put out an APB on Viktor. As the men talk, Tarrance reveals that Viktor is his informant and is the opportunity to take down the most ruthless crime family in America, and he is not about to give up that opportunity to help some guy who works for the Moroltos. Tarrance concludes by telling Louis to back off or he'll be sorry.

During a recess, Patrick and Joey are thrilled with his progress on the frame defense. Mitch isn't so sure. He knows Det. Keene did not plant the cigarettes as he was unprepared for Mitch's questions about it. Nevertheless, the men appreciate his work and the progress that has been made. Mitch excuses himself to go see Judge Trott.

At the same time Louis is hurriedly bringing Abby, Claire and Tammy to the courthouse. He does not know why, but he is sure Mitch and Ray are safe. Mitch meets them, thanks Louis and tells the ladies that they cannot talk as Judge Trott is waiting for them.

They rush into the Judge's chambers and find Ray waiting for them in order to finish their wedding ceremony! At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mitch sees a framed saying on the wall. It is from Ralph Waldo Emerson and says, 'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.'

That night, Louis tells the McDeere family about Viktor and that he's an FBI informant. It is also possible that the FBI is involved in framing Patrick. If they are to free him, it will have to be by exposing the truth - together. The U.S. Marshals, the McDeeres and the Moroltos will be up against the FBI and the Russian mob.

Before retiring, Abby tells Mitch she hopes after all the years of therapy, Claire will take one thing away from all this: if something out there is preventing you from being who you really are, fight it.

The final scene, set six weeks later, shows Mitch running across a rooftop carrying a briefcase. As he arrives at the edge, he leaps off.

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